Playing Elections Dirty

Maha, a friend of mine and frequent commenter on the Black Iris, told me a story the other day that had me in stitches. It also had me reanalyzing my mental health just at the sheer fact I would laugh at a story so morbid. Then again, Maha could narrate The Exorcist and make it sound hilarious. Maha’s mother is running for parliament and the story revolves around a cell phone call she received during a family funeral. You can read up on it on 7iber dot com.

To some, this might be perceived as dirty politics, Jordanian style, and that would likely be true. I’ve heard several stories in the past few days of similar plays. And of course, we all remember the case of army personnel being bussed around to competitive districts during the Municipal elections last July.

I remember reading something from the Karl Rove play book in the 2004 elections. The architect of the Bush re-elect campaign had homes in a competitive district in a swing state, phoned the night before the elections, informing the residents that the polling venue had been changed last minute. In other words, potential opponent voters were given bad directions and never cast their ballot.

So there’s something to be said about us learning from the world’s “greatest democracy”.


  • This is insane.. the measures people will go through to get in the way of others!! they simply cannot rely on their own potential!

    I met Maha’s mom not long ago …In that short time, I was able to see how lovely, personable, caring and understanding she is… you see, I took her turn and had her waiting -all smiles- while Maha worked on my eyebrows:P

    Good luck to Maha’s mom!

  • I can’t understand how some (actually MANY) people out there can be so heartless. and to play a cruel joke on a mother who had previously felt the pain and loss of a daughter is unbelievable.
    I don’t think we will ever have complete democracy in could we, when people are playing such dirty little games and buying the citizens’ votes for 25 jds?? (it was featured on Jazeera, and goes to show that most citizens are desperate).
    yeah naseem, i guess we are quick learners and appliers of the world’s “greatest democracy”.

  • This is too low, nasty, dirty, stupid… name whatever bad word you could think of!

    I can’t believe the craziness these elections brought to us.

    How could they o such stupid things?! I think we only take and apply the bad side of world’s greatest democracy and cultures too.

  • Hey am Maha’s Sister , Absar Sho Ismha …It was a catch 22 for me, a sword with two edges, but waaaaaaaaaaay crazy , but thats my typical life:) Glad that ur all sharing ur thoughts about it , makes me feel a lil better
    But no matter what , stronger we are, all the best for my mommy , Thuraya Mary Hattar Sweis!

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