I Wanna Be A Reformed Saudi Terrorist

An article in Time Magazine describes a cool anti-Guantánamo detention center, where would-be Saudi terrorists enter a type of theological-rehab program. The idea is to get them to abandon their extremist ways in a facility that offers everything from video games, ping pong and art therapy to reformed religious classes. Here’s the part I thought was pretty interesting:

Ex-detainees are given a monthly stipend–typically about $700–and sometimes a new car. Family members are enlisted to help watch over these men, who are strongly encouraged to start families of their own. Having children, the thinking goes, lessens the temptation to rejoin the jihad, which is why the program makes available upwards of $20,000 for an ex-detainee’s wedding.

So basically your annual income would be about 5,964 Jordanian Dinars, plus a car and around 14,200 JDs just to get married.

Now while to many this might not seem like a lot of money considering what was at stake here, but to the average Jordanian that’s almost a 500JD monthly rateb (salary). The overwhelming majority of Jordanians make a lot less than that.

I mean it must be nice being a Saudi ex-terrorist. All you have to do is go to Iraq, get caught by the Americans, get shipped back home, spend a few weeks vacationing, and then get a car, a monthly salary and money to get married.

Jordanian ex-terrorists usually get a good beating/hanging.

h/t: Umm Zaid


  • the compensation package for these x-terroists is still unfair when you consider that most Blackwarer terrorists make over 120,000 USD per year plus benefits. and they get to shoot Arab civilians with total immunity and still be called professionals. I think Saudi government should launch Greenwater security services and hire x-alqaeda types and send them to protect occupation diplomats with same benefits and same immunity 😉

  • I assure you, and be very positive about this, no saudi will try to go to Iraq to get these benefits:P 😀

    first of all, they, believe me, get beaten up and tortured way more than enough, before they make their way anywhere alive if ever, way more than enough.

    second of all, these numbers are nothing compared to saudi standards, just any saudi can make 5000 ryal a month without having a degree, thats about 1000 JDs ($1400). and cars are so cheap to a sad point there too.


    why did you label them as terrorists?
    are they all terrorists?
    everyone of them?

    no real jihadists at all? none of them perform legitimate attacks against legitimate military targets? what are the percentage of those? are they a minority? are they the majority? any studies or statistics available? what did you base your assumption on? because labeling every person that works with armed resistance as a terrorist sounds a bit of extreme to me, and happens to serve the occupation agenda quite well, which i never believe you intend to do.

    keefak inta? malla inta!

  • jarrar, it’s terror when the victims are anglozionists only. when Arabs are killed they are collateral damage, terrorists, militants, or human shields of terrorists. so as you can see my arab friend, anyone with a a US or Israeli passport can kill you. RUN!!!! 🙂

  • Does an average Jordanian earn as much as an average Saudi anyway? why r u so surprised that they pay them that much? I mean, it is a much richer country than Jordan and if this money stops them from blowing up innocent people then we should applaude the people organising this rehab program!!!

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