The E-Curse For Geeks

The digital age is really, tadalafil really fascinating.

Greeks fed up with their pesky neighbours, old flames, the government, or society in general can find release in a new Internet site that posts e-curses for free.

“Have you been dumped, harassed or angered? Why not unload with a curse?” offers (, which currently has more than 150 entries. Most postings on the site are from jilted lovers but there are also contributions aimed at Greek taxi drivers — a favourite target — banks, the public sector and even Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis.

“May his next pasta meal give him salmonella poisoning,” one user rants against the premier, whose love of food is a popular barb among opposition media. [source]

Taxi drivers? Salmonella? The Prime Minister? Imagine the horror that such a website would unleash in the Arab World? In Jordan!


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