Snow Day In Amman! The Sights! The Sounds! The Horror!

…The heavens cracked open and white flakes descended upon the kingdom! Confusion is everywhere! Mass hysteria is everywhere! What deadly plague is this that has come to devour our children? Beware! Beware the ides of March! Quickly! Jump in your cars and take to the roads! We must find the nearest super market, the nearest bakery, the nearest grocery! Buy canned goods and non-perishable items! Empty the shelves; stock the bomb shelters! We could be indoors for a whole 24 hours! Gas bottles! We need gas! Slip and slide on the road! Pedestrian? Run him over! Out of the way! Get out of the way! Don’t you know it’s a snow day in Amman!? All the offices are closed! The children have all run wild and naked in the street, launching slush balls at oncoming traffic, making snow devils in the one inch snow…

…this sarcasm is killing me…

…but tomorrow is another day…so happy snow day Jordan!


  • lol, ur sarcasim is sure killing you
    it’s not that bad when it snows here;)

    I was bummed i wanted and needed to go to school today but it’s off.. ya alaaaaaa. πŸ˜›

  • It is not that bad Nas, maybe a few years back that would have been the general case .. but not now

    Offices are not closed .. we are working and watching the snow fall outside and dying to go out and play a little because it is a rare occasion for us .. only schools are off

    Happy Snow Day to you too … πŸ™‚

  • Salaam ‘Alaikum

    Oh it is ridiculous out there. Not even an inch of snow, none of it is sticking, and yet people are acting like it’s the Apocolypse. Kudos to those who aren’t scared of a little slush, but I saw a lot of stores et al that were closed, and people who were acting stupid. I noticed there were no women where I was (in Beyader and Sports City), as though we may melt or something. Bleah.

  • Like Khalida said, things are still (amazingly) open. I did see an old man get hit by a bus today, though. The bus driver saw him at the last minute and hit the brakes, nudging the dude to the ground. A bunch of shabaab tumbled out of the bus to help the old guy. He appeared to be ok.

  • This used to be true 10 years ago.

    Things have changed, not too many people are doing the: It’s doomsday,the Apocalypse is upon us let’s stack stuff.

    But maybe it’s only because people can’t afford prepping for the Apocalypse anymore?

    And I was going to start a snow plow thing in Jordan (it’s basically a half cylindrical water tank welded to “Bakam Dyna”

  • Today was not as bad as yesterday with the water flooding the streets. I think this was one of the best managed snow storms in the last few years except for the chaos in the early morning with children coming back from schools.

  • Oh my God, one of your pictures, the Sun tank (what is it called, I forgot), I miss that :(.

    Is it still snowing?

    It’s funny, you were getting snow there and the temperature was 18 degrees here. Kids were out in shorts and T-Shirts (itΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’s cold again today though, -4 or something)

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