Queen Rania Reunites Mother And Son

A lot of people have been talking about this around town lately, viagra since Laylat il-Qadr, but only recently did I get to watch it:

“It was an emotionally charged scene worthy of an Oprah Winfrey show when a mother and son who had been parted for 25 years were reunited on live TV. However the American chat show queen had no hand in the happy moment, instead it was a real life royal – Jordan’s Queen Rania – who had masterminded the moving episode.

Known for her compassionate nature and humanitarian work, Rania – a mother of four – had been touched by the plight of Mohammed Shamas who had spoken on Jordanian TV show Al Forssah about the pain of being separated from his mother for so long. He had only seen what she looked like through low quality pictures exchanged over email.

Producers managed to set up a video link from Gaza so he could see his mother Wafa Abu Shehada clearly, but it was King Abdullah’s wife who worked to get his mum from Gaza to Jordan for a meeting in the flesh. And in an extraordinary move, she accompanied the mother to the show where the pair was finally reunited.

It was an emotional moment for everyone, not least the queen. “As a mother, I can only imagine the pain of being separated from your children,” she said, “and there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing such a moving reunion.” ” [source]


  • Here’s another emotionally charged video. I saw it on some other blog and this is what that blog dude had to say about it:

    “The story of a Palestinian poet who, during the massacres of Sabra and Shatilla in Lebanon during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, everybody thought she got killed in the massacre. She also thought all her family got killed. As she was recently reading poetry on the Abu Dhabi TV, her neighbours from the Sabra refugee camp days (back in 1982) saw her and recognised her. Since the neighbours also knew that her daughter did not get killed in the massacre but survived and had been living all these years in a refugee camp, they contacted the Abu Dhabi TV station, and the TV station arranged the surprise meeting between the mother and her daughter whom she thought she was dead. You will cry!”

  • It’s stunning at first to see such family, whom the mother and son speak different dialects when they actually belong to one family.

    My heart, mind and soul with the rest of families of Palestine who lost children, fathers and mothers like this. It’s only faith and culture of giving that unite back families.

    this is a great blog especially for jordanians who live overseas and have no jordanian TV via satellite.

    thanks buddy.

  • While Iam happy for mohammed and hie mother finding each other ,I still think it is huge propaganda campaign for Queen Rania,I like to ask Queen Rania to go to King Abdullah Bridge and watch how her fellow palestinians treated miserably and inhumanly by the Jordanian border police.

  • I also like to ask Queen Rania ,why Jordanian government are not allowing Palestinians who are stranded and neglected in the no man land at Jordanian and Iraqi border to enter Jordan ?

  • It’s funny, I just got back from a Marcel Khalife concert where of course he sang the famous Ummi [My Mother] song written by Mahmoud Darwish, and I just heard about this story. Very nice!

  • Almutanagal, maybe because they have already given so many Palestinians passports and a place to live to the extent that 70% of the Jordanian population is Palestinian!!!!!

  • Mutanagel,
    Did you hear about egypt my friend?Why is it always jordan? thousands are stuck on egypts border and the funny thing is that they want to enter gaza but are not allowed to.

    Anywhoo…Sana how is it going? Are you ok?


  • Great! It must feel really wonderful to be able to make someone’s dreams come true… Another reason why the Queen is genuinely a Queen of Hearts!

    Sana and Mohanned, it’s nice to know that both of you are doing great! but I don’t think this is the right post for that 😛

  • sana ,,if somebody wants to take credit for uniting a mother and her children,then I think its pure propaganda and also Jordan took or allowed Palestinians to reside because Jordan was empty ,in 1920 ,population in Jordan was less than 200,000 and the majority of them were nomads and had no interest to be settled because it was their way of life,having said that ,the royal family, and more specific , the Amir of Jordan ,Abdullaha senior was dealing and wheeling with the Jewish Agency to to allow them to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from Palestine to build his crumbling kingdom,and after all,you can’t build a country without a population ,and that why Jordan allowed Palestinians to come to the east of the river,not because of the Hashemite Family suddenly became sympathetic to palestinian dilemma.

  • woah, overthinking much?? this seems like a touching story of 2ppl that were renited after so long. the mother couldn’t come into Jordan and the queen intervened to bring her in….

  • the weizmann agreement didn’t last months, didn’t talk about ethnic cleansing, didn’t involve abdallah, and was rejected by sharif hussein and faisal himself afterwards, so you can hardly call that a proof of the allegations that were made earlier.

