Faridon Abida On The Black Iris

I have the pleasure of working with one of the best photographers and graphic designers in Jordan, Faridon Abida. He’s not only the friendliest person you’ll ever meet, but also the warmest and funniest. It’s been great watching him design away these past few months, often times burning the midnight oil as he clicks away behind a Mac. Often times famished and in search of a nicotine fix, he’ll always come into the office to break the day’s (or night’s) monotony by making us all laugh with his jokes and clever office impersonations. He is, without a doubt, a rising star on the photography and design scene in Jordan, and you’ll definitely be hearing a lot more about him in the coming year for sure.

A few days after I first met Faridon, I had the pleasure of attending one of his photo exhibits, rightly entitled: “eXposure”. And that’s the point I suppose. There’s plenty of talent out there but little exposure. So a few weeks ago I came up with the idea of putting my blog’s header to some good use by promoting young, Jordanian talent like Faridon.

His beautiful photographs of Jordan will be the first to grace the rotating header up above. If people enjoy the idea then hopefully I’ll expand to other local talents I’ve been admiring.

You can check out his website (one of the coolest designed ones in Jordan) at www.faridonabida.com

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