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I first passed by Readers a few weeks ago, in July, soon after they launched on the day the last Harry Potter book came out. At the time, I was impressed but I didn’t get the chance to really browse through the place. First of all, it’s easily accessible which I love, especially when compared to any other large bookstore. You don’t have to hike through a mall and it’s maddening crowd. It’s located in the Cozmo Center, which is basically the ground floor of Cozmo’s that is still being renovated and expanded. If you park in the main parking area on that floor, you’ll find Readers as soon as you enter the door, immediately to your right.

It is in fact the largest bookstore even though the selection is not enormous (compared to the international book conglomerates) but fairly diverse. There are books in English, Arabic as well as children’s books. Actually, I would go as far as saying it has the largest selection of children’s books in Jordan that I’ve seen to date.

The English section is well organized, which is a pretty important thing when you consider the alternatives in Amman. All the big names are on the shelves, including King, Rice, Clancy and Grisham. Although they also have a really great selection of books that are more oriented to the eastern reader, which is something that’s nice to see. A selection that includes Najeeb Mahfouz’s literature in English, political books on the Middle East, as well as two books I picked up while I was there: a collection of poems by Rumi and another, “The Gift”, a collection of poems by Hafiz. Hopefully I’ll get around to reviewing them in due time, but for now, they’ll sit on the nightstand for some good night-time reading.

What’s also nice about the place is that you can actually sit down and read a book before buying it. The children’s section is located in a comfortable corner with beanbags, while on the other side of the bookstore there are several tables and chairs in the magazine section.

You also don’t get hassled by the staff, who will only come over once to ask if you need help. The prices are pretty much on level with market prices. Two books cost me around 24JDs. It’s a really great place, especially if you have kids. I highly recommend it to anyone.


  • So far I haven’t found a better bookshop (in terms of diversity and availbility) that the University Bookshop in Gardens Street. I hope this one will beat it to spare me the long trips!

  • I, for one was not impressed with the staff: but I do love the setting of the bookshop, especially the kids corner..and also as you said the convenient location.My screensaver is my kids’s pics throwing themselves comfortably on those orange bean bags and reading. But, if you’re looking for children’s books I have to recommend The Good Book Shop, in Rainbow street..they have an amazing collection of children’s creative and they keep bringing new stuff so often..I go in to buy a couple of books for a kids birthday and end up buying more for my kids..they also have a lovely corner for reading and coloring and you can have a decent cup of coffee there too.

  • Hello Salam.
    as a supervisor at Readers, I do admit that we had this problem when we first open the shop.
    we gave a training to our employees and the ones who made it are still with us, and still there will be some gaps in the knowladge of books for young Jordanians in general.
    so we’ll keep-up the good work updating and training our employees.
    Next time when you come to the Shop ask for me “Ra’ed” I’ll invite you for a cup of coffee in the shop and don’t consider it as a bribe, because coffee is for free in our shop anyway.
    thank you for your comment.
    hope to see you soon in the shop.
    Ra’ed A.Haq

  • My favorite bookshop is, by far, The Good Book Shop on rainbow street! Their employees are very knowledgeable in books, which is a rarity in ANY kinds of shop in Jordan, plus they’re friendly. The prices are great, good Italian coffee, wifi, and the location is special.

  • Dear Cozmo, Dear Readers
    This is Dar Al-Muna from Stockholm.
    Dar Al Muna is specisalized in publishing Scandinavian and world famous litterature in the Arabic language. we have authors as Jostein Gaarder with his novel Sofies world and authors as Astrid Lindgren with her famous children books.
    We would like very much if our books find their way to your Readers shelves. How can we reach you. Please write back to us and hear is our phone number in Stockholm: 0046 8 755 65 73 and Fax 0046 8 622 61 51.
    Thank you for your kind attention
    Best regards
    Mona Henning

  • Hi All,

    I have good news for you all out there. The French bookshop have a new manager now, Fadi Sharbain, he is probably the best bookseller/bookbuyer in Jordan. His knowledge of books is amazing and he is up to date on everything, at least when it comes to books. He took up his positon recently and he promised me that a lot of changes will be coming shortly to the bookshop. He will continue to bring books in French, Spanish, Italian but will now concentrate on the English Language for obvious reasons. They also have a nice cafe there and free WIFI. The location of the bookshop is in Jabal Webdeh.

    A big reader.

  • Thank you indeed, but I’m wondering if they have a website or something, it’s really important, isn’t it?

  • do u have harry potter and the half blood prince i have been searching every bookshop in amman for it and it has ben soled out except for the good bookshop it will come on sunday but if u have it sooner it is better

  • it is a really great bookshop … i bought “the story of edgar sawtelle ” – which by the way was a wonderful book – in paper pack which is much cheaper than the hard cover of course and did not find it in mega store of virgin megastore ( yaaaay meeee!!) , so a very vacious and neat place … thumbs up ;P

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