Pulp Magazine Offers Me A Cookie

So a few weeks back I made a wise ass remark on my blog about Pulp Magazine. Now the record should show that I did in fact dedicate the bulk of my post towards a positive review of the publication. Nevertheless, I think they were annoyed with one particular remark which they chose to highlight in this month’s issue while taking a sarcastic jab at me by offering me a cookie. (Top right on the page)

For the sake of being honest, when I first read this a few days ago I thought to myself “what the hell?!”, as I felt it was undeserving. I also wrote (and saved, then deleted) a harsh post, by way of reminding Pulp of that old press adage, that they shouldn’t pick a fight with anyone who buys ink by the barrel.

However, since then much has changed.

Ramadan is in the air and it’s the month of forgiveness.

Also, with all the fasting, a cookie wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world.

So yes Pulp Magazine, I will accept your offer of one rhetorical cookie.

Actually, make it a chocolate chip cupcake from Sugar Daddy’s and we’ll call it even.

(Get one for Tala too, because she told me about all this in the first place)


  • I guess their sticky note is more than a reply to your readers Nas:)

    when i was reading the first of your post, i thought a cookie as in an internet cookie! lol, figuring the type of cookie they meant was funny later.

    tell me when you get your cookie, or anything related 😉

  • LOL. That’s what I call a good morning’s laugh!

    I still don’t get it, but why do magazines now think its clever to make fun of their very own audience? Too much attitude…What makes it even funnier, is that you work with the same group, ie. technically you’re on the same team. But it’s cool of you that you didn’t send that angry letter, I guess it would’ve left a bad after taste.

  • NOX: don’t worry, you’re a good magazine too (at least i think so), and hey, when Pulp sends me my cookie (or cupcake) I’ll send it straight over to you. it’ll help with the whole crisis-of-confidence thing you have going on there.

  • lubna: your first conclusion shows how into blogging you must be these days! 😉

    pheras: that’s true, i always end up coming off as the ‘bad guy’ with those kinds of letters. especially the bomb threats. governments dont seem to like those.

    moey: oh you’re a favorite of theirs, but dude, you gotta stop with the whole ‘i advised’ thing. ya3ni you’re almost asking for it 😀

  • “Too…”?

    You mean there’s another good magazine here….?

    Actually wait, I’m being hasty, I did pick up a real estate brochure a month ago that was quite well done…

  • NOX: wow, you guys should really cool it with the below-the-waist jabs at Pulp.

    I mean otherwise people might think you’re scared of a little competition, and that would just lead people to believe you’re in a rut or something.

    You know, in that silly way rumors start.

    God bless.

  • Nas, oh come on… they had killer mistakes! pixelated photos in a magazine, that doesn’t even happen in (whatever-country-you-hate-place-here).

  • moey: in nobody’s defence…there really isn’t a magazine i’ve seen in Jordan that hasn’t had pixelated images (even ones that are far from their first issue as can be).

    anyways, it was just a friendly word of advice. 😉

  • Don’t worry Nas, I admire you’re loyalty to your employers….

    As for silly rumours, nothing can beat what we’ve had already – like George Galloway paying us $100,000 to appear on our magazine, or that we were responsible for having him banned from Jordan.

    Another favourite, which is true actually, is that we’re always being used as tactic for Jordanian magazine staff to get pay rises. Apparently, the phrase “But Near East Media have offered me double what I’m getting” is a popular one at annual review time at certain companies…!

    What isn’t true, though, is that we’re in the business of stealing other people’s staff…

    So, basically, gossip about us being nervous of a unisex teen magazine wouldn’t be the worst we’ve had. But you’re welcome to start it if you’re having a slow day…

    Anyway, a bit of healthy rivalry should raise everyone’s game, no? God knows we need it…. have you seen Couples Luxury Values Monthly recently? I think that’s what it’s called…

  • NOX: well first of all pulp isn’t my employer and i’m not the kind of person who shows loyalty to anything out of insincerity, least of all an employer. And I’m also not the gossipy type; I think you’re words spoke for themselves on that one.

    That being said…

    Your superficial jabs at what you call a “unisex teen magazine” are not only low but they erode away at your own image. i know it’s fun being the bully who picks on the new kid, but no one really liked that guy. also, the ego trip you just took doesn’t help either. you pay people a lot of money, ok, well, good for you then.

    you’re a men’s magazine in Jordan.

    it’s neither cutting edge journalism nor rocket science for that matter.

    so please, get over yourselves. 🙂

    p.s. i am in fact a fan of NOX (although barely now) and George Galloway. but him paying you to be in your magazine, and you telling everyone about it, well that doesn’t really bode well for either of you.

  • Nas, Nas, Nas…. I think you might have read my post a little too quickly…

    1. Galloway didn’t pay us anything. That is merely a rumour. So I’m not bragging about anything.

    2. We don’t pay people a load of money. That is merely a rumour, too – a rumour used by people at certain companies (look over your shoulder for a clue) to get more cash from their current employers… We get the phonecalls, so we know…!

