Photos Of A Futuristic Amman

Earlier this week the master plan for a future Amman was unveiled with designated areas for the building of towers. The plan, which includes 260 high-rise buildings, appears well thought out and has had a lot of input from the citizens who attend public meetings. The following are photographs organized according to the plan:

The Northern Gateway (Area B: Jbayha Road, behind the University of Jordan)

The Central Parkway: (Area A: In Wadi Abdoun, an urban green-belt with traditional Amman stairs)

The Southern Gateway: (Area C) On the airport road ‘Y’ intersection where the roads part towards the 7th and 8th Circles. It will become one of the major arteries to carry traffic into Amman and away from Zahran Street for destinations such as the City Centre, Abdali, East and North East Amman. Four nodes of tower developments are proposed in the wadis of the area and located along proposed transit corridors that will link it to other parts of the City. The centre of the area has been reserved for a major shopping street surrounded by low density development; high density clusters are located on the periphery of the area.

The Abdali Business District (currently under construction)

Proposed Ideas For Airport Road Development:

To better understand the designated areas and their exact locations I advise you to click on the thumbnail to the left, which is a map of all the designated zones. To better understand all the little details including the specifications of the towers and future roads will include bus lanes, bus stops and actual sidewalks, I would highly recommend that you read the HDMU pdf document presented by the Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, on February 18th 2007.

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  • “Bus Only” lanes? Right! I noticed that the futuristic renderings still include the black and yellow stripes on the curbs.

    Personally I would love to see Amman grow in such a way. I’m happy to see that there is finally a plan in action. I just hope they have solutions for our transportation problems built in.

  • fuun.. i really can’t tell if this will be a good thing or not. i just hope jordanians get some good out of all this.. as long as it’s not random construction -as it has been till now. amman right now only looks chaotic. really luv the green in those plans though ^^ i hate too much grey, but as long as there’s a lot of green that balances it out i don’t mind ^^
    the bus only lane feels like traffic will get worse :p does anyone really believe that ppl will stick with that rule ? they sometimes don’t even in other countries where this has existed for a long time!

    are there any projects to enhance other cities ?

  • Get out! This looks really good, but look at that black and yellow pavement in the first pic LOL fish faydeh 😀 e66abe3 ya’3leb etta6abbo3

    LOL@ Hareega 😀 I suggest they substitute zebra crossings with bumps up, they function better

  • Very interesting but I can see a different vision with an over 20% increase in the population of Amman making a lot of pressure on the infrastructure. I would love to see them planning for a better drainage system in the streets and some continuous spaces for pedistrians on sidewalks.
    Bus only? Will we ever have a “bicycle only” lane in a city of 7 hills?

  • HAH!! the artists has predicted the future with the bus thing, in the bus pic, the bus on the other lane should be on the right not on the left, its not sticking to its designated lane!

    Nice catch there Hamede 😀

  • if we manage to actually have streets with “BUS LANE ONLY” actually operational, that alone will be an accomplishment.

  • i think you guys may be focusing a bit too much on the details of the sketch. this isn’t an exact rendering of the future 😀

    (the people are also not real)

  • Nas, do you happen to know the artist or agency that did the artwork? i tried to look up the “Majzoub” in the signature but came up with nothing.

  • As long as they can solve the surely-coming-upon-us water crisis as Amman and its requirements increase a zillion fold. I hope the water ministry isn’t planning to pump sand in the grid instead as part of a plan to enforce a tayammum solution… And by then a dunum will probably reach JD1 billion, and bet drivers and pedestrians would pay a toll for each meter driven on the cleaner streets. And as for the energy crisis looming above the planet, how’s the solution gonna be? One just wonders if the money going to real fancing hi-rises and other real estate could have been used to better educate and en-civilize the majority of Jordanians.

  • Pablo: there have been plans in the past few years to build more dams to increase water reserves. some of those dams have been built, some are being built. as for the financing, the GAM is not going to build these towers themselves. this master plan is part of the city planning; designating the areas where devolopers will build their towers. the devolopers will be buying the land from the GAM who will use the money to fund the infrastructural devolopments such parks, facilities, etc. the city is expanding rapidly in any case; this is all by way way of facilitating that growth.

    lastly while I agree a great deal of money should be going towards education (on a national level), it’s offensive to say Jordanians need to be civilized.

  • Sometimes we speak out of hurt, but with good intentions as we are subjected to daily attacks from being part of the masses, from experiencing some of the worst driving habits one can encounter, from treatment at different levels in government, from interacting with others in public spaces, from daily stress loads unbearable, etc, etc. Realizing one’s true position in proximity to civil socieites should be religion to us, as it seems to never evolve. This comes out of concern to the future and Amman and Ammanis. Most Arab cities need an injection of civil behavior, which is no secret. No one is in his or her right mind to reject the development of public spaces and the enforcement of building codes to maintain beautiful spaces, but after what? Look around you… how can Amman be fixed as it becomes more and more constipated with ugly buildings, seperated by a few meters. At some point they almost sold off Sports city park, one of Amman’s lung to set up a mall?! Now they’re after Dibbin, and God knows what else is in the pipeline, since we always learn about things too late. At the end, we’re always hoping this time it will be different, and so we hope.

  • Pablo: the fact that rude people exist in the world is no reason to say that an entire society is uncivilized or requires civilizing. there are enough “civilized” people to balance things out.

  • We are civilized by the fact that we own no threat against other nations, but I’m talking about civil behavior within cities, which discusses behvairo in public, as in driving ettiqutte and about keeping spaces clean, etc.

    Of course, when one criticizes matter-of-facts, something he or she experiences on the ground on daily basis, one talks about those who are uncivil, not about those few who suffer from the consequences the others behavior.

