The First Captain Abu Raed Movie Review!

Natalia Antonova has the first review of the Jordanian feature film, cialis Captain Abu Raed over at Arab Comment. Definitely worth checking out.

Nadim Sawalha, site aka Captain Abu Raed, discount picked up the Best Actor award at the Dubai Film Festival. [ht: bakkouz & arabianmonkey]


  • Excellent review, thanks for posting it.

    And hurrah…. Nadim Sawalha won Best Actor at DIFF for his incredibly moving and powerful performance as Abu Raed in the movie.

    As a Jordanian-Brit based in the UK who has been recognized internationally for his stage and screen performances in foreign productions, this is huge!

    The fabulous journey continues…

  • great film indeed, i watched about 7 films at DIFF and without bias I feel that this one was the most touching. For me the fact that the kids ont the movie are actually orphans and underprivelaged kids that were selected by amin and the casters made it that much more special. They were not simply actors they were acting out their lives. I think one of the kids in the movie is going to grow up to be something special….

  • Both of them lived in Jordan most of their lives, their families lives there, the movie made in Jordan. enough to be called a Jordanian movie, at least thats what Amin wants it to be!

  • Waiting on sundance for tickets..hope i get them and get to see it soon!
    All the buzz about it over the past year has really set the stage and expectations are naturally high!

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