• First, ATV. Then, crackdown on online freedom. Wow! We really are doing the whole 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

    And this is the country and environment I’m being asked to give up my current job (with all its financial security and potential for self development) for. For what? To be an underpaid unappreciated employee for some rich fat boss who watches TV in his office? Or to put all my savings into some ambitious project of my own and then watch it all go to waste just like what happened to ATV? To be at the mercy of power-hungry desert rednecks in charge of governmental offices, who don’t know the basics of their jobs!

    Is this 21st century Jordan?

  • :*(

    i can feel the deep sadness in his words. i can imagine him writing that letter, over and over, and removing the offensive lines and curses every time.
    I can see he thought of this project as his own child.
    I can see his pain and sorrow.
    i felt a lot of it myself.

    I loved how he signed the letter with his first name, very genuine.

    Another sad day, but as you said Naseem, was there ever a happy day in that regard? i barely remember any.

  • So it seems a former Reuters employee, Zaid Rashdan, is now MD of ATV. He’s got a fun ride ahead of him, making sense of the fiasco created for him. So the questions that beg themselves are:
    – What happens with the whole arbitration with AVC, dues owed to TRC and JTV?
    – Who’s funding the operation?
    – How will their content evolve?
    – When do they go on air?
    – Does anyone even care anymore?

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