Has Jordan Banned Al Nakba Commemorations!?

I don’t know how true this is…

Jordanian authorities have banned all events marking the “Nakba,” or Catastrophe, as Arabs refer to the creation of Israel 60 years ago. Several pro-Palestinian groups and Jordanian opposition parties has been planning to hold a rally in Amman on Friday.

But the authorities informed the organizers of the decision to ban the event, as well as other “illegal public gatherings.” The Islamic Labor Front, which was planning a major rally in the capital, condemned the ban as unconstitutional. [source]

If it is…then this, ladies and gentleman, is the straw that will break this camel’s back and I will have officially lost all hope in my country’s authorities.


  • well if u remember they banned the 3aza for alaa abu dhaim’s family (the one who carried out the shooting in the jerusalem yeshiva) so with that in mind this is not so surprising.

    i wonder if they will ban the israeli embassy from ‘celebrating’ the nakba?

    btw .. the same thing happened in egypt .. see this.

  • however, lets wait and see .. we know that the IAF was not allowed to organize a nakba event .. but thats not the same as ALL nakba commemorations being banned .. its possible that the source you have quoted decided to sprinkle a little spice of its own on the story .. it is hardcore zionist after all.

  • Why does the government of Jordan not want to acknowledge that such a catastrophe occurred in the name of Zionism? Apparently the radio stations in Jordan were not allowed to commemorate Al Nakba as well?

  • This, (if true), is shameful.
    I truly do hope that this report from the Jerusalem Post is not true. By the way, look at the way they phrased the first sentence, they casually said that “the Nakba” (the Catastrophe) as the term Arabs use to denote the creation of Israel. Completely ignoring the fact that people call it Nakba because of all those who were killed and those who were forced to flee their homes and go into diaspora for ever!! Argh, simple word manipulation and you have set the tone for the rest of the article. Of course that term would essentially shape the opinion of their western readers. Arrgh

    In any case, do you think people would abide by that ? Would the Jordanian street really sit aside and ignore a reality that is staring in the face ? I mean, Israel is throwing an extravagant birthday event with people attending it from all over the world. They invited influential people who you won’t think they would (such as the creator of Facebook, and the co-founder of Google), and yet right next door people in Jordan won’t be permitted to commemorate the suffering of their brethren ?!! .. This is absurd at best.

  • i don’t have a problem with Jordan Banning Al Nakba Commemorations,considering Jordan’s advantageous and warm relations with Israel!! 🙂

    I’m sure Jordan would also ban those who wish to celebrate the Arab terrorists who attacked those Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Radisson SAS Hotels in 2005 killing all those Jordanians

  • I’m with Arabic Pride on this one … what are they (the government) afraid of? Maybe they’re not actually afraid of anything, maybe they just want people to forget (i.e. lose hope). When hope is lost, all is lost.

  • Shame ,shame ,shame on us,الخزي والعار علي هيك حكومه مصديه.
    Soon enough Jordanian puppet government will be celebrating israeli “independence” which is nothing but a land theft and war crimes ,the Zionist have been committing against the Palestinians…

  • I just want to say i salute that you still have hope 😀 man, you are a fighter :p

    Anyway, the ban is against any public oriented move, you are not allowed to do something in the street that requires a license. they allow us other wise to remember and continue our promise though in secrecy and private venues. i guess its part of their promise to protect personal freedom. !!.

  • What hope man, the only hope is in pur people and not our corrupted government that denies any kind of pro Palestinian and Pro Arab public gatherings

  • i lost faith the day i wasaccused of being a racist for wearing a hanthala pendant. Thats the day i lost faith in the country, the people and the government

  • im starting to think its true .. cuz usually when such stories come out nasser judeh denies them the next day.

  • When someone wants to hide or conceal facts from being exposed; it means they are afraid.

    Here in the States the Armenians have been trying for years to get the Congress to approve a bill to commemorate their Armenian Genocide. Congress is refusing to approve because they are afraid of the impact it will have on their relationship with Turkey. After all US government stands to benefit more from Turkey as political ally than population of Armenians living in the States.

    On another note; correct me if I am wrong in that Radio Sawa is not based in Jordan. My previous note was in reference to radio stations based in Jordan.

  • Correction: The Armenians are trying to get Congress to pass a “resolution” not a bill which I mistakenly indicated above.

  • are you jordanian? wow. i’ve always been curious about something: do jordanians actually take the idea that abdallah ibn immo is a king? i mean the whole idea of kings and queens is kind of childish and lame, but when it is actually enforced upon society, and it is taken even just a bit seriously, it becomes quite preposterous, don’t you think? i mean, ever since i passed through the amman airport in 1995, and saw hussein’s picture as king, on posters and postcards and ashtrays, i’ve been very fond of the whole idea, in a circus-comedy-absurdity kind of way. since then, i spend lots of time on the internet looking for pictures of the son (or so we’re told) abdullah, pictures of him dressed as a king. i mean, how funny is that? reeeeeeaal funnyyyyyyyy!

  • 720 Balloons to Mourn 720 months of Israeli occupation of Palestine
    New Trend Magazine
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    blog.360.yahoo.com/newtrendmag for blog.

    Jamada al-Awwal 9,1429/ May 15, 2008, #29

    720 Balloons to Mourn 720 months of Israeli occupation of Palestine
         May 15, 2008: Greensboro, North Carolina: As we go to the “press,” the Muslims of North Carolina led by Imam Badi Ali are rallying against al-Nakba or the Catastrophe as the occupation of Palestine is called in the Arab world. The children of the community are releasing balloons with messages on them meant for the American people. [A helium gas tank is on hand to fill the balloons.]
        The messages translate the meaning of al-Nakba. Some of the messages refer to Jimmy Carter’s comment on the collective suffering imposed on Gaza. Others refer to the occupier status of Israel.
        Br. Badi Ali says that the future belongs to Palestine, not to Israel. Terrorism is the foundation of Israel, he said. Expulsion of millions of Palestinians from their lands is the proof that Israelis are OCCUPIERS. He criticized Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak for sending greetings to Israel on its 60th anniversary. Br. Ali said that Islamic scholars should address Hosni Mubarak’s gross error. Does he not know that Israel is an occupier? Br. Ali asked. Such greetings mean Mubarak is totally out of touch with the thinking of the Egyptian people.

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