• Are you implying that the majority of activists for Arab causes are foreigners ? Even if that is true, I think it is simply because foreigners can get away with a lot more than the natives as opposed to us not caring for our own causes.

  • if you look reaaaalllllll close, you can see a black man in the background…by the camera man….it’s a bit like “find Waldo”

  • They are just politically active! And they are protesting injustice, rather making a stand because they are just “black”! I mean an African American would protest the injustice in Darfur whither they were white,Asians or African!

    Arabs do protest in the West, but it’s usually not well covered. And in the Arab world if they were given freedom, they would be cheering for OBL and calling for the Khilafeh state to come!

  • Hey Nas,
    I think I can relate to your feeling … But I can also relate to what Firas said…There are efforts individually (Example = you; me), on a small scale (1 Example = Action Committee), and a relatively larger scale (1 Example = United Holy Land Fund) geared towards making a difference, bringing awareness, etc. However, the fact remains that there is a lot more to be done on our part as Arabs. Simply put, we – as a whole – really lack the support, motivation, drive and commitment to do something …and more importantly, we lack unity!

  • While I agree the Sudanese government has done a lot of atrocities in Darfur,but I my sellf will never join those Darfur groupies because most of their support /motivation are put forward by lots of Zionist organisation in US,where are those people when United State invade sovereign country like Iraq on false and fabricated premise? Where are those groupies when Israel till this minute has been killing Palestinians ?

  • Nas,
    In 1994 one million Rwandan killed in genocide in less than 4 months, WHERE were those activist?? have you ever watched the movie HOTEL RWANDA??
    Those people are politically driven and motivated, thats not to underminde their efforts, I just wish they do the same for other atrocities hapenning around the world, Iraq, Palestine, chechnya, entire Africa and the list go on.
    As to Arab activists not being able to do the same?? I’m sure you know what will happen if they do.

  • Mohammed, I think it isn’t as much oil the playing card here, but gum arabic, a main ingredient in soda. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    Nas, Firas and Iman…don’t give up!

  • Those people move according to their beliefs, we need to admit that they have the full capacity to support or reject whatever..

    Media is the main key. Global issues are brought to western public attention with a constructed tone to pressure and cool oponents for certain goals. Same thing happens for latin america, africa, arab world, muslim countries, south asian, china and russia.

    Our majority still believe that the whole darffur is a CIA fabrication and that the sudanese government is doing whats best for its people. Many believe that saddam was a legend, Hizbullah and Hammas are patriots.. As frustration has a lot to do with that, yet the loud idiots remains preferred!

    We need to set goals and priorities, define tools, and practice assessment to reach whatever we want to reach.

  • I think its just the way we got used to, we are not allowed to protest (unless with a licence from the one we are protesting against). I think many of us do have emotions and feelings against whats happening here and there, but we learned to keep these feelings inside, our chests and heads are more like graves than lungs and brains.

  • the picture is blocked in KSA … but i think its the Darfur one … because i checked the page while at work we have a Satellite line …

    and i couldn’t agree more … and i LOVE Postsecret …

  • To care about other people’s problems, you need to have very few yourself to have the mental capacity of thinking about others’. You aslo need more space and freedom and the chance to be heard.
    When a white person speaks of Darfur he is more likely to be heard thasn when a black person does, and when a non-Arab perhaps a Jew speaks about injustice towards Arfabs he is much more likely to be listened to than an Arab.

  • African Americans have very little experience or interest in international affairs. I am African American and I am a rarity because I have resided in two countries outside America: Botswana and Turkey. Many African Americans have little or no interest in even Africa much less the rest of the international scene. Old black people often say things like, “I want nothing to do with Africa,” or “Those people ain’t civilized,” or they think all Africans are very black or ugly.

    It all has to start with education and environment. Though my parents were not travelers, I was exposed to books in which I read about far away places, history, and variuous cultures. I then went to graduate school where some of my closest friends were Europeans. I also interacted people from around the world.

    The African American community is very insulated and there is pressure to not branch out in the world. So I think you would have to visit America and get exposure to the attitudes or many African Americans. The attitude is very narrow and closed minded among way too many. If you had the opportunity to observe you could understand and overcome your resentment. It is going to take a long time for African Americans to get to the step of being world citzens when so many have the feeling that to have an open mind and to branch out is being “white.” Due to this, you will not have enough black activists talking on the major global issues.

    I hope it is not resentment that you feel.

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