Attention Jordan! Turn Off Your Lights!

This is an experiment.

Earth Hour is something I missed last March and I’ve regretted ever since.

Luckily, someone had the common sense to have a single Earth Hour every month instead of waiting a whole year just to turn off your lights.

This is about the environment. It’s about global warming. It’s about energy. It’s about mobilizing.

It’s simple.

On May 29th, which is this Thursday, all you have to do is turn off your lights for one hour: from 8pm to 9pm.

This second part of the experiment is to see how far this can spread in the next three days. Blog about it, link to it, spread it, invite people to the facebook group, call people, SMS people, utilize all the technology at your disposal to get mobilize your friends, family, peers and co-workers. It will cost you nothing and you might even look cool doing it. People might actually think you care about the planet and they’ll simply want to imitate you, which, if you’re reading this right now, is probably a good thing.

I’d like to see what can happen in just over 72 hours or so.

Maybe nothing.

Maybe something.

This is an experiment.


  • hello there:) whats up bro 🙂

    sorry, explain to me a bit more m3lish t7ammalni, is this a gesture of y3ni urging people to decrease fuel and electricity consumption willa shoo bizzabt?

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