300 In Amman

…The cinema: packed.

…Apparently, the hottest sold out ticket in town.

…A 95% male audience by no coincidence: Ammanis sway to the “oohs” and “aahs” as I write this post in my head.

…The last showing on a Friday night.

…Enough blood, death and testosterone.

…Enough 6 packs to make us all want to join gyms.

…A round of applause in the end.

…Everyone rushes outside to light up a smoke.

…The word is spreading.

…By next week, 300 West Ammanis, armed with their mobiles as swords and sunscreen for shields, will climb into cars and set out to “Free Palestine”.

…They will only make it as far as Abdoun before being distracted by the thought of a Starbucks Orange Mocha Frappuccino.

(but talk about watching your money’s worth)

a bloody good time


  • I loved it so much, I never put movies on my blog but I did because I loved it so much.

    Can’t wait for the DVD, we have a 50 inch plasma and surround sound, I will crank up the volume so high the whole house will shake.


  • hmmm … another crap of Frank Miller with a typical orientalist vision marched to the gates of gay men in 6-8 packs.. oh god! and btw, a gym won’t help you…maybe less manasef+kunafah … hey … its already on DVD and sold in downtown Amman. Good luck!

  • Man, the movie was brilliant. Visually intense, and emotionall charged; just the right ingredients for an Epic film. I really didn’t want the movie to end, and I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see the final battle, after the Spartan king Leonidas had died. And although many hated the way that Xerxes was depicted, I think that his height and his costume was pretty amazing, although the make-up part was a notch too heavy.

    Cool sunscreen analogy ;).

  • I Just Loved that movie…

    I love the part where they fight as one… but why should the king die at the end????????????? 🙁

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