Reviewing Summer Movies Part II

As of yesterday, I’ve finally been able to conclude the summer blockbuster season, and on a high note too. So here’s a list of the movies and some quick reviews. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

The Bourne Ultimatum: If you haven’t seen any summer movie, then I’ll tell you know that this is the only one that will matter. It is easily the best film of the summer if not the year thus far. Matt Damon is simply superb in the final installment of the trilogy. He has perfected the Bourne character just in time. The story is naturally great, and you can’t take your eyes off the screen for a second. It will keep you absolutely enthralled. Every shot feels urgent and important. Every move Bourne makes is perfectly calculated and perfectly executed. Yet, he remains flawed and imperfect throughout his journey of self-discovery. There are no out-of-this-world effects and scenes, making everything feel realistic and possible.

Bourne takes home this blogger’s best movie of the summer award. 5/5

Ratatouille: Like I said before, it’s easily one of the best films this year, and comes in second. 5/5

The rest of these films are in no particular order or ranking…

Transformers: Since watching it almost 2 months ago, I might have taken it down just a peg. But it’s still a solid summer blockbuster action movie. 3.7/5

Chuck & Larry: Two horribly straight guys try to get married so that one of them can get his pension. The story is predictable and Adam Sandler isn’t really funny in it. But that should come as no surprise. 2/5

The Simpsons: Funny. Classic. Entertaining. Yellow. Enjoyable. Funny. Sweet. 4/5

Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix: Not the best of Potter movies but if you’ve read the books you know that this one was a necessary evil. Otherwise they could never get around to telling the rest of the story. Some scenes were longer than necessary, but the overall directing and storytelling was well done and executed. 3.5/5

Rush Hour 3: Funny. Jackie Chan is an old Chinese guy still kicking butt and Chris Tucker is an older black guy still cracking wise. But together, their chemistry is still great and so is the story and the scenes that will make you crack up. Hollywood hasn’t been making too many great comedies lately so this was a refresher. 4/5

The Invasion: Not the worst take on the classic “The Body Snatchers”, but it really doesn’t make the cut. It’s watchable, but barely. 2.5/5

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  • When my friends and I went to watch the Bourne movie the first time, it was sold out, so I suggested we watch “Hot Rod” for Andy Samberg. They were skeptical, not being fans of SNL and especially Samberg. We all came out of the movie laughing our heads off. I thought it was hilarious. Absolutely retarded, but absolutely hilarious.

    Then there was “Superbad,” which made us laugh even more. It goes insane with its highschool inspired sex jokes, but its over the top humor is what makes it a funny movie. You’ll enjoy it.

    I’m sad Transformers won’t be out on Bluray. Screw Paramaount pictures :

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