Starbucks May Love Israel; But Dunkin Donuts Has Our Backs

The US chain Dunkin’ Donuts has pulled an advert following complaints that the scarf worn by a celebrity chef offered symbolic support for Islamic extremism.

The online advert for iced coffee featured the well-known US television chef Rachael Ray. She was wearing a black-and-white checked scarf around her neck that resembled a traditional Arab keffiyeh.

This fashion choice incensed at least one prominent conservative blogger, who said it evoked extremist videos.

The blogger, Michelle Malkin, called the garment “a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos”. [source]

See, this is the exactly the same thing that happened to the ski mask. It was this innocently comfortable and extremely warm fashion item, until people decided to use them to rob banks, and now none of us are allowed to wear them.

Oh, Michelle…you racist idiot.

(seriously, when malkin and her army of gonads start having enough power to sway corporations, that’s when you know we’re in big trouble. see ya in the internment camps!)


  • I can’t believe that an Philippina-American origins who wrote an article in defense of the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII can be taken seriously by people?!?!

  • She’s trying to grow a pair of balls, since everybody else in Fox News lost his ong time ago.
    What a racist piece of crap.
    What makes me feel better is that Americans have gradually stopped buying those racist paranoid messages. Bill O’Reilly and Malkin have become more and more unpopular.

  • I don’t want to generalize. Americans are weird, most of them go crazy on normal stuff. Oh, I can fart and talk at the same time “applause” “wow”.

    Oprah makes things sound WOW!… Americans need to get out of the states, Although most of my friends are american and educated enough. sometimes, they drive me nuts.

    Again, I’m not generalizing.

  • “has our backs”?
    they polled the ad once they read 1 comment admitting doing a mistake in showing it !!!
    is this how America looks at us???

    damn the ignorance

    thx for the share

  • This is ridiculous. I wrote to Rachael Ray producers and asked her to speak up against this ignorant/racist/prejudice garbage. I mean, she makes hummus, does that make her pro-Hamas or pro-anything? The hype is just ridiculous. People need to speak out and write in and say something against all this garbage.

  • Not to mention knives that were once used to slice bread and butter until low-life murderers started stabbing people with these once useful objects of the kitchen. now, you will never catch anyone with a knife in the kitchen.

    fuck the retards. this is reminiscent of the Intifada NY t shirts that got a nice school principle fired from her job because some fuckers decided that the t-shirts are a call for a terrorist rebellion in NY.

    this is a clash of civilizations but it’s one way and we are taking so much heat, from genocide in iraq to murder and apartheid in Palestine to repression in the US to their support and protection for rotten corrupt Arab despots who seem insistent on bringing down what remains of the Arab civilization into the gutter of history.

    but i feel winds of change are coming. you can smell the cool breeze from the hills of southen Lebanon.

  • While it is understandable to associating both the swastika (Nazi) and the white hood (Ku Klux Klan) with evil, it is not fair to associate the kufiyeh/semag with Arab terrorist. Fox News wants to associate the kufiyeh with terrorist to eliminate any Arab identity and dignity, if there is any left.

  • Mohannad, I know, I watch Fox News more a lot, I even used to watch it more than CNN. Watching it doesn’t mean you agree with half of what they say. It’s more for entertainment, like watching a horror movie

  • problem: if you look at the silk scarf Ray is wearing you would see tha it is NOT a Kufiyeh but rather a black and white paisley print.

  • Is there still a DD in Amman? Or has it been that long since I’ve been there? Anyway, it’s about time the people of Amman start caring about things (other than themselves) and boycott Starbucks and DD.

    I’m in the US and I’ve been boycotting Starbucks for years. DD was its replacement. Now I’ll have to go to Caribou. Caribou is majority owned by a Bahraini bank that donates to Palestinian causes. Maybe they should open those in Amman. Though I’m sure anything related to that dirty word “Palestine” is not allowed there.

    Al Jordan First Al.

  • I agree with MajMaj, just boycott these s*** Holes and replace them with Caribou, or just get a coffe maker for God’s sake. It makes me sick each time I see balloon heads drinking Starbucks.

  • Dears
    Since the ANSWER Coalition announced a boycott of Dunkin Donuts three days ago for yielding to anti-Arab racism, over 8000 letters have been sent to the company expressing support for the boycott. The organizers state that the boycott will be in place until Dunkin Donuts offers an apology to the Arab-American community for this disgraceful surrender to racism.

    The boycott is now also being supported by the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, the largest grassroots Muslim organization in the United States; the National Council of Arab Americans (NCA), a nationwide group of grassroots activists, community leaders, professionals, and academics; the Palestinian-American Womens Association, a community-based organization working to support and promote the needs and leadership of Arab American Women; and the National Lawyers Guild, the oldest and largest public interest/human rights bar organization in the United States.

    The boycott has already received extensive press coverage across the country and throughout the Middle East.

    If you haven’t yet sent your letter to Dunkin Donuts, click this link to do so right now.

  • Well hey.. Im Jewish and a Dunkin Donuts employee and I dont think theres anything wrong with the Kaffia…. I mean .. its just a cultural thing..

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