Describing The Season Finale Of LOST In Three Words

Oh. My. God.

I am blown away by this series’ writers and producers who have an uncanny way of storytelling that is perhaps light years beyond what any other show on TV has been producing. Nothing is lost in the story, everything finds a way to tie itself together, which is an enormous task considering the fact that the last few episodes saw the writers condensing and crunching the storyline due to the writers’ strike that brought the industry to a halt a few months back.

The last two episodes of season four are just amazing. If you have really been into this season from the first scene of the first episode, you will be blow away.

However, you will have to wait until January (sniff sniff) for season five!


  • Damn, this show is still on? I stopped watching it after the first few episodes of season 3. Maybe I should pick it up again.

    You should try watching Battlestar Galactica.

  • I saw only the first episode in season four before my showtime subscription expired and I do not want to renew it. I figured out that the demand for the series has forced to writers to create a whole new story and divide the survivors to two groups, switch from scenes fromn the past to scenes from the future (more confusing) and introduce a package of new charcaters. I will pick up the pieces when the lovely 1.0 JD DVDs are in the market!

  • it was good, not great though, maybe because i saw a spoiler before i watched the final episode.. damn u youtube!!
    anyway, for those who asked about season five, the show will last for another two seasons: 5 and 6, the later being the last one, each season will have 16 episodes bas. check wikipedia.. 🙂

  • We watched up to episode 12; are waiting for balad guy to have the double (is it two hours or two separate episodes?) finale, should be any day now. Am chomping at the bit.

  • It was great…I watched it with my wife..a lot of the questions in seasons 1,2,3 were revealed..but still way to go..I didnt like the fiction and the unreal things..season 5 will be around how they will get back to the island, and season 6 will be about what they will do when they get back.

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