Jordan’s Parliament Investigates Itself

The astonishing verdict: not guilty.

Jordan’s parliament has rejected legal challenges to dismiss eight MPs for alleged vote rigging. The MPs were being investigated for alleged vote buying, allowing children to vote and threatening ballot box supervisors in last November’s parliamentary election.

Under Jordan’s constitution, the lower house of parliament investigates all charges of electoral fraud against its members.

The eight MPs who were cleared of all charges are the Deputy Speaker Mamdouh Abbadi and parliamentarians Ahmed Safadi, Abdul Rahim Biqai, Yousef Bustanji, Tareq Khouri, Mohammad Abu Hdeib, Ahmad Adwan and Adnan Sawaeer. All eight represent constituencies in Amman. [source]

It’s not funny “ha-ha”, but still pretty damn funny. It kinda reminded me of the time I killed a hobo and then decided that it never really happened.



  • What a surprise!!

    I know people who had their voting district fraudulently changed the night before the elections in order to vote for a certain candidate… one who is, surprisingly, amongst the eight mentioned.

    I wonder what the nature of the “investigation” was…

  • In matter of facts,the government is deeply involved in this new and old fiasco from day encourages this kind of tactics in order to have corrupted parliament that would not be able to investigate government ‘s corruption.
    Mamdouh Abbadi what a difference between him and Ahmed owaidi Al Abbadi who was sent to jail for sending an Email to Harry Reid ,US democratic leader detailing the corruption of the Royal court.

  • This is not the first time it happens in Jordan. I have heared alot about buying votes during the last elections and itwas no joke as I know people who got paid 100 and 300 dollars to elect MPs. at the end its all about personal benefits for the MP and some big heads which I can’t talk about here are also involved. It’s all about business benefits and trade deals

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