Flamenco In Amman

Last night the Al-Hussein Cultural Center hosted Sacromonte, help a Flamenco concert, medical organized by the Spanish Institute in Amman. It was a stellar performance that left everyone applauding endlessly. It was composed by a group of young artists who have strongly influenced in the Andalusian and Spanish flamenco panorama in the last years. The Sacromonte quartet gives tribute to a neighbourhood in Granada with solera and flamenco tradition where the typical “Zambras” of Arabic origins were born.

The group includes Rudy de la Vega (Flamenco singer), buy cialis Cesar Lopez (guitar), Anabel (dancer) and Javier Perez (dancer).


  • Regarding “Flamenco In Amman”
    Signs of Cultural Enlightenment, thank you for sharing something other than “bad news”. I will make an effort to gain exposure to this group because of your “newsflash”, I might other otherwise have missed this little treasure here in the “rocket lauch center of the entire world”, NASA, FL, USA. One would think that this area would be more culturally enlightened-not so for the average inhabitant here, in my humble opinion.

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