Jordanian Observation #1 [Land Sales]

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Did you ever notice?…

Whenever a Jordanian government official says a certain piece of public land is not for sale, it usually means it’s probably in the process of being sold?


  • Did you notice that when a Jordanian government official says ANYTHING, it usually means the exact opposite?

  • Jordan observations #2 [from the world of biting triviality]
    Did you notice that when you look up the sky is usually blue?

  • Jordan observations #3 [royal entrepreneur 1]
    Did you notice that in less than 25 years the late king Hussein went from borderline broke to the world’s richest people list and usually and strangely his business model has not been adopted by economic experts?

  • Jordan observations #4 [Passing the jewel-studded baton]
    Did you notice that the June 9th is regarded as his Majesty King Abdallah “crowning day” while his majesty King Hussein dies in February?

  • Jordan observations #5 [Old guard- new guard]
    did you notice that many of the cabinet members and officials that are often referred to as neo-liberals are usually the sons of those who refer to themselves as the old guard?
    (from the tip of my tongue…Sahel Abdelhadi al Majali, Ala Areff Albatayneh, Sameer Zaid Rifai…..)
    All we need is a couple of Tarwanehes….
    (I am kidding Naseem… I know you’re bigger than that)

  • so it’s not surprising that ever since i’ve arrived to Jordan i haven’t exchanged a single conversation with a person about the balad without them mentioning that “elbalad mabyou3a!”

  • Hmmm. So what did the article say? I tried to read it, but newspaper talk is not my forte. Are they selling part of the campus off? Thanks.

  • seriously, el balad mabyou3a ya jama3a, what remains to be seen is: will the people be auctioned off as well?

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