  • “the weizmann agreement didn’t last months, didn’t talk about ethnic cleansing, didn’t involve abdallah, and was rejected by sharif hussein and faisal himself afterwards, so you can hardly call that a proof of the allegations that were made earlier.”
    It is an allegations in your world of imagination.

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    gentlemen, please. would you get over yourselves? first of all this post is about a mother and a son being reunited after 25 years. what do either of those people care about events that happened almost a century ago?

    moreover, getting stuck in past events is like having your car wheel stuck in the mud. it doesn’t help anyone move forward. least of all palestinians.

    lastly, denying the existance of jordan and jordanians doesn’t make palestine a dream that is more tangible. in fact, its the exact same thing that we’ve come to expect from a zionist when referring to palestine and palestinians, so its equally a shame to see a brother say that about another brother.

    if you think your serving the palestinian cause by attacking jordan, jordanians or the hashemites, then you’re just shooting empty bullets in the dark.

    so please, lets put this argument to rest for good.

    in short

    grow up

    (and if you can’t do that, then at the very least respect this blog’s commenting policy and spew your hate elsewhere)


  • But they aren’t even cursing, they’re discussing history and I don’t understand how anyone can think that discussing history is no longer “important” when it comes to the Palestinians??? Especially considering that right now, this second, the Arab leaders (all of them) are lining up to show the U.S. how obedient they can be to their demands by further selling the Palestinians out. If this isn’t the best time to rehash history then when??? Speaking of Zionist tactics… they also want the Palestinians to stop talking about history.

    If you don’t want to discuss politics because they might be damaging to the image of rulers in Jordan and that might put you at risk then I can totally understand and respect that. Seriously, nobody wants to see you tossed in jail or put on trial. But telling people to refer to your commenting policy when they are having a healthy conversation about history is just lame. Really, lame. You should just not allow comments on your blog if that’s the case.

    It’s also not helpful at all to the Palestinians for us to pretend that all these Arab leaders are doing something positive for us when they aren’t. Whether it be the Jordanian leadership past or present or any of the other despots in the region who are selling the Palestinian people out. It’s not helpful at all for people to ignore what our “friends” and “brothers” have done in the past and what they are doing now.

    And I’m not trying to be disrespectful but come on…

  • are you sure you’re being melodramatic enough? “spew your hate”? i didn’t realize mentioning historical facts was considered spewing hate .. my bad o_O

    anyway nevermind .. i should’ve just stuck with (dude that’s the kid in “west beirut”!)


  • sorry i didn’t realize mentioning historical facts was against your blog policy .. i didn’t mean any disrespect by it .. honest

  • almutanagal,

    It is an allegations in your world of imagination.

    “allegation” doesn’t have to mean that what was alleged didn’t take place. Now, I alleged that you made a serious allegation. The proof for my allegation is easy to find; it’s in your 2nd previous to last comment. The proof to the allegation you made in that comment is still to be found though, and I’m sorry if the Weizmann-Faisal affair had nothing to do with what you said, nothing I can personally do about that.


    getting stuck in past events is like having your car wheel stuck in the mud

    It’s not even that; try past myths.

  • “if you think your serving the palestinian cause by attacking jordan, jordanians or the hashemites, then you’re just shooting empty bullets in the dark.”

    Nas first of all,Iam “pure” Jordanian ,I was born in Jordan to parents and grand parents that were born in “Jordan” or what I like to refer to it as East of the river Jordan,in matter of fact ,my family tree goes back to 500 years Second of all,Show one word or sentence in my previous posts that I attacked “Jordan” or “Jordanians”?
    Third of all,Why is it when somebody criticize the Hashemite family for their dealing and wheeling with the Zionist State, automatically, considered “anti” Jordan or Jordanians?,Iam just trying to seek the truth and reconciliation for our history,the best gift you give to your children is to tell them the truth about our history that has been twisted and changed by the people who ruled us that have no interest and the stomach to try to reveal the truth about our Palestinians brothers and sisters .

  • “to whom it may concern”,well, it does concerns me and that why I responded.
    “so don’t flatter yourself just yet.”you sound very elitist now?and one thing i can’t stand when people sound and think that they are elitist.

  • Almutanagal: i addressed the comment to the general public and not one specific person.

    i dont think of myself as an elitist and as for sounding like one…well suffice to say a lot of people sound like a lot of things, but i wont throw out any labels just for the heck of it.