    So, I take it back, I’m not generalizing, but specific in terms of what i perceive as as a behavior involving a whole lot of people in Amman.

  • Pablo, exactly. without the generalization i can get on board with what you’re talking about.

    but do keep in mind that there’s no amount of money that the government can spend to get people to drive better, or to keep the streets clean, or to stop spitting on the ground.

    unless of course we go with my recommendation to enact martial law

  • i believe wot pablo said is true!
    we are resisiting to change, people in here should visit other countries just to know how to smile back!
    ill do my best in getting the worlds biggest trip ever, ill send the 5 million jordanian people to europe and get another 5 from there for a couple of years, so they become civilized, and capable to deal with both local and foriegners and good proper way!

    p.s. about the pics!, nethier our infrastructure nor our mentality could understand such a change!
    Dream on guys!

  • i so agree with all of ur comments this is never going 2 happen wala hata shajara rah tenzara3 ‘Nas’ why dont u try the “majzoub’07” its in the signature

  • we hope Amman will be one of the most beautiful cities because we love it and we love Jordan ,, BUT the Jordanian citizen cant live anymore because of the high cost of living and we cant own an appartment because of the high prices and the forign investments which raised the prices , meanwhile the Jordanian cant own a peice of land or an appartment.

  • I love Amman 🙂
    o enshala betser 2a7la men hek … I think we have Youth Community can do more than that ;p
    by the way 3ajbatne sha’3let el (BUS ONLY LANE) fe 2wal sora ya3ne 7elo ma3 el ta6awor ydal el wa7ad m7afez 3la “3aglato” lo0olz

  • Even if they do all these changes, they can never change the nawar in the country.. el janna bala nas mo7tarameen ma btendas.. enjoy the new jordan!

  • Seems to me the creator of these images is a Blade Runner fan, many of these remind me of that movie. In fact the 10th image has a Geisha on a display, very reminiscent of that movie’s beginning.
    Good job, but I’d hate to live in a Blade Runner-like environment, too dark.

  • I want to say a thing to (( Whatever )) this nawar happened to be this country ppl so whether u like it or not these nawar will always be a big percentage of this country, and for those who consentrate on the small tiny details I said take it easy they just want to show u the big picture dudes.

  • loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool , ma 7ada 7weeel ysdee2 hak 7akii mst7eeel , ba3eed 50 sanehh momkeen yser bdyeh la hada el 7akii , lool , hada esmo ya emmmah 7lwwwem msta7eel , ya sa5afeeeh m6laqaaa

  • We like to see our city like this, but we must first build the Jordanians minds.
    Amman is 3th world city, but our minds is 6 th world s**t. So, this make a conflict.
    not to forget the infrastructure of the city, i will not talk about it…

  • I dont know why all of you dealed with it as Impossible mission??!!

    beleive me, if you think about something as impossible it will never happen, but if you think it is possible and start working hard to do it, one day it will be.

    dont be passive people, look at other country and cities, wallahe we have the power and the knowladge and resources to do more than this, but please be active and responsible people.

    without telling names, most of the well built cities in other countries is done by jordanian hands.


  • I think the most important thing is to make our people think of and respect laws as what people live in those countries do!

  • constructing a building on weak base, will last for short period. We are not passive people but we are realistic.

    make sure you have the good infrastructure, then talk!

  • TO:((QHR)) take it easy dude turn down ur fire were joking and by the way ((whatever)) is kind of rude but he is a little right too wat ever they do to the country they wil never be able to change the jordanians mind 🙂

  • Are you kidding me?
    in our dreams or in 3000 years from now, we know where the money will go and how we’ll be left with nothing.

  • Do not be too negative about this it can be done; but it will not happen if we refuse to accept the fact that its gone need money,time & positive attitude from all the people in jordan

  • That’s v. nice, i think Jordan and Jordanians deserve this, after all I think there will be more opportunities for our grandsons lolllll
    And ppl the yellow & black pavements are truly useful late at night in a dark street (especially when you are un-conscious) ;-p
    Salute Jordanians

  • “We deserve this”??

    Why on earth should Amman aspire to a soulless, corporate jungle of concrete and glass, where the only activity is comsumption, where the mass of the population – like, dare I say it, the “nowar”, who are actually 98% of the country – are excluded, where wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few, where service-based industries for the benefit of multi-national providers replace genuine development…???

    This is Dubai-lite… a cultureless soup of bland copy-cat consumerist aspiration, designed to suit bankers and developers, not the genuine needs of a developing nation.

    It’s hideous. Please, fellow Ammanis, aim higher than this….

  • Out of RESPECT to all opinions, I respect yours
    Mr. Lowfields.
    But I’d like to tell you that when 99.9% of our beloved Jordanian fellows would LOVE to work, live, and share dreams in Dubai-lite…
    Jordan was once a Roman municipality and that was because of its location and strong basis, therefore it’d be a lot better if we have our own Dubai-lite, than chasing behind dreams that doesn’t really come true, let this one happen and then we’ll think about establishing a new way of taking advantage of these jungles of concrete and glass,
    What you are saying makes since when it comes to kecking us (AMMANIES) outside Amman, but as long as we love our city and we fight to see it the most beautiful this should happen,
    Remember; it’s not what your country does for you, its What YOU do for it…

  • My point is simple: this kind of “development” is neither beautiful nor beneficial. Why would anyone want to turn an ancient city into a shopping mall? Why are skyscrapers considered the apex of human achievement? Why is shopping mankind’s loftiest goal? Why is rampant Westernisation the only form of “progress” our minds can contemplate?