    3. How is “unisex teen magazine” a “superficial jab”…? That’s how someone who works on it described it to me…!

    4. “It’s neither cutting edge journalism nor rocket science…” Now who’s doing the jabbing…?!?!?!?

    Well, it’s certainly not rocket science, I’ll admit (which makes it even harder to understand why there are so few decent magazines here), but I would be conceited enough to back our journalism… In the latest issue, I recommend our exclusive inteview with Abu Omar, the Egyptian who was kidnapped and tortured by the CIA in Milan.

    As a concluding – and unnecessarily serious – point (I only came on here to make a “wise-ass” comment at another magazine’s expense), Jordan is woefully poorly served by its media. Sadly, because all there has been up until now is dross, that’s what people have come to expectat… that has to change, or we’ll keep churning out the rubbish.

    NOX is, I believe, making some small attempt to raise the bar – design-wise, depth of content-wise – and we will continue to try and improve. No issue yet has been 100%, and I doubt one ever will be. Importantly, we’re not sitting on our ass in the belief we’re remotely as good as we want or need to be… Unfortunately, most magazines, newspapers and radio shows labour under that very illusion.

  • NOX: Regarding points 1-2, my bad. As for looking over my shoulder, well I’m at home now so there’s no one there. Although it is a bit unprofessional to voice out rumors like that and insinuate certain parties whomever you may have heard they may be.

    regarding points 3-4: i think if you have a look at your comments in this post (made at another magazine’s expense) you’ll draw your own conclusions.

    I’m not asking you to back anything up, least of all your sense of journalism or lack there of. I’m saying there’s no need to look down on others who you perceive to be your competition.

    And your commentary on the state of media in Jordan, specifically magazines, is all the more relevant to this point that I am making.

    In other words, it’s the equivalent of throwing stones from a glass house.

  • The timing of this debate is perfect because the new issue of Luxury just dropped on my desk…………..

    Seriously, though, glass houses and this debate aside, where would you rate NOX in terms of Jordanian magazines…?

    We don’t do enough focus groups, so this might be an opportunity to learn something….

    Other posters welcome…

  • NOX: you know what would be great in terms of getting more feedback on your magazine?

    posing this same question, of “rate me”, on the nox magazine website. that’s probably where you’ll find most of your customers so you’ll get a better sampling result.

  • True and thanks… might get a comment box put up there (it’s being redeisnged and engineered during Ramadan, actually).

    Although if they’re at the website, they’re probably “converts” to a degree… or at least had enough of a favourable response to bother typing in the URL. (Zain made this mistake when it asked on their own website whether people had seen the new logo!!! Duh!)

    Maybe suggestions for improvement from existing readers could lead to a few tweaks in tone and balance…

    I noticed you ducked the question, Nas!

  • “Zain made this mistake when it asked on their own website whether people had seen the new logo!!”

    Now I know that you guys have the abilities to come up with a question that didn’t come off as a push poll 😉

    “I noticed you ducked the question, Nas!”

    I’ve already answered it in the thread of comments. Twice in fact.

  • Pulp and NOX: are they the so-called publications with naked women and men on the cover? do they really see themselves as “magazines” instead of a collection of posters? So much for journalism in Jordan.

  • Man, you would expect editors of magazines and ad agencies to be a bit more mature… It’s so puzzling to me, its just soooo childish! And it’s not even funny!

    And the comments by pulp seriously! Not nice at all… but I loved your post… someone is acting mature for a change…

    I’d loosen up just a bit on NOX though, its a huge misunderstanding from the first comment… and yes no one likes the bully in the blogk…

  • Mr Wardam: Thanks for proving conclusively that you haven’t read either publication.

    Naked men? In NOX? Sounds like you’re projecting to me…. listen, I know guy downtown can hook you up if you want some real tasty stuff. Sailors, cub scouts, everything….

    MKilany: Now, thanks for the support… but in fairness, we did start it. I love the guys at Pulp. We’re just trying to start a publicity-fuelling public feud. Come on, it’s a little funny, no???

  • Nox: No, not funny. Not really. pulp is underrated as a magazine, maybe you should pick up their current issue before you act all high and mighty..

    just a word of advice.

    have a wonderful day!

  • p.s. pulp “editors” had nothing to do with this conversation, although we thank naseem for appreciating our magazine for what it is. NOX, I’m glad I won that digital camera from you before we got in this fight. We are officially through.

  • I’m glad you won the camera, Musab! Always glad to reward our loyal readers…. Hope you’re putting it to good use…

  • Mr Wardam: Sorry, you didn’t “engage” at all, you threw around an utterly baseless accusation.

    Dealing with fabrications from someone still living in 1563 doesn’t require manners, just contempt.

  • How about a 24-hour Taboo showdown at our mutual friend’s house….?

    PS. How did you get them off so quickly…?

  • I am proud to be living in 1563 as you claim. At least I do not promote pornography and superficial products. However, your world is different than mine, and there is no blend in between.

