Horror At The Prince Hamzah Hospital

I’ve had my own run-ins with bad hospitals in Jordan. But this is a story about the Prince Hamzah Hospital: a public hospital, and a “new and improved” one at that! Sadly, it is a reflection of the current disparaging state of the public health system that is available to most of the country that cannot afford private health care or don’t have a relative in the armed forces, that allows them access to the Medical City.

Public hospitals in Jordan are also filled with inhumane, indifferent and incompetent hospital staff.

Every Health Minister in the past decade has promised to improve them.

They haven’t.



  • I read the story after seeing it here…it pissed me off…i told someone about it and she took it to the new minister of health ..he’s only been in office a few days now..hopefully he’ll clean up this mess of a hospital

  • Public hospitals in Mexico are also filled with inhumane, indifferent and incompetent hospital staff Not only in Jordan and that is sad

  • prince hamzah hospital services a huge ammount of people from all jordan and the stuff working hardly to do more than they can.your personal experiance do not reflect the condition there really. you must look for the whole picture iam thanked for those working there who work day and night hardly for little income and great spirit and love for there country and king abdullah.

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