Twenty Five

“It might be a quarter life crisis
Or just the stirring
in my soul

Either way I
Wonder sometimes

About the outcome
Of a still verdictless life

Am I living it right
Am I living it right
Am I living it right

“Why Georgia”, viagra sale John Mayer

Twenty Four


  • hmmm..that’s a serious and valid question to ponder. but remember, life is a blessing and an everlasting challenge..may you, as you progress in life insha’alla, be able to find who you are and what you have to give, for you are a blessing to many ya Naseem.
    Happy Birthday! 🙂

  • Happy 1/4 Century! Just think, only 15 years and life truly begins.

    Verdictless life? I would say if you took a poll, most of your readers would have no problem with a highly positive verdict. But that is one of the great things about you Nas, you seem to compete with what you know you could be capable of, not others expectations. May you know God’s pleasure with the fact you continually ask the question: “Am I doing it right?”

  • I love this! As I say (or maybe someone else said it and I’m just echoing it, can’t remember which) life is one long question that I’ll spend the rest of my life happily answering.

    I’ll save my bday greetings for facebook, but as a sneak preview.. HAPPY!!!!!!!! -to be continued-

  • HAPPY B-DAY babby brother…word of advice; dont get any older…it’s all down hill from twenty five (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

  • 😀

    I’m digging in my brain for some deep words of wisdom since I’m three months ahead of you and been contemplating this 25 business for some time (not really)… but as you will tell after reading these lines, I couldn’t come up with anything 🙂 I’m just too wise to put it into words.

    Quoting Ramsey: You’re a Rock Star 🙂

    … and, drum roll, the words we can’t escape… Happy Birthday!!

  • that’s just depressive. why do we get depressed on our birthday??

    you’ll never know if you’re living it right, although you might find some sedating comfort in the fact that you’re doing your best…maybe.

  • Happy bday Nas:)

    I’ve been there a year ago:D and it didn’t seem nice at the beginning and then life goes on:p and another year passes and then another phobia comes to the surface: Im 4 years away from being 30: YIKES! Naaa joking:)

    As long as one lives life according to what one truly believes and acknowledges ones blessings , you should be ok:p

  • the best thing about getting older, ist that you stop asking this question…with time you just know! and the most important verdict is your own … happy birthday wishes from a corner of the world 19 degrees north and 17 degrees west of amman 😉

  • wt? u’re 25? u sound much moremature!

    reaching 25 was hard for me ( this was july last year) i thought birthdays only changes numbers we write on official forms, but on 25 it hit me that age is not just a number increase. It’s a loaded package of experiences, it’s when u hv 2 make responsible choices……….. so i got overwhelmed by all that and went to get myself a ridiculously expensive watch, and since i don’t like watches and i never buy stuff i don’t need, i figured the 25 years of my life are not gonna be any easier!

    NASIM, Enjoy this number it’s the greatest year u get to live! so live it to the fullest. but dnt buy expensive gifts u’ll regret after wards!

  • I guess you don’t need an answer. There is no other way for what you have lived already. What was possible is what you did. The only we can do is to create us more chances of a better life to choose from.

    Good luck in the 75 you have left 😉 Being optimistic that 25 is a quarter, for me 25 is 95% !


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