My Favorite Blogger

So according to the calender, it’s blog-about-your-favorite-blogger-day and I’m forced to break the rules because I don’t have just one. Every blogger in my links section is someone who has a blog that I read consistently (when that term applies to my life) and I do feel they represent the best of the best from my point of view. Hence, I’m going to provide a list of the 7 blogs that I read on pretty much a daily basis. They are divided between 2 main categories, along with an explanation of why I am a fan (in no particular order).

The Specialists: Bloggers who blog about one specific topic.

1- Haitham Sabbah: The Activist | A self-described “uprooted Palestinian”, I have an immense amount of respect for Haitham’s ability to consistently tell the stories no one else tells. The majority of my Palestinian-related news comes straight from Haitham, to the point that I’ve often flirted with the idea of starting a specialized Palestinian issue-based blog myself. In a subject shrouded in with much darkness, Haitham’s blog is a 500 megawatt spotlight.

2- Khalaf: The Politicker | I like to pride myself with being up to date when it comes to political issues in Jordan, but at least half the posts Khalaf writes are things that have fallen through the cracks for me. The other half are posts on political issues I’m already following up on, but with a commentary that make me think of those issues in a way that I didn’t before. So there’s something to be said about that.

3- Batir Wardam: The Environmentalist | I have to give it up to anyone willing to talk solely about the environment in our part of the world. It’s one of my favorite issues that gets pretty much no coverage at all in the region. Batir fills that void.

The Generalists: Bloggers who blog about various subjects.

4- Roba: The Art Aficionado | I don’t know if it’s cliche to say it, but the only word I can think of to describe Roba’s far away land, is the word “colorful”. In a city that is often gray and filled with gray-people, colorful is actually the perfect adjective. It really tells me everything I need to know about this blog and why I read it.

5- Lina: The Culture Vulture | She’s an observationalist who is one of the most down-to-earth people in Jordan, and perhaps the world. Lina is my cultural guide to the Kingdom and living proof that females have the ability to engage in the serious issues and not just talk endlessly about their day-to-day lives. Topics include personal gems of mine, such as media and social/political issues, as well as various culture-posts that are evenly divided between those that embrace everything-Amman, and those that show just how much she wants to get the hell out of here sometimes and discover the rest of Jordan, and indeed the world. It’s how we all feel at times.

6- Umm Zaid: The Sunni Sister | Simply put, she makes religion cool again. The way it was meant to be. There are few people who I feel are on the same wavelength as I am when it comes to understanding Islam. Umm Zaid is one of those people.

7- Ahmad Humeid: The Entrepreneur | If the Jordanian blogosphere had pillars, Ahmad would be one of them. He talks about everything and has interesting takes on every topic. Often times I think his blog would be pretty much what this blog would become if I lead a life as busy as his and had simultaneously mastered the art of keeping things sweet and short.


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