The Last Thing He Ever Saw

A video grab shows the last frame of Reuters cameraman Fadel Shana before he was fatally wounded by an Israeli shell whilst working in the Gaza Strip April 16, salve generic 2008. Shana, viagra sale store a 23-year-old Palestinian, died after he stepped from his vehicle, apparently to film Israeli forces positioned several hundred metres (yards) away. Soundman, Wafa Abu Mizyed, also in his 20s, sustained a shrapnel wound and was being treated in a Gaza hospital. REUTERS/Reuters TV-Fadel Shana


  • I don’t know, but to me every time the issue of the weapons Israel uses against, well everyone it seems really, the response we hear from its military is that the weapons are “not illegal.”

    This just reminds me of the ongoing controversy regarding the interrogation methods that the US uses in its war “on” terror.

    Israel has far superior military power than anyone in the Middle East, and the people it fights on a daily basis are the least armed of any of its prospective opponents in the region.

    So why do they go to such far measures when it comes to selecting the types of weapons they use.

    Israel seems to consciously select the worst weapons allegedly allowed by international law, but then they claim that they don’t consciously target civilians and innocent people.

    I think if you’re going to push the limits of the law, the law has to push against you, and you should be scrutinized more for the targets you choose to use those weapons against.

    The army spokesperson said that “The presence of media, photographers and other uninvolved individuals in areas of warfare is extremely dangerous and poses a threat to their lives.”

    I think he/she needs to be told that it is the presence of their occupation troops that poses the real threat and extreme danger to everyone’s lives.

    The Western world and pretty much all of its media are too forgiving of Israel.

  • Not a word was mentioned of this here … nothing!! But ofcourse, because we as Palestinians and Arabs are still sub-human, we didn’t yet achieve the merits of humans who other humans should care for their deaths and suffering. We are merely wildebeests, wandering around .. who cares if handfuls of us die here and there on a daily basis.

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