  • 1. Great… let’s liase. And we can work out publicity-driving feuds for the future…. Mupis? Ads next to Mr Wardam’s “Life in Medieval Jordan” ad-Dustour column?

    2. I might well put myself forward as a prize after Ramadan… you know, offer genuine incentives for advertisers.

  • so the pulp editor replies.

    pulp | mosaab@grumpygourmet.com

    we WISH we were being given out for free at Starbucks, but we’re not. also, we know where you’ve been sending out your resumes, so your job can’t be that great, can it?

    this is pulp, signing out – for good.

    my reply:
    FYI, I train at Leo Burnett. and looking for a part-time job for a qualified design student is something nice, at least I appreciate life/work. and your magazine’s first issue with christina on cover was filling Starbucks Ahliyyeh + I can get you the proof, a photo showing the magazines stand that I took randomly, or you can just ask the girls who picked up your magazines for the hot photos. LOL

  • yeah Lubna, that’s how sick they get.. next time, they’d probably trash us (bloggers who say it straight to the face) with a 10 page pull out extended magazine. who knows! maybe more youtube screenshots? or more fashion from topshop and pull & bear?

  • I actually feel sorry for companies that have little employees trashing people under the name of their magazine, pointing fingers, acting as complete jerks and not being able to do a reply without childish namecalling.

    I’m 20 and I’m ashamed to even use this tone with my friend, GROW UP for heaven’s sake – You’re representing a whole magazine throughout this argument or as Ohoud best put it “Cat Fight”.

    To some extent I do agree with Batir Wardam’s comment regarding you using celebrities or fleshy chicks in order to market your magazines better and including recommendation pages of “Gadgets” or electronics that are all at minimum $100! The only things you published were the photo essays by Laith Majali!

    And yes Batir, with them throwing such personal replies they should be ashamed of their selves for not being able to represent a magazine being published and sold in Jordanian market and all under the title of journalism.

    Now I challenge you NOX (God knows what is named after) to reply to my comment in a PROFESSIONAL way, without the “jabbing” Naseem mentioned earlier.

  • Salaams:

    My dinars are on Islamica… the most intelligent, well-designed, and professional magazine produced in Jordan (although intended for a global audience). I’ve tried reading a few of the other English mags and either got a headache or couldn’t get past the use of articles from websites, bad design, etc.

  • Hi everyone. I know this is a rather belated response to this whole discussion but I’ve read the posts over and over and convinced myself that the most responsible thing to do, would be to send this. First, i agree with those referring to many of the comments as being immature and unprofessional. It is unprofessional. But what i can’t understand is that some of you would think that one person’s opinion, be it Nox or Pulp’s, is the opinion of a magazine! comments are made by individuals, some of whom may have had a bad day, or, taken something very offensively. And lets be honest, offensive comments have come from all directions, and comments being made in jest, have been taken seriously. Something else that has bewildered me is that you [bloggers] pride yourselves on this online community in which you can be all your cyber personalities can be, yet you’ve turned it into a community of opinionated, over-zealous, know-it-alls. Granted, not many blog discussions are like this one, but with blogs being what they are, somewhat removed from the real world, everyone feels that it’s a free ticket to blast, insult, mock and put down others. I know several persons on this discussion, and i can testify to the fact that they would ordinarily never be this rude – of course ‘rude’ being relative to the recipients reaction to the comments – which on this discussion, has been mostly negative. I’ve read a ton of blogs that have discussions on issues where comments have been made from both camps, and none have been insulting, ‘below the belt’ or offensive in any way. Just because you can insult someone, doesn’t mean you should. Nox and Pulp are both fine magazines in their own right. Are you working twelve hour days to turn out a magazine that meets the demands of its READERS? Yes, READERS. Many of you do not read Nox or Pulp, have no desire to read them, and don’t see why anyone else would read them. But that’s just you. There are hoards of those that DO read and enjoy these magazines. So instead of insulting someone’s work, hard work, then complaining when ONE of them has had enough and takes a shot back, keep your opinions centered and shared in a respectable manner. I’m not trying to be righteous, in fact, ordinarily i hate comments like this, i just think we could all be a little more appreciative of one another’s efforts. Nas, you’ve got a great blog going on here, and as soon as Ramadan is over, we’ll get you a cup cake so you can enjoy it fresh out the oven.

  • Jawad, nice comment.
    BUT when you tell someone about their mistakes, you do that because YOU care, not just for the aim for mocking or whatever!

    and getting stupid responds drive you nuts, and the result is of course what you saw.

    consider me immature, at least you guys have to act more mature if you claim it. not by the thing you posted, and again if us bloggers did not care about journalism in jordan is general. none of that would have happened, at least we could’ve been respected/appreciated more.

  • Pulp Magazine is junk food for the brain.
    And their pics ain’t vey tame.
    It’s montage of articles and pics is always the same.
    And so ,it gets boring after a while.
    And it will end up in a junk pile.
    Don’t get any copy for me.
    I wanna be food junk free.

    Thanks,Black Iris,for some very informative posts.

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