Do I Miss Toronto?

This has become a frequent question lately. My answer comes in article form…

Authorities on Monday closed several roads in downtown Toronto, Canada’s economic hub, after massive slabs of ice began breaking off skyscrapers in the morning sun and smashing onto streets below.

“Large sheets of ice have been reported falling from several downtown buildings,” police said in a statement. “Current weather conditions are presenting safety concerns.”

A winter storm had dumped several centimeters (inches) of snow on the metropolis last week, flooding parts of the city as it thawed. Then plunging temperatures turned melting snow to ice.

On Monday, local media reported high winds and ice wedges “the size of a kitchen table” falling from the CN Tower, the world’s largest structure, and other city skyscrapers, their grip weakened by sunshine. To avoid injuries, police closed the main freeway into downtown (Gardiner Expressway) causing traffic snarls, Toronto’s financial corner (Bay Street) and its entertainment district (King Street).

“The closures will remain in effect as long as there is a danger to public safety,” police said. [source]

I do miss Timbits and hot chocolate at Timmy’s

(Fact: This Thursday it’ll be 23 degrees in Amman. It will feel like minus 23 degrees in Toronto)


  • another ugly effect of the storm was the puddles of cold rain water being held by the snow/ice piles around it. snow sometimes cool those puddles of water enough to create patches of black ice all over the side walks icreasing the possibilty of slipping to 300%. not mentioning all the shovelling one must handle before heading out or moving her car to start a brand new sunny day with the fresh breeze of the arctic gust.
    I am starting to think living in Jedda was the best part of my life.
    Depressing Februery is over (thank u Allah) and here comes crazy March weather….

  • wow, I didnt aim for such along comment. its just that im fed up with the cold today. with a tempreture in the minus 20 range this night.
    Enjoy your spring…and all the fruites of the season in amman now!

  • nas, your making me home sick…i DO miss the frozen Tundra! the cold gusts of wind as you travel to classes between York’s Wind Tunnel, the ice pellets of frozen rain as they pierce your watery eyes and cause your eyelids to ice up and render you blind, temperatures so low that you can hear your spit freeze before it hits the pavement, wet socks in soaked boots from that puddle you stepped in as you ran for the bus, snow storms soooooo baaaaad that the city strings ropes from the bus stops to the front door of buildings so people can use the hand over hand method to reach home. BUT THEN, there is the silence that comes with the miracle of a fresh blanket of snow, a night sky so clear that every star you ever read about and every planet in the universe seems as close as the roof of your house, an air so clean and cold it should be bottled and sold, the camaraderie of neighbors at three o’clock in the morning shoveling snow off the side walk, the way your mind cant really wrap itself around the fact that you can see puffs of your breath even though the sun is blazing. …I MISS TORONTO !!!

  • Dana, that was very descriptive to the point that it sent shivers running down my spine. i remember how it would sometimes rain freezing rain and then get so cold that the whole outside world without exception had become a giant skating rink. you could literally skate from your place to just about anywhere.

    Fad, loool you’ve been away toooo long sis. first of all with all the pollution and the weather, there are no stars. there’s hardly a moon. also, who are we kidding, you’ve never read an astronomy book in your life 😀

  • WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA333333333 … biddi 23 degrees.

    I am sick of the weather here, it took me 3 hours to get home on Thursday :(.

    By the way, it was -39 this morning with the wind chill, brrrrrrr.

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