Verbatim | I Decided To Murder An Arab

“I decided to murder an Arab.” – 26-year-old Tel Aviv resident Julian Soufir, confessing to police after slitting the throat of an Arab taxi driver.

Two Israeli brothers have been detained in connection with the stabbing to death of a Palestinian taxi driver in an apparent hate crime, police said. Julian Soufir, 25, has been ordered to be held for 10 days and his brother, Jonathan, 21, for three days. One of the suspects had confessed the attack was anti-Arab and nationalist in nature, a police spokesman said.

Taysir Karaki’s body was found at Julian’s flat after the brothers were observed acting suspiciously on Monday. The 35-year-old father of five was buried on Tuesday in Beit Hanina, in East Jerusalem. Police investigators said they believed Julian Soufir went to Jerusalem to hunt for an Arab taxi driver.

He is believed to have hired Karaki to drive him back to Tel Aviv, then he lured him into the apartment and killed him. Jonathan Soufir is not a suspect in the murder, but is suspected of complicity.


  • Where is the outrage??,the Arab Marines along with Zionists were up in arms when Hammas aired Farfur show,they were giving us all kind of lectures on how hammas has missed up and used chidren,what a bunch of losers.

  • what satisfaction did he gain out of murdering an Arab, i wonder, huh?
    let us wait and see how many years he will be condemned.

  • It’s a shame!!! I’m so sorry for that… . By the way extremists are everywhere and I’m sure that the majority of Israelis isn’t like that.

  • alurdunialhurr

    This guy is a criminal and should be punished harshly. Its a horrible crime but is has nothting to do with how messed up that Farfur show is as well as many other AlManar TV programs directed at children.


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