Welcome To Sharm El-Sheik (Day Three)

Debate Camp: If you have 30 seconds to hold the floor after a TV host has just put you on the spot with a controversial question during a live debate, buy what would you say? The fear of saying something that might result in you staying in Sharm El-Sheik for a very, very long time, is pretty tangible!

Welcome To Sharm El-Sheik (Day One)
Welcome To Sharm El-Sheik (Day Two)


  • I might have missed something, but did you go as a part of an invited youth team to cover this event? or did you just organize this trip by yourself ?

  • I expect you to wire $5 per picture!! :p btw, moamer wants me to comment on the so called “good looking” guy on the far left in the picture where everyone is gloating over the transparency index. (I still can’t believe Korea ranks lower than Jordan!) I’d like to respectfully disagree to his “request” but I’m using his iPhone right now, so I’ll just have to concede for now. Anyway, awesome blog! I’ll make sure to continue to visit even after leaving Sharm 🙂

  • Btw, where are you all right now? The plenetary session we’re at is pretty interesting. The Egyptian minister for foriegn affairs is pretty outspoken – he basically shouted out, “Israel has nukes, why aren’t we addressing Israel?!”

  • andrea: the wire transfer has been made for a total of 10 japanese pounds. apparently we missed something good at the plenary session then! we’re preparing for the debate in the networking area!

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