Congrats To Toot Corp!

Congratulations to Toot Corp for gracing the cover of Pulp Magazine. Ahmad Humeid gives a great interview about what the company is up to in the digital world these days, getting a chance to introduce their latest venture: watwet. Ikbis, another Toot production, is celebrating its second year on the Internet, and what a year it has been! The Pulp issue is actually a pretty damn good one if you’re into the Internet and techie scene (which I assume you are if you’re reading this right now). It’s packed with everything Internet-related and in a Jordanian context, giving the biggest hat tip to Jordanian bloggers that a local magazine has ever done. Roba, a Toot member and a blogger unto herself, also gives an interview in there, which I found particularly funny because she used the word “a**hole” and got a way with it. Galler, the chocolatier that’s related to Hal who rambles on about it all the time, is also featured, given the fact that it has both delicious chocolate and free wireless. What more could a blogger ask for?

You can read Ahmad’s piece here and Roba’s here, but I recommend getting issue fresh off the stands.


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