On Coining Shawarmanomics

This is interesting. After having written about shawarmanomics twice now, it seems the word is starting to catch on. An opinion piece by Yusuf Mansur in the Jordan Times this past week, was entitled “shawarmanomics”.

Hey, maybe blogging can affect the mainstream media.

I should start suing people who use ‘shawarmanomics’; like Colbert with ‘truthiness’.

Google it.


  • Mr.Mansur left his email address at the bottom of his JT article. I suggest you contact him with links to your previous pieces on “shawarmanomics” and see what he says. It would be interesting to track his response.

    Although I doubt it, it is possible that both of you thought of the same word at the same time. But at any rate, you should be proud now that you are The Coiner of Catchy Words. Congratulations.

  • It only makes sense for blogs to have an impact on how news are sourced in Jordan, and on the media itself. Especially that a decent number of writers and journalists also lead a blogging life online, not to mention that blogs provide a more street-smart approach to news, and sometimes even more in-depth analysis than many of the dailies. Mansur himself has a blog in Arabic, Yousef Ghishan, Yaser Abu Hilaleh and Jamil Nimri all have blogs as well, because there is no doubt, that blogs have a stronger impact than the MSM on the average Jordanian reader, and also, blogs do not have the same degree of self-censorship that traditional media weaves.

    Why not use Wikipedia to coin the term? You already have two citations by now anyway, I guess that should be enough, no?

  • Dear Sir;

    Lets clear the facts:
    -This is probably the first time I come upon your blog so I had no idea you coined the term, I happened upon your blog while checking if my article has been reported in Google;
    -I do not have an Arabic or English blog, nor do I read blogs except for those that cite my articles;
    -My original article was titled “Shawirmanomics” not “Shawarmanomics” because that is how I pronounce the word. The editor at the Jordan Times chnaged the title unbeknown to me–I have proof of that.
    -The name I coined was based on the book Freakonomics;
    -My article, as you may discern, is completely different from yours–as a scholar who taught at some pretty good name scholls in the US, I take the issue of plagiarism seriously.
    -I have written several books, some on Amazon and published in the UK, several technical articles, and over 1200 columns in Arabic and English.
    -My next article is titled Feedonomics at the Jordan Times–hope you haven’t coined that too.
    -Finally, thanks for having red my article.

    Yusuf Mansur, PhD

  • Yusuf Mansur: First of all, thank you for the comment. Let me point out that this post was meant as a joke or a poking fun of the whole situation.

    Second of all, I never said you had a blog. Pheras Hilal said you did. I could care less if you have one or not.

    Third of all, there’s no reason for being rude as well as aggressive with me. I have not accussed you of plagarism or made any such charge.

    Lastly, I do hope that as a scholar who taught at some “pretty good name scholls” in the US, that you learned to spell “schools” and “read” somewhere along the way.

    Thanks again 🙂

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