Delicious Pickings | Rich Arabs, Oliver Stone, Darfur & Will Ferrell

Here’s a collection of some of my delicious links I’ve been looking at these past few days:

“Ahmadinejad” a film by Oliver Stone: Finally, a movie that will bring together America and Iran’s far right hatred of Oliver Stone.

Young chimp beats college students: And these were Japanese college students!

The 50 Richest Arabs: Hind Al-Hariri is worth $1.4 billion and is still single I think.

Dan Brown to unveil Washington’s Masonic past: Now this will be an interesting book to read!

Baghdad’s Oldest Tailor: An interesting piece on a man who has a lot of history to tell.

Brazil shock at woman’s jail rape: An underage girl, left in a Brazilian jail cell with 20 men for a month. The things the human race is capable of.

Darfur Today: No money, not enough food, rampant sickness, night-time raids; just in case you had forgotten.

Gibson shows new self-tuning guitar: This absolutely rocks. I always wanted a Les Paul.

Will Farrell in this February’s “Semi-Pro”, you gotta love this guy’s character work:


  • isn’t it funny how you read all about these billionaires in the middle east, yet the whole region’s contribution to the world trade is less than 5%.

    …and that’s with the possession of the most valuable resource on the planet.

  • I’ve noticed the Shoman family was listed as palestinians, when in fact they are Jordanians and reside in Jordan, also Sabeeh AlMasri and Al Majali family ( just to name a few ) didn’t make the list even though each is worth more than the 700m threshold set by the list publishers??
    I wonder why?

  • Bilal,
    I think most of these Billionairs invest most of their billions out side the region in a more stable markets like the US or the EU, also majority of them made their fortune throgh government contracts ( infrastructure ) which does not contribute any thing to the world’s trade .

  • On Rich List:

    With so much wealth in the construction business, I can’t help but ask: why are the (refugee) camps around Jordan so miserable in infrastructure, structure, and basic living space standards? The Gaza camp in Jarash has open drainage. Just one little thing that came to mind when I looked thru the list.

    I’m sure the answer is obvious to most since we accept to live like this – for decades. But I think I’m a little bit slow and simply don’t get it! I know… stupid, stupid me!

  • Another construction related issue that comes to mind is the recent incident of the classroom ceiling falling on a students head.

    Just wondering… all this wealth from construction – maybe these ‘structural’ challenges that need upgrading can be part of the industry’s social responsibility.

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