    More importantly, let’s remember just how badly other wholistic architecture projects in Amman have actually fared… been to Ras al-Ain recently? Seen any exhibitions on Sharee’ Thuqafa that you can recommend? How are those Zara Expo towers coming on…? Has a single stone in Abdali been laid yet….?

    Projects such as these are designed to create desire, not meet it. They are to produce private wealth, not eleveate the common good. They are shiny baubles for outsiders’ consumption, not realistic projects for mass use.

    More importantly, does anyone here recall being asked what they believed as best for the city they live in…???????

  • Disgusting!!!

    I love my Amman, I sat with my family and relatives discussing the Amman we remember as children and know as grown ups. Sky high scrapers, are a “sign of a healthy economy” but probably a falling society. I don’t want Amman to become the next Dubai, New York or ….
    I walk with my friends and family in Old areas of Amman, Jabal Webdeah, Jabal Amman, … the old houses are so magnificent!
    Those roads between large tall buildings, remind me of the Western countries, they are not alive, there is no personal or human touch.
    If the “developers want to build such huge building, try the desert!!! really somewhere far away from our view. I don’t think we need superlarge malls and tall building!!! We already have alot of them already and they stink the atmosphere!!!

    We all hope and wish the best for our Amman and Jordan, but neither I or anybody I met agrees that what we see is good on the long run.
    I hope the King reads this and understand that we’ll walk with him whereever he wants.

    In the End..I say..

    As Romans, Greeks, Arabs, and all nations that setteled this land, we will outlast the stones! Love to our country is for ever!

    written with love and anger

  • Most of the comments were about the bus lane . They left everything else and consentrated on that (while the bus picture is from the present) instead of mentioning all that great work .Jordan always first and ahead. Keep the good work . Halifax/canada

    It is the first time i contact you.

  • Dudes,
    Who talked about Dubai.
    Dubai “with respect” build by Canadian , American , European hands on Arabian lands.

    The natives there copy and past the foreigners life style.

    The Incoming to the natives pocket is big, we… the outgoing is big.
    So, what you expect…

    sometimes I listen to our Arab commanders, and “Majles el nooab”…
    well……. it’s funny where it erased the picture or this future.

    but we hope to see it like this.

  • “The natives there copy and past the foreigners life style….”

    What, and skyscrapers and ribbon developments are intrinsically Levantine, are they? Who will design and build this stuff? A firm from Irbid???

    I talked about Dubai because is the clear inspiration for this; Dubai’s success is based on an imported service industry (allied to geographical positives such as winter sun and a coastline) to replace declining energy wealth. This is attached to an imported labour force – mediocre westerners in executive roles, Indians and Sri Lankans as menial labourers, who have since become an untermenschen, a race-based “untouchable” in a disgusting recreation of pre-Civil Rights America.

    The powers-that-be in Amman want a little of that for themselves, don’t they? Why should that jumped-up little Emirate get all the Western wealth…? We want it!

    What the powers-that-be don’t want is a more equitable social system where public money is invested not in business parks but in education, development and skills for the local population.

    Because that would mean – gasp! – social mobility! That might mean – gasp louder! – the keys to privelege are held by the talented and the dedicated, not the idle inheritors of their grandfathers’ efforts…

  • Ok.. I just want to know one thing:

    How on earth will the transportaion infrastructure handle all of this?! Traffic jam is already becoming crazier every summer.. so with a minimum of 5 other mega malls or centres, God knows what will happen!

    Anyway.. I just wish they thought of big parks and gardens instead of filling whatever space left with concrete jungle Dubai-like towers..

  • Very wishful thinking …. This will never be as what the pretty pics show. First of all, to be able to build something like this you need to tackle the basic infrastructure first … like roads and more importantly a proper sewage system. Jordan is a country that doesn’t get a lot of rain and yet every year, floods take over the city. Second, we do not have enough water for us, the people, yet alone for all the greenery and huge contruction sites that are proposed that require gallons and gallons of water. Third, before you build a pretty city, you need to start with updating the education system and teaching people how to appreciate their surroundings and respect other people’s property. Anything pretty that is introduced into our environment is soon run down with trash and graffiti. And finally, the amount of money needed to take on such projects is not small. The money could be put to better use by improving our education system, feeding the poor, housing the poor. And this group of people, by the way, make up the majority who live in Jordan; not the wealthy that can afford pretty offices and luxury apartments.

  • Lowfields (or should I say Mr. Henry Kissinger of Jordan), since you hate Amman and Jordan so much, then I suggest you go live in Dubai, and leave us AMMANIS in peace.

    You mentioned that 98% of the population are “nowar”, so are you a part of the 2% or 98%?

    In Short (without using fancy phrases and sentences and Sociology material): If you don’t like it, leave it!

  • A Jordanian…

    Either you have wilfully misrepresented what I have said or you are the perfect advert for why we need to invest so much more in education in this country….

    I don’t hate Amman. I love it. You can’t point to a single sentence where that is anything other than abundantly clear. I just want to ensure that what Amman has that makes it special is, by and large, retained – and not uprooted in some money-chasing, Gulfi-style commercial cityscape that bears no relation to the Jordan I know.

    I mentioned “the nowar” because someone else used the description as a term of abuse, and a reason why such developments won’t work in Jordan… I said those who decry the “nowar” are, much like the authors of the this “plan”, denigrating almost the entire bulk of the population – an attitude I find loathsome.

    Trust me, if Jordan becomes a third-rate clone of Dubai like so many people seem to want, I will certainly leave. But not to Dubai… Because I don’t like it. And I don’t want Jordan to eumlate it. Was that not clear????????

