What’s On 7iber Lately?

What’s been happening on Jordan’s citizen journalism project, 7iber lately? Ramsey is at the Sundance Film Festival reporting on the ongoings of two, yes two, Jordanian films premiering there this year: Captain Abu Raed and Recycle. Check out his insider updates as he gets up close and personal with the stars. All Hail The Zarqawi Filmmaker! Hazim Bitar reviews Jordanian filmmaker Mahmoud Massad’s documentary, Recycle.

Sam Boiller has written a very comprehensive two-part article on the impact of blogging on politics in Jordan. Be sure to read both part one and part two.

I round up the Jodanian blogosphere’s reactions to the current situation in Gaza. Read the sorrow, anger and frustration as they pour out on to the keyboards of Jordanian bloggers. Meanwhile, Ola Eliwat relates a tragic scenario she witnessed first hand, of a little boy who hung in the cold of Amman last week, just to beg for 1 JD.

Also be sure to check out the Laith Majali photo story as his camera depicts the monochrome streets of Amman.

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