  • Batir, while Iam Urduni but not alurduni alhurr you trying to refer to.
    “psychological problems remain.” Iam really aware of this tactics of character assination,like they say, if you can’t attack the message and the argument,then attack the messenger.

  • Al Mutanagel How on earth can I assassinate a character that is vague and anonymous like yours. This what I call a psychological problem by thinking that each criticism is caused by a conspiracy to assassinate your esteemed culture.
    And regarding your so-called propaganda by Queen rania, I wish she can do this propaganda each and everyday of the year to bring happiness into people’s lives.

  • Bayir,Do you really need to know my name and which family I came from and which city of Jordan I was born in order to assassinate my character?,I think this is irrelevant information that has nothing to do with this discussion.
    when you imply that I have psychological problem what do you call that? it seems you have lots of problems in dissecting and understanding simple logic.

  • Nas, while your initial comments are true about the Palestinians not getting stuck in the past, you should have also commented about Sana’s racist comments regarding how Jordan was generous enough to “allow” Palestinians to live in Jordan. This statement shows ignorance and lack of historical context.

    The reason that this racist argument is ridiculous is because in 1967 there was no official difference between Jordan and Palestine. As a matter of fact the west bank of Jordan was the backbone of the country economically and was home to half of the countries population. Residents of the west bank of the river were free to travel back and forth, and had all the rights of the residents of the eastern bank. In fact, according to an article on July 7th 1967 in Time magazine “picking up the pieces” discussing the aftermath of the war the hardest hit economy was the Jordanian economy due to the loss of the agricultural land in the west bank and the huge touristic revenues from Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

    To the people who keep blabbering about how “grateful” Palestinians should be for letting them live in Jordan read this little piece from another article on July 14th in Time magazine “”The least unreasonable Arab” It discusses King Husseins reactions in the aftermath of the 1967 war:

    “”Palestinian Jordan, which the Israelis now hold, is the most prosperous part of his(King Hussein) land. It contains nearly a third of the arable farm land, nearly half the population—and Jerusalem. With U.S. and British aid, long-range development programs and expanded tourism, Hussein had expected to make his country self-supporting by 1971. Without the west bank, however, and the strong tourist revenues from the Old City of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, there is little possibility that Jordan can ever develop a really viable economy.””

    Notice how the west bank is refered to and the economic facts at the time. the west bank was the backbone of the Jordanian economy. I cant help but to laugh at the last sentence though it turned out to be so wrong now that we have FDI and the Dead and Read seas, Aqaba and of course the New wonder of the world.

    You have to read the paragraph immediately proceeding this one as well. It is on page 3 of the article:


    Tell me what you think of that piece of history eh?

    I’m sure It makes alot of people feel stupid.. if they only understood what those facts imply,these borders are there to cause the problems and the attitudes that boil to the surface every once in a while…they are there for a reason.
    So Sana before you talk about history, get your story straight, don’t go out in the cold without a coat.

    I really am sick and tired of some racist Jordanians who act with elitism, today, towards a legitimate part of their people, Palestinians(in an ideal world ,of course).
    We have to live in our times , and today there is Jordan, a proud country and a model for others around it.
    Almutnagal should lay of his racism as well. Specifically Queen Rania, you picked the wrong example to pick on, Queen Rania’s charity work touched the lives of countless people worldwide. But it is true regarding the racist treatment that the west bankers face when they cross the bridge.


  • with all due respect to Palestinian plea, but does it mean that actions like this one of tne Queen should pass unnoticed before the question is solved?

    well done, and we should be happy for those who got a chance for reunion.

    btw, i am bothered with one question for quite a time. On our TV (in Russia) we have a weekly program dedicated to the search of people (relatives, friends, brother in arms) who were parted by different circumstances. The main goal to bring them together or pass a message.
    Here is brief description http://poisk.vid.ru/?l=1
    Do you have such a “drop of hope” in midEast media ? What Al Forssah show is about ?

  • I think that it has been a Queen Rania’s good idea, if there wasn’t anotherone way to make that mother and son meet them.
    Refugees camps of Palestinian people in Jordan are in bad conditions. Royal Family and expecially Jordanian Governament must do something to really show that they are near to Palestinian people. By the way also this initiative is a way to show once more how Queen Rania is close to her people, propaganda or not propaganda!

  • I saw the video: SOOO LOVELY! I’m Italian and I unluckly don’t know Arabic… . I would see it with the English traslation, to understand what Queen Rania told! 🙁

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