Prayer And Cold Water

Today I woke up for fajr prayer, while the world was still dark outside. With eyes more than half closed, I stumbled into the bathroom for wudu’ and with a turn of the faucet I was overcome with a nostalgic epiphany of sorts. It’s November. And I had forgotten how cold Jordan can be. For years my spirituality had been spoiled. I’ve been accustomed to waking up in a warm internally-heated apartment, with hot water pouring instantaneously from a faucet. I had forgotten that water in Jordan, at 5am, is ice-cold.

My parents, to save both water, time and fuel, will heat water in an electric kettle.

I just know that in a month’s time I will be facing the qiblah, shivering.

It’s times like this, I miss Toronto dearly.


  • Okay as shallow or ignorant or whatever you wanna call it this may sound, I’m going ask anyway…Why isn’t there instant hot water in Jordan?

  • Dave: loooool@ “Makes me appreciate that I can pray in bed.” good for you Man!

    Nas, I know how we take things like instant hot water for granted over here… but you can look at it from a different angle? I guess your spirituality (with your Sufi fascination) will be able to warm you up 😀 (i know that freezing water is freezing water anyways :D)

  • hehhehe 😀

    3anjad khazoo2 iza ma feeh jannih 😀

    what helps me is the 7adeeth:
    الا اخبركم بما يرفع الله به الدرجات Ùˆ يزيد به الحسنات Ùˆ يمسح به السيئات؟ انتظار الصلاة بعد الصلاة Ùˆ ((اسباغ الوضوء على المكاره)) Ùˆ كثرة الخطى الى المساجد…او كما قال عليه الصلاة Ùˆ السلام

    ma2joor inshalla:)

  • Iman: the answer to your question is as complex as asking why do dogs pee on walls. the short and sweet answer is that the system is completely different. in jordan, the government (water distributors) will pump water to any given area, once a week. that water goes straight into water tanks, typically two for each home. so when you open the faucet the water comes from tanks. theres no heating mechanism for these tanks unless you buy an electric heater etc etc etc.

    Dave: lucky bastard 😀

    secratea: you’re absolutely right….freezing water IS freezing water anyway! 😀

    verbal & awartany: bless you too!

    khalid: minna ou minkom inshallah. ill try and remember that hadith during the harsh (cold) times

    stephan: im not a morning person 😀

  • Man, i have the solution for you. Just installed it yesterday, A TIMER.
    Install it on the Boiler power keys and program it and you have hot water flowing at 5 am and the house is warm too.

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