Join The Action Committee This Ramadan!

Action Committee is a group affiliated with Family International Jordan, and they arrange outings for kids from impoverished areas, such as the Baqa’ refugee camp. This Ramadan they’re distributing large “Ramadan Food Bags”. Each bag includes staples such as rice, sugar, dates, pasta, tomato paste, tea, beans, lentil, oil, maggi and amar al-deen.

Those familiar with me or the tone of this blog know that I don’t like sugar coating anything. I honestly think that with the level of poverty, (mis)matched with the crazy rise of food prices this year, there may be no better time to donate in this way.

Each bag costs only 10JD and you can even help with the distribution.

A friend of mine, Sara Al-Sharif, is running this, so you’re in very good hands.

If you’re interested in donating money or items please call: 079 515 44 98

Join the Facebook group for constant updates.


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