Delicious Pickings | Hilary’s Demise, Palestinian Spies & Banning Stupid Comments

Here’s a selection of my delicious pickings for this week:

Some Politicking:
The Unpopular Hilary: Nicholas Kristoff has an interesting oped in the New York Times on how Hilary will have to drop out if she can’t win the popular vote over Obama. The article is timely considering Senator Casey’s endorsement of Obama that might help him sway the crucial Pennsylvania. According to Slate Magazine’s newly launched “Hilary Deathwatch”, Clinton has a 12% chance of winning the democratic nomination.

I Spy: an interesting article in TIME on how Israel is blocking Gazans from crossing over to seek medical attention…unless they become spies.

The Odd Couple: Israel grants permission for a gay Palestinian to join his Israeli lover in Tel Aviv.

Self-Hating Jew: Mike Marquse recalls the first time he was called such a term; by his father.

Israel vs. Jordan: Ex-wrestlers from Israel and Jordan, meet 35 years after a historic match and they still disagree over who really won. Does it even matter?

Rage Against the Machine: Tariq Ali traces back the activism of the 60’s and wonders where all the rage has gone. Maybe it’s more than just…complacency.

The Vic: Saddam’s nickname in prison was ‘Vic’. I always wanted a cool prison name like that.

Free Tibet: Will Tibetan monks stop the Olympic torch as it makes its way to Beijing?

Chew & Swallow: Members of the opposition in Zimbabwae were ordered by intelligence officers to take down election posters…and then eat them.

Access Denies: A new book details the extent to which countries across the globe are increasingly censoring online information they find strategically, politically or culturally threatening.

A Stupidless Internet: Imagine being able to ban stupid comments on blogs and online message boards. One man is trying.

Obsolete: From blind dates and mix tapes to landlines, phone sex and cash, the Washington Post lists 209 things that have gone the way of the dodo.

Muxtape: so the mixtape may be dead, but the muxtape, well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

WYSIWYG: well not always. 100 products that look nothing like what’s advertised. (german)

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