    PS. Why Henry Kissinger? Much like the rest of your briefly non-sensical post, I didn’t understand the reference…

  • I am not usually a person who replies back to blogs, but as a proud jordanian i feel i have to comment on this…

    first of all, whoever started commenting with the term “nawar” please elaborate more on this… who do you mean by that… is it the person who doesn’t go to Nai or who doesn’t do his/her hair in Tony & Guy!!! i believe this is quite ignorant… and whoever started with this term needs the investment in education!!!

    Moreover, i agree with whoever is against having these buildings in Amman… i love amman, and i love the warmth in it and in it’s old buildings and streets… having it built this way, like dubai, will make it cold!!! i believe these building shouldn’t be built anywhere around the old streets of Amman as it will have a negative effect on the identity of this city…

    i do believe that whatever budget is placed for all of this, should be focused on education and malnutrition around Jordan… the Focus should not be just on Amman… it should be on Jordan as a whole!!!

    Cheers to every proud Jordanian 🙂

  • Lowfields,

    What “A Pure Jordanian” remarked on in his/her blog is called constructive criticism! You can see there are no insulting remarks made to Jordanians or Jordan nor insulting criticism to anyone in his/her blog.

    Everybody has the right to express his/her opinion but I appreciate if next time you try doing it in the same way that someone like “A Pure Jordanian” or “Iyad Goussous” did without using the word “nowar” or other similar words whether it was you or anyone else who used it first.

    Jordan First!

  • A Jordanian,

    Please read my posts more carefully.

    I said anyone who used the term “nowar” was an “ingorant b***ard”, a phrase which has subsequently been edited out (by the administrator?). Moreover it reflects a troubling trend to eltism that this kind of project, and its supporters, seeks to consolidate.

    But whether the term is used or not, it is WAY off topic…! The debate is whether this architecture graduate’s wet dream is of any benefit to Jordan.

    I am of the belief that it lacks either the sensitivity to fit into Amman’s current urban fabric, or the means to contribute to all of the capital’s inhabitants… It is, pure and simple, a commercial, service-based development designed to turn us, as citizens, into consumers and not members of a cohesive community…

    Whether you regard that criticism as constructive or not is, as far as I’m concerned, neither here nor there. But I’ll remind you that suggested that my difference of opinion was greeted with your assertion that I should leave.

    Was that in the spirit of open, honest debate?

  • i think its cool to have these towers & buildings but at the same time people will become either Rich or Poor there is no Even point and this is what we dont need…

    and (lol) about the bus only “Lane”!!! comeone your kidding, that wont happen bus drivers are crazy in streets no one will take this rule in Consederation.haha they never did

    i Love Amman and im gonna be happy for all the beatiful things they will do here, im happy and proud for what our country will become… dont you think?


  • A comment on the first picture

    This is the first time that I see a pedestrian passage in a high way!!!!! Do you think its a civilized thing?

  • Hi everyone,
    its very positive to read some of those comments about how people perceive the drastic changes in the urban design of our capital…some commented that its a positive thing, others considered it copy cat process towards neighbouring cities…..
    I believe that the design changes of the city is the least of the concerns in what is happening to jordan while there are obvious social changes that have turned our little village into a hungry city
    Is civilization measured by tall buildings or number of millionaires you see in a country ( latest forbes report showed that there 6000 millionaires in jordan, one of the highest growing in the world, yet still asking for financial aid)
    I feel there are so many other priorities that us educated jordanians should think about?
    Poverty, that is increasing even more than those millionaire rates, water crisis, education and its downfall, self identity and patriotism, culture awareness, and above all basic human ethics…
    Having huge buildings, or little houses do not reflect the real face of civilization but social structure that i feel, unfortunately, has been driven down the drain…iam no expert to analyze the reasons but from my observation i feel that money, posession and status quo has become the mere determination of how a jordanian decides where he can direct his or her respect and that to me is a very sad situation….it is amazing how jordanians only talk about stock market, real estate, land, new cars, latest mobiles, expensive watches, their pradas, louis vuittons and guccis….willing to respect businessmen known for their illegal money making but look down on at a self subsisitent university professor, more amazing to see children shouting and mocking their housekeepers or drivers,and school kids answering their teachers in the most digraceful way…and above all to see how jordanians glance indifferently at the front page daily newspapers that have 100s killed in iraq and palestine but freak out when amman stock market goes down 5 points!!!!
    Principles differed, ethics are changing, and priorities are extremely self indulged…to me that makes a “real” jordanian more alienated than being around high risers

  • Arabs!!!

    Well I live in Dubai but I’m Jordanian and I’m very proud of this but at the end when they ask me in this cosmopolitan place where are you from I say I’m an ARAB

    I really couldn’t finish reading!!!! Most of you just go back and read how close minded you are

    It started with pictures showing the future Amman and look what it turned to now!!! This is just a small sample of what’s happening in Palestine Lebanon and Iraq

    Just once think as Arabs as people living in a peaceful country and try to keep it this way

    Jordan always gave the best to whomever lived there and now they are living in Jordan better than the Jordanian themselves!!! Appreciate that people

    And when you discuss something just try to be moderest and open about it… each one of us c things in his own way, you can share this without being stubborn because you can never be right and others wrong… it’s just your opinion and the way you c things

    And politics doesn’t need to be involved in everything.

