Reviewing Summer Movies Part I

Well the first half of the summer blockbuster season is over and I thought I’d do a quick review of the major hits thus far. I’ll keep it nice and short.

Die Hard 4.0: It’s hard to say something bad about a Die Hard movie. There’s an unwritten code about this series that can only be understood in “guy” language. But it was exciting, cool and brutal. An easy and smooth 4/5

Oceans 13: How does Al Pacino, on his own, out shine an entire cast of A-list stars? And how does Brad Pitt look so cool without having to say a word? Clever, funny and fun. A solid 4/5

Shrek 3: More fairy tales with a humorous twist: gingerbread man’s life flashes before his eyes. Funny stuff and another 4/5

Pirates 3: Jack. You were the only good thing about this movie. Kieth Richards too. Too long and a lot of unneeded dialogue on a somewhat shaky story. 2/5

Spiderman 3: It’s not a classic but it’s solid enough to get a 3/5

Fantastic Four 2: Oh my. Seeing Silver Surfer on the silver screen (and Jessica Alba) was the only good thing about it. 1.5/5

Mr. Brooks: Kevin Costner on the road to Hollywood redemption with this one. A solid thriller with some talented and cold acting. An enjoyable 3/5

Knocked Up: Funny. Not the 40-year-old Virgin, but just as obscene and with some funny dialogue thrown in. 3.5/5

See you in August.


  • oh brad pitt wud look cool pantomiming! (hope thats the way its written) mish 6abee3i the amount of charisma he has :mushy drooling smily: lol about the movie, O13 on my scale was a 3 to be honest, the plot was too stretched out.

    Shrek: ya5tiiiiiiii 3al baby shreks 😀 loved them and loved the movie, it was a fresh adult cartoon movie and it had the ‘awwwwww’ factor 😀

    pirates and spiderman were prolly the worst sequals ever! inno khalas they shud have left it at 2, and saved their faces some water.. spiderman felt like a kiddie movie.. and POTC was dull.. lilasaf ya3ni..

    F4 doesnt even deserve the 1.5 ud given it lol it was a complete waste of time :smily bished sha3ro:

    and MR brooks was a gr8 one in my books, actually kevin costner did gr8 in the guardian as well, bas this movie was a good thriller, have been kinda scarce lately..

    and thats my take on it 😀

  • Die Hard was GOOD. And this comes from somebody who religiously believes that Bruce Willis should spend the rest of his life flipping burgers at McDonald’s. I loved every bit of it, although it was typically American, but I liked that it’s way over the top but the director knows it, and makes it look so good.

    Shrek 3 was one big bore. Spiderman 3 was too emotional and had one too many melodramatic conversations, plus the Sandman character was pointless. Too many bad guys. I agree with you that Johnny Depp was the only good thing in Pirates of the Caribbean, and that Kiera Knightly chick should stick to either doing boring films that I’m not interested in already, or should hang around with Britney and finally lead her life to self-destruction. Ocean’s 13 was brilliant and Al Pacino is truly a legend, George Clooney and Brad Pitt were only used for decorative purposes (for the ladies of course). Didn’t watch the rest yet!

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