eXPOSURE Exhibition Opening At Zara Tonight

This cultural news may be coming a bit last minute but Faridon Abida’s photography exhibition, dubbed “eXPOSURE”, is opening tonight at the Zara Center (3rd floor) at 6pm. A lot of interesting (vip) people are going to show up so you should too, just to see what this homegrown talent can do.

eXPOSURE will run between March 18th to the 24th from 10-8pm.

Spread the word.


  • Okayyy…I have to say this
    NAS..you and ROBA ASSI make Amman sound like THE place to be.
    I love Amman dearly, and I am always looking forward for the next trip there. But now, after discovering your blogs last September, I think I might see the town with new eyes the next time I am there.
    Thumbs up to you guys…as my list of must-see-gotta-do in Amman this summer keeps on growing thanks to your posts!

    I thought I should share this with you! 🙂

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