    Live in peace

  • All Jordanians…..! plz don’t not answer this crappie shit…. Jordan is the place where love been found and grown if you manna stay behind and left back its ur call, look around you what we got of martial recourses …..!?”Nothing” but you what we got the rarest recourses that all countries don’t have:
    1. Royal family
    2. Jordainans
    3. Loyalty
    4. Love
    5. Each other
    which is parentally u have nothing of these, we r some thing we r doing some thing we r building a future with maintaining the Jordanian theme a proof “Petra” insh2lah well be one of the 7th wonders
    Finally all Jordanians I will die and my head high because of u Jordanians “It feels good to be Jordanian”
    No Fancy words no BS
    Every one lives but not every one had a life. X_The_Saint
    This is my love to u Abu Sharkas and all Sharkas ppl

  • By the way last thing about nature of development!!!! Remember when you were a kid you used to ware diapers and by nature and human development u start to wear pants while u growing up right ….mmmmmmm how about buildings hmmmmmm….!!!! So if wanna stay wearing diapers go a head….. I find it cool! ha3

  • Having a unique identity isn’t so beneficial where there are inherent problems with the unique style. From a logistical and developmental standpoint, Amman’s current urban sprawl is a sign of unhealthy growth. The challenge is to tackle the problem using proven methods while maintaining cultural identity.

  • Mr. Lowfields;
    Let me answer your questions one by one,
    1. Turning an ancient city into a “shopping mall” is not a crime against CIVILIZATION.
    where were people with points of view when the government toke the lands of original amman natives (us Circassians) and turned it to become what we see now in RAS AL-AEEN & MUHAGEREEN my most beloved neighborhood,
    2. (Why skyscrapers are considered the apex of human achievement?)
    Why is Petra, Gardens of Babylon, Roman amp’ theater, … were the apex of human achievements?
    3. Why is rampant Westernization the only form of “progress” our minds can contemplate?
    Who created computers, machines, and all nowadays equipments that we use where ever what ever we do?
    4. Did you ever shop in Zara Expo? I believe that you’ve been to the cinema theaters, how about that as a business… Has a single stone in Abdali been laid yet….? Do you have a clue about how Huge that project is???
    5. How could such projects be designed not to meet desires…? Don’t we have stocks in the real state that meets with our desires????? What will happen to our shares if these buildings come to life?
    6. More importantly, does anyone here recall being asked what they believed as best for the city they live in…?? and that’s why we have the Parliament
    Last but not least, if this is a Who gets the wealth and we don’t, I rest my case…

  • ok please explain to me how this is a cultural identity?
    i am never against contemporary modernism, but before building all these sky skapes, buildings and highways, Amman as a solid rock or the “unhealthy growth” you mentioned should be fixed first, inside out, not the opposite. then perhaps start building whatever “futuristic plan” it is, do you realise how expensive and exaggerating living is becoming with no income? i wonder how we will be able to cope and live with this, when all this “futurism” arrives, people are already migrating to England, Australia and America… and they happen to be Arabs, it’s their country and they can’t adapt to the unfair legislations and authorities concerning living.. so fix that, FIRST.

  • ahhhhh come on ppl ! What’s wrong…..! Identity is within the ppl you will give the image of Amman and Jordan! and unhealthy growth…… ahhhh man am sure there is specialist engineers behind the curtness’ working hard to design and they have the knowledge more than us I think its not like a sandwich u put your flavored components and that’s it there is a framework and structure for Amman! Can we change the subject in fact u wont change any thing!!!!!!

  • Well, first of all I think we must be proud to see this development coming along the years to our beloved country, but I have couple of notes I had to say.
    There is no problem having a bus lane, but a need for an underground will be more vital especially when the city spreads out beyond its existing boundries.”The bus lane is only for the public buses-BASAT AL MU2ASSASEH” so there is no mistakes in the photos above since the bus there is not a public bus as its mentioned in some of the comments above-However, Its no big deal.
    The huge gap between Amman and other cities will increase the social gap between people from the same country, which will create local problems.So giving some of that to other cities will decrease this gap.And might satisfy others
    Having developements in the city architect does not mean the elimination of the citiy’s identity. On the contrary, it will reflect the advancements we accomplished comparing to other countries of the same region.
    We are not here to solve socioeconomical problems. There is a plan to develop the city. Thats all.
    To the person who claims that there is no brick laid in the Abdali project, I can tell him that you have some problems seeing, or you probably arent living in Jordan.
    Having some silly comments like the above ones from people who dislike our country is a big obstacle. This must be eliminated, inside out.
    God bless Jordan, the King and all loyal Jordanians.

  • Thanx God there are ppl like you Mr. X-The Saint, and Mr. Leon….
    that is exactely what I wanted to be understood………
    Just think why do I have to go to Rome (When once ruled) while I can Have it here…
    Old amman Shows how rich Ammanies are from the inside, How about we let the hole world see what we really are… their money our use, is that too hard to understand??!!??!!
    God Bless,

  • OZ, EarthChild….

    Great posts. It is pleasing to see people considering what is really required in Jordan: education, social elevation, wealth redistribution, etc… A skyscraper, or some other futuristic scribble from an architect’s pen, may distract some from this country’s real problems, but until development is tackled from the root, all top-down projects are merely elitist wealth consolidation schemes…


    My point about Abdali wasn’t just what is (isn’t?) happening – although I have heard from developers on the site that funding has not been forthcoming from certain key elements – but that why not wait and see how such projects actually enhance the city? Why rush into other wholescale developments without understanding what can be learned from their use, their implementation, their design….. etc?

    And why do you hate your country so much that you want to destroy it with corporate greed?

    Abu Sharkas…

    Not that your ill-informed screed really deserves a response, but I think your belief that the spread of real estate wealth will benefit the majority of Ammanis displays how far from reality you really are.

    Also, are you honestly trying to convince us that a business centre is as valid and valuable as Petra? Nice national pride you’ve got there. In the ongoing “7 Wonders of the World” poll, did you vote for the Mall of the Emirates????

