For Fad

She is a confidant and a comrade. She is a Trekkie and a sci-fi junkie. She is a leo or a lion in the body of a cat. And she almost always has my back. She is my “anonymous source”. She is a great hugger and an excellent punching bag. She bruises like a peach. She is young at heart with a spirit nearly three times her size and about twice my own. She is an adjective that is yet to be born, to describe her. She is a poem unwritten. Sometimes annoying but usually selfless. Quick tempered but soft hearted. She has a voice that could command troops and a laugh that could infect a room.

She is an ally and a fan.

More importantly.

She is a sister.

Happy birthday Fad!

p.s. revealing your age on my blog would probably mean the end of me, but I’m keeping that weapon in my arsenal for future blackmailing endeavours.


Your Two Piasters: