• (Is that guy standing just below the sign holding his brown underwear??)

    LOOL! where did that come from! 😀

    Yes, the photo is very nice!

  • lol @ Alurdunialhurr.. ma et3a2edha Mr… shu halru7 elriyadiyeh elli 3indak.. that is what it is all about. If you are not a fan and lack the spirit, laish za3laan, ha?

  • Every Jordanian should be damn proud of Faisali even if it wasn’t his favorite local team, they came second in the Arabic Champions League and won zillions of games on Asia’s level.

  • alurdunialhurr: is this one of those conversations where if i like the faisaly team it means i am anti-wa7dat, which by default makes me pro-nationalist and anti-palestinian?

    because if so, then i don’t want to be part of that conversation.

    it’s just football

  • secratea,What gave the idea that Iam upset??.
    من قال لك أو لكي بئنني زعلان؟؟

  • alurdunialhurr: there’s nothing wrong with nationalism in the sense of loving one’s country.

    it’s zeal that creates problems

  • “Zeal,, It is part and parcel of Nationalism”

    i disagree…yours is an argument that is also used to say one cannot be a muslim without being an extremist muslim…when there are obvious and clear distinctions between both paradigms.

    funny thing is, i think you’re bright enough to already know that.

  • Nationalism aside, the Faisly is overrated bigtime! they are not Asian champs ya jama3a. Please be realistic, they are the AFC cup champions, they are competeting with times for the maldives and vietnam for gods sake. They even lost the domestic league yesterday, as for the Arab cup , they did well but still not against the cream of the crop. The other thing is we hear alot about how faisly stand for fairplay, fairply my @#$$ ..did anyone watch the aftermath of yesterdays game against Shabab Al ordon? they lost it, and thats what you call a sore loser…..

  • Ya khasara …

    la 7assalo el dawri wala 7assalo el ka’as …
    still .. Al Wahadat is the best, the 2007 champion

    o balash za3al

  • أبو اسكندر الجرايدة غرب المفرق الاردن says:

    شكرا الك
    وكلنا خلف الفيصلي الزعيم

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