    As for Zara Expo… how long has it been open? All the shop spaces filled? All the offices leased? All the flats rented…? You must have more information than I do, then…

    I love the fact you think a shopping mall is so wonderful. Maybe we can turn Jerash into a Wall-Mart for you… that should boost the tourist numbers. You know the single largest GDP provider in the country…

    Abu Sharkas, why do you hate Jordan so much you want to destroy it?

  • PS. Circassians the “original” Amman natives….???? So, erm, no one lived in the town until a wave of migrants from Czarist Russia arrived in 1890? Ever? You sure about that?

    PPS. I’m glad you think the Parliament is representing you… that makes you in a minority of… let me think…. one.

  • I don’t hate my country as much as you do, and as you tell all the other posts, please read carefully what I say, I didn’t say we should turn Jerrash to a wall-mart although its not Your hand made, and yes I voted for Petra several times,
    As for Zara expo and the empty floors I give that to all the people thinking that having their businesses located in abdoun or swifieh as a wrong choice, its not that expensive to rent a shop their, but people all over the place think that the fancy decoration of a building would make them pay more even though it is not, compared to what they already pay in “Share3 El-Wkalat”
    I mentioned the stock shares to tell who ever person that doesn’t have a business of his own and cant develop one, depending on his salary with some benefits of the stocks to feel good and not to put their money in bank stocks while we have a better opportunity in the field of real estates… is that hard to be understood????

    And for your comment against MY people (Which is by the way childish) we are here since 1847, when my ancestors arrived to Amman there were only Abbad trips located by the river of wadi aseer, and some others located in the area of Sahab… but near the Roman amp’ theater and the old Amman river (Muhagereen) there were none…. Check your information about the beginning of Amman, so NO there was no body in Amman, and there was nothing and/or no one called Ammani… all you see now is a new generation started not so long time ago.
    If the parliament doesn’t serve me then what is the government here for………?
    You’re talking big dude, watch it…
    And please have some respect as far as we all respect you as one of the nation

  • “Watch it, dude”???? Watch what? Is that a threat, little man…??? Is that you “talking big”…??? Persuasive discussion method, my friend! Win a lot of arguments that way?

    But seriously, you’re so far off knowing what this country is about I doubt whether you’ve been here for five minutes never mind 150 years…!!

    What part of Amman do you live in if you think anyone outside the top 2% of the population have spare cash to invest in a new car tyre, let alone real estate stocks? Are you that blind? Are you that wilfully ignorant?

    As for the parliament/government… I’ll leave it to the other readers of this blog to judge the merits of that point!

    Oh, and the Circassian debate… Ammonites in BC1,000. Circassians in 1847. Now, where did I put my abacus…

  • As for the ”watch it dude” I didn’t mean to threaten you Mr. gawi!!!!! You reminded me of a nice story back when I was a little child…
    How about we all see the moral of the story:
    Back when I used to live in Old Amman, we used to rule the streets of our neighborhood, and when ever a stranger passed through our streets we used to start the dirty talk one time a fellow “Gawi” one stoped and said; are you little men talking to me? So I replied; and do you see your self as the name we just said?????!!!!!
    Now, lets go back to only one point of yours…..
    Do you really conceder your self Ammonites or an Arab who came with his family from where ever and lived in the capital of Jordan to have better opportunities??!!??

  • Okay, okay, Abu Sharkas…. truce.

    I hate backing down from any argument, ever. Trust me, it makes me feel sick to say what about to say: but it’s obvious we’re not going to convince each other about the best manner of progress or development for Amman… so let’s not make it personal.

    I just hope that whatever happens, the powers-that-be do destroy the fabric of this city… Amman is beautiful – and beautifully imperfect. Dubai is perfect – and, as a result, perfectly horrible. It’s inhuman, cold, and designed to eradicate communities and personal interaction, not enhance them.

    I don’t want that for Amman. I hope you don’t, either.

  • Er…. “don’t destroy”, I meant to say!

    Must proof read posts…. must proof read posts…. must proof read posts…

  • Well, you know what guys “Abu Sharkas And Leon” F**k it they will never understand what we are talking about they are blinded by mass media tunnel” AlJazerah, Al Hurah,…..etc” you know am really sorry am offensive because I had enough of this subject.

    Lowfields, I wonder what kind of job you got…. maybe you sell gum by the traffic lights that’s why you are afraid of development, cause the might change traffic lights to a bridge then you will lose your job ! Sorry but made me say this. let me ask you some thing if we dressed you like a cowboy will that change your traditions will be a real cowboy riding a horse and chewing tobacco maybe you will pretend but its not what you are inside you are what you are all what we did changed the theme of your look but you still own the core of you Lowfields!!! maybe my words in explaining things are simple and child-like, that’s me I love to make jokes about any thing its like the flavor of the food, but I know that I have the real meaning of being a Jordanian and am sure Abu Sharkas And Leon are real Jordanians, and a lot a lot more than I can imagine.
    Many thanks for all Jordanians and as I said before I’ll die and my head high because of you guys and girls “Jordanians”


  • ________________________Like Chickens Fight._______________________
    Few weeks ago i listened to Jordanian radio station (BBC, or Amman Net)
    and they called one of the officials in the government by phone who’s working with “towers plans”, and huh he said “i don’t know why we are in rush, Jordan is not ready for this yet, It’s a good thing but not now” and he said “if a fire started in a tower, the firemen wont be able to get it down because we don’t have the mechanisms to do it for building how about towers” then he talked about the traffic, water, fuel, electricity, police, Civil defense.

