Verbatim | Hamas On Jordan

“What happened in Gaza in 2007 is an achievement; now it is happening in 2008 in Lebanon. It’s going to happen in 2009 in Jordan and it’s going to happen in 2010 in Egypt.”Sheik Yazeeb Khader, treatment treat pilule Hamas political activist and editor, cheap thumb here on the changing Middle East Washington Times

I should go buy some canned corn, and humus.


  • hehe …. fool (kidney beans) would do in that case . that statement especially just shows the lack of understanding of the realities and foresight of this person IMHO opinion, and hamas in general.
    since the society break up, and concerns of the populace are totally different. what drove them to have a resurgence in following in Lebanon and Palestine is non existent in jordan and to a lesser extent in egypt.
    On the other hand it would be interesting to see them try, and put their followers to the task since from what i see they are certainly a different breed than the ones in Lebanon and Palestine and if they aren’t i won’t be sitting and watching either

  • i dont think so ..

    the whole iran-us thing doesnt exist in jordan and egypt .. you dont have a hamas-fateh/march8-march14 dynamic going on .. ya sure theres an opposition but give me a break ..
    another difference is that egypt and jordan actually have armies whose sole existence is precisely for these type of occasions ..

  • If it is illegal to picket in Jordan, how is there going to be any insurrection? That is just his dream.

  • The only reason it will not happen in Jordan is because they already got routed…… bigtime….too late …thank the Gods for that

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