Fragmented Pre-Weekend Thoughts

– It’s Thursday. I really need a weekend of mental decompression. It’s unlikely it will happen this weekend. It’s strange how if you don’t have a proper weekend, or at the very least a proper Thursday night out, the week feels like it has no real end and no real beginning.

– A friend and colleague is getting married tomorrow, at sunset, by the Dead Sea. So congratulations to Zaina and Saber! I will be bribing the DJ to make this a memorable event. Seriously, how can anyone have a wedding without hearing Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby”? How? It’s just not done.

– I have been listening non-stop to Ingrid Michealson’s album “Boys & Girls” this week, which I think is a fascinating bowl of awesomeness. Do check it out.

– If anyone has a tip on an affordable electric guitar in Amman, feel free to share it with me.

– Fact: there are 18 unread, unanswered emails in my inbox right now.

– After reading this in today’s paper, I instantly remembered this.

– I’m sad to hear about the death of Sydny Pollack this past week.

– Fact: if you don’t want your co-workers to know it’s your birthday, close down your blog and delete your Facebook profile.

– A good description of the status quo.

– Thanks to a tip from Moey, I bought original boxset seasons 1 through 4 of Curb Your Enthusiasm from Virgin for 13JDs.


  • For a moment there, I thought you wrote “I need a mental depression”. Scared me quite a bit, lol.

    Did you read about Sharon Stone’s comments? LOL.

  • Man, you got cheated. You could ahve all three seasons for like half that bil balad, no? Hahaha. And go read your e-mails, man, that’s pitiful. People will think you don’t care :).

  • I totally agree with your sentiments on Vanilla Ice and “Ice ice baby”.

    I’m not sure if anyone else checked out the police training stuff but please do, it’s embarrassingly sad.

  • mommabean: no lol. as a primary buyer of the balad’s goods, this was actually cheaper, especially given that it was original collectable boxset.

    saaleha: send me detailed instructions as to how you did it!

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