    Previously i said and i repeat again. We are mentally retarded people.
    they build abdoun bridge “Jesr Al Nogafeh” and you saw what we did:
    1 – Traffic jam for some idiots stood to watch the down street.
    2 – Traffic jam for “AL 3aroos wel 3arreeeeees”
    3 – accidents done by mentally retarded persons in really really mentally retarded way.
    4 – what else
    5 – this is the beginning

    So my opinion “as not audible one”: if we build the towers, we will look like “Donkey withdrawing a car”

    Thanx for reading

  • Havent you ever heard of positive and negative energy??
    Ever heared a story about a guy moving from the city to the village and ends up with the guy having a better, brighter life… Heidi is one good example… It’s true that Amman is NOT a village with peasants, but its simple and beautiful as if it was one.. people having sky scrapers will block the sun.. no way to breath.. suffocation! It will absorb and eliminate every bit of positive energy..
    I’ve been to Dubai, been to NYC… nothing impressed me there… so artificial…
    and yes why not shift things and do it fr away in the desert??
    what’s so beautiful about amman is its simplicity, with its ancient houses, like in jabal amman and jabal il weibdeh… you know something? When I’m upset and feeling down, I roam the streets of jabal amman and il weibdeh, so nourishing and lifts up my spirit and puts back the smile on my face , precicely at sunset time,and as the sun is going down its rays touching my skin, suddenly, the sunlight is fading away, NOT beacuse the the sun is behind another mountain, NO! its because (mujamma3 il burj) blocked the sun 10 minutes earlier!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT!! and we’re talking (mujamma3 il burj) people its half the size of whats yet to come!
    If we put the income and high living rates aside, not having a healthy environment is just a bad sign… in order to make a Jordanian smile, the least we could do is provide a healthy place to live in… not have a building stand in the way of a mother bird thats on its way to feed its little ones LOL ok that was cheap, but u get the idea… errr… are there STILL going to be trees?? btw??
    Mr Lowfields, OZ and others I cant agree more with what you said..

  • To all my beloved people,

    I love the idea of civilised discussions such as yours. It is healthy to have the opportunity to voice your oppinions and agree or disagree. Such positive behavior shows that we (Arabs) are ready for change and for the preservation of the past and its glory/culture.

    I left Jordan 23 years ago and lived in Europe and America since, but I still have the warmth and excitement my country brings to me when only its name or its people is mentioned.

    Change is good for all of us as long as we do not forget the past and its values. I know all of you mean good and are good kind hearted people when it comes to your country’s issues. As Arabs I think we all have a special something about us that seperates us from the rest of the world. I believe there is purity in our hearts and friendliness that is not matched.

    If and when Jordan is continiously modernized we will for sure become a strong factor in the Middle East and are able to play a larger roll in the region in many ways. Remember Jordan was a dessert a century ago and now look at its current advancement and future plans, this was in the making and will not stop for anyone or any reason.

    So, lets celebrate together what we all hold dear to our hearts.

  • I would love to see jordan look like that but it will cost much money and will take a long long time after all i love my country and respect my people and i just want to live in peace and luxury coz we desearve that

  • iam sure all of us love to see this kind of civilization but the only point i think we should take in consideration is the effect of this on poor people and how they will adapt themselves to this costly change.

    God Protect all of us.

  • Adding my piaster about priorities. Would rather see less hungry people in Ma’an or Southern Shuna than a fancy shmancy high rise with little of its capacity used to make us mirror Dubai.

    Sure, Amman needs some development, the whole country needs a better transport system which could decongest our streets,and save money from petrol consumption. If such a system could be developed that would already be a great achievement. Look at France’s Metros or bus services-I see 60 year old top managers get on these all too happily!

    Building wise-Amman has a great character already, look at old Jebel Amman, its still my favourite area in Amman…we will never be another Dubai and we shouldn’t be aspiring to be frankly!

    Spend the money on elevating the public schools to catch up with some of those fancy private schools! If we’re going to obsess about urban development then focus on public squares for families with very limited budgets, on more sports clubs for excluded youth who fill their time with drugs and other “fun” activities! Drug rehab centers, juvenile delinquent centers where an actual hope of rehab and teaching of vocational skills or other important, job opportunity enhancing skills can be provided…I promice you there are a million and one other priorities despite how nice these pictures look.

    Finally, its good to see the Mayor doing his job, but the budget has to prioritize things.

  • As for me at this stage, considering my self as a Jordanian patriot for the success of Jordan and its people, I hated the negativity, I love you all, yet you’re no friends of mine, let us all hold the name Jordan First not just because we were told so, but because we believe in it…
    My opposite direction of views may Allah bring what’s good for Jordan and Jordanians, and let the people of this country see what’s beyond…
    It’s true that we have lots of problems to talk about other fellows mentioned above, I hope for that to be solved as for the people of our beloved Jordan live happily, and terminate (El-Kashra) for ever…
    I just have one question and I hope one of you have a strait answer…
    Who prepares the curriculums for the National Studies in the Jordanian universities???
    To be accurate am gonna put it in Arabic…
    مين صاحب القرار و من هو واضع المنهاج لمادة التربية الوطنية في الجامعات الأردنية (خاصة و حكومية)
    Thank you All

  • This Haifa girl is so smart guys…
    1st because she’s got a true point about us
    2nd really, where is the Piaster…………??? I got 8 posts and I want my 8 piasters blash Tsharkes m3i ghrrrrrrrr 🙂

  • Some commenters are bashing the government for spending money on high-rise buildings when, in their opinion, it should be spent elsewhere. What they don’t realize is that most of this development is being funded by private companies. The municipality plays only a small part in funding such development.

    Also be aware that consolidating infrastructure (i.e. reducing the amount of urban sprawl) leads to less traffic problems, less gas consumption, healthier lifestyles, and more. Also, increasing the living space and amenities of certain areas will draw in more tax dollars which may (hopefully) fund other public projects such as parks, educational centers, and so on.

  • People, I think this discussion is getting so interesting. But its a pitty that some friends are using unproffessional words.
    MR “LOWFIELDS” I like the way you talk. Your way makes me think that you are a lawyer who is playing a role to convince people of your knowledge. I dont mean to be attacking you here, but you started the negative conversation, and you insist of answering every blogger in a negative way? You said I hate my country, which is not yours, who cares?? You dont have a room in a place like Jordan, and there are many people who have the same intention of “destrying MY country” Simply leave it. Keep the opinions to people who care about Jordan. Dont claim that you care and you dont want it like Dubai.
    I dont want to make it long, cause this is not the right place to discuss issues. Lets not talk about destrying, Its obvious who want to destroy, and who wants good for Jordan.
    MADI…. GET OUT…No room for hopless, helpless people like you in Jordan. There are thousands of ambisious guys and girls from the new generation who can serve our country. You can leave it too.. I can get you a one way ticket. Same goes to LOWfields…
    X_THE_SAINT, and Abu Sharkas, alla ygaweeko o kul il Urdonieh…

  • Leon…… Thanks Bro u r such a great guy ! Abu Sharkas 7bebe Solid brothers ! and thank all !

  • Leon…

    I’m not going to labour points with you. I have written about my short-term goals for Amman on Black Iris’s follow-up post.

    But I didn’t start the negative tone… A Jordanian directly attacked me after my thrid post, saying, and I quote: “Lowfields (or should I say Mr. Henry Kissinger of Jordan), since you hate Amman and Jordan so much, then I suggest you go live in Dubai, and leave us AMMANIS in peace. In short (without using fancy phrases and sentences and Sociology material): If you don’t like it, leave it!”

    That kinda provoked me, I admit.

    And I’m not a lawyer – maybe I missed my calling – but this is a sad debating tactic used by at least two other posters, and now you!

    Are you saying that only YOUR way is valid? That only YOU want what’s best for Jordan…? Only YOU have the secret to economic and social elevation of our capital? And that anyone who disagrees should leave?

    There is a word for that, Leon: it’s call fascism.

  • Very nice hardware, but what about the software? When will the overall community’s psyche evolve from a primate with his/her head up their rear end to something better?
    Ahhh, one can only wish……

  • LOOOOL, yeah right, as if this gonna happen any time soon in the next ummm say 100 decades??

    have anyone even thought WE, the citizens will pay our asses off in taxes so that jordan will become like this?? jordan gets prettier, poeple get poorer. infrastructure should start with improving peoples lives not how the country looks.

    once poeples life is better, each person will improve his like and everything around him, therefore. a better more beuatiful country with no one complaining…

    heeeeh … i think i like it better the way it is now 😛

  • What the ….
    every one post with “be positive” and “don’t be negative”

    We are not talkin about + or –
    We are discussing something to be done or not to be done.
    We are with “to be done” but not now,

    second when you build your villa, you will start with calling the contractor and the engineer then you start diggin, and get resources…etc till you finish.

    Now, How the hell you are going to make futuristic-amman if you don’t have good resources, qualified engineers (like gate of Jordan) a good base to start.

    we have people from the 19th century living now, you should take care of those people first (like People of Jordan first)

    * these towers not for jordanians and you will get nothing from it.
    * these towers for Jordanians, to say wowo when you see it from out side (like parking on a hill “on Al Matal in abdoun or jordan street”).


  • looool dude, we dont have the resources???? I guess the freakin billions of dollars in investments are not enough!! btw wat is (gate of jordan). i mean its time to start working on this!! If jordan wants to get anywhere, we have to start working on capturing all the opportunities that come!! In the past jordan lost alot of opportunities and then dubai took over!! and jordan has so much engineers, its time to get them jobs!! btw the towers will affect aloot of the jordanian population!! For instance the tower projects underway at the moment have employeed more than half the city one way or another!! It effects almost everyone!! the only people that are left behind are the ones that dont wanna work or just are busy bitchin about the past!!! i agree with “WAKE UP JORDAN” and start working!! :p

  • Yeah Right, This will never happen, who r they fooling, not in a million years not in amman, haha thats funny…

  • Lowfields et al,

    I do apologize Lowfields for the attacks on your comments from people who have clearly misunderstood your points and whose idea of patriotism is to become blindly defensive about anything they don’t understand or perceive as threatening.

    I agree fully that to aspire to become like Dubai is akin to looking forward to shooting oneself in the foot. As Jordanians, we look to Dubai and perceive it be a land of wealth and opportunity but fail to see the lack of soul, the racism, the blind consumerism and the lack of anything on a truly human scale.

    Amman is a city I love and wanting the best for it, means in my opinion, wanting the best for its people, regardless who they are, where they come from or where they belong in the social structure of this most socially divided of cities.

    Aspiring to a city with high rises and low morale is a sad ambition. Those who grew up here as I did in the 70s and 80s remember a small town where you felt safe and where no one cared what car you drove. Perhaps this is just a phase and we can return to a more sane view of ourselves and what makes us human beings with true value, which I can assure all of you is not a bloody Hummer.

    In the meantime, if anyone is interested in really getting to know the people who some of you refer to as “nawar”, send me a message and come and volunteer at my project in East Amman.

  • It’s a project based on understanding the needs of marginalized communities and working with the people of these