King Abdullah And Queen Rania On Facebook

My favorite part about this? The King’s “double dare” application right beneath his photo reads: “I double dare King to do Crazy”.

If you can’t find humor in that, then you’re just not having enough fun in your life.

(I wonder if the Royal Guards will have something to say about the poking feature)


  • 7akiiiiiiii …(BA3ED IZNAK NASEEM) i swear to God this the first thing i said now..if i poked..ya waradii baroo7 will add them as friends..imagine them friends with malaget i dont think this is true..ma32ool ya3ni? hay de3ayeh lal facebook..tayyeb fee events la nroo7?..can we use compare friends? or quizez? hilarious ideas keep streaming..

  • loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool is that really the king? The funniest thing is: Add king as friend 😀 hahaha gal employer as king of H. K. of Jordan looool!! He could do better :p I’m gonna add him and see what happens, but only to my limited profile 😀

  • يا فرحتي، ما هي قيمه تعليقق علي هذا الموضوع؟؟ حتي لو صار بلوقر أو مدون ماذا سيجلب لنا كا أردنين

  • I was concerned with the ARABIC GRAMMAR mistake in Queen Rania’s name!!!?! SOrry! I have an eye for such things.

    “Al-Abdullah” that is totally wrong grammatically. “abd” is the “mudaf ilayhe” so cannot be qualified by an “Al” or definite article. hhmmmm…. 🙂

  • This is hoax. I searched for these profiles on Facebook and they do not exist. Even if they do, do you think the King & Queen would have time to log in to facebook?

    Come on people, what’s this gossip about facebook? it’s another internet tool and website. Just forget about it. It’s CIA made to gather info about you guys.

  • Sure its not true,, they are the King and Queen of Jordan there time is more valuable to spend it on facebook guys !!!????!!!

  • I just got invited by her majesty on facebook… this a hoax? It’s gotta be a hoax!!! I accepted her, but now am creeped out. It might be somebody trying to spy on me, or get information from my account (even though I have nothing to hide)…what do you think?

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