• “Drink, Dance & Feel you should fly.
    Love the look of midnight sky.
    For tomorrow we shall die,
    but, alas, we never try”

    Nas I agree with you. The poem is very touching.. I can’t describe how touching it is.. my tears are about to fall… Jordan, don’t forget to barti craze, “For tomorrow we shall die”.. looooooooooooool

    Oh My God!.. this is hilarious.. it cracked me up.. my tears are running down… 😀

  • “tomorrow we shall die”, yes nothing like a phrase like that to get someone into party mood. although very convenient for dj “Godfather”. if you get my drift.

  • Yiii, sounds like a bad application of the Ecclesiastes “eat, drink and be merry…” passage.

    So this kind of behaviour is ok as long as it is outside of Amman?

  • Damn….! We were going to run that poem in NOX…!

    We thought it was actually an invitation to mass suicide at 12.05am – because, alas, we just never TRY to die.

    And when better to slip off this mortal coil than having seen the midnight sky while off your face at the Kepminski…?

  • هل الفقراء سايرقصون علي ما سيغنمه الاأغنياء

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