Full Disclosure: How Much Money Is Your MP Making?

Director of the Financial Disclosure Department Nazim Aref on Sunday said 61 out of 110 deputies have submitted financial disclosure statements. Yesterday was the last day for deputies to file and submit their financial statements according to the 2006 Financial Disclosure Law, he added. The department provided lawmakers with the statement form on January 13, and they had three months to file and submit them as stated in the law, Aref noted. The law provides an extension for up to a month before the department is obliged to enforce the regulation. Last week, department officials said all senators have announced their financial assets. According to the 2006 Financial Disclosure Law, any public official who fails to submit a financial disclosure statement by the imposed deadline faces between six months and three years imprisonment. [source]

How much do you want to bet that the rest of those MPs who didn’t file their statements, are all taking that month extension to open offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands?

I wonder if these financial disclosure forms are open to the public and/or the media for review?


  • How much do you bet that no single legal action will be taken against those who don’t disclose their statements after the one month notice? 😀

  • Why go offshore? Just say it is not mine, it’s owned by my ( Choose any: Father, mother, wife, daughter, son). And do you really think they will be available for the public? And if not, why? Is it like a card to be played when one of the officials decide to give a chance to his or her conscience?

    The thing is that we are treated like we have no business in their “personal” lives..Coz you know becoming an MP or an official is something personal and the public have no right whatsoever to question anyone holding a public office; the public office is in a way a right, you know, the ranch mentality..

    Two days ago I read that there are 14,000 government employees hired since 1999 outside what they call (El tashkeelat), also we know have more than 40 committees doing their own thing outside the governmental jurisdiction, and their budget go well beyond the one billion dinars mark..

    The government and the committees became more like a cooptation technique, but the reality says we are no Brunai, so unitl when will this cooptation work?

  • Mohanned, I agree with your comment about cooptation. Don’t forget, either, that all these MPs are eligible for retirement benefits, too. So their perks are really lifetime perpetuities.

  • I don’t think any one will open any offshore account ? you know why?

    Try to read this disclosure law version and search more about it before the last modification few years ago

    You writes about it, Bater & Moh’d Omar too but no one recognized this CONSTRAINT

  • I heard that the retirement MPs get once they leave parliament is hereditary, in the sense it is passed on to their children once they pass away. Can anyone confirm/deny this? hehehe I don’t know what to believe anymore!

  • The financial disclosure law simply requires officials to declare what they own, and not where they got it. The law will be used to compare wealth before and after taking office, in case accusations of corruption arise.

    Thus, the only reason for people to refuse disclosure would be if they are planning to steal while in office. Therefore, the only reason to delay disclosure would be to be able to steal as much as possible in the extra month. Something like we used to watch on TeleMatch.

  • “Therefore, the only reason to delay disclosure would be to be able to steal as much as possible in the extra month. “

    that about sums it up…but i was just trying to be sarcastically subtle 😀

  • After speaking with an EX-MP i discovered that the salary of the MP is around 1500JD after tax reduction and other cuts it it comes down to 1300 something. which is not alot actually, compare it to the salary of any boss its really no good. the Prime minister gets around 2000JD before tax and … cut.!!!!!

  • Baturay – I guess “not a lot actually” is very relative. Especially when considering the minimum wage in Jordan is 110 JDs BEFORE tax and cuts ….

  • “Especially when considering the minimum wage in Jordan is 110 JDs BEFORE tax and cuts”

    Not just that. MPs’ are allowed to have “normal” jobs, and some of them even use their positions to improve their business situation. This is to say nothing of what gets passed under the table, taxes, benefits, perks, vacations (majority of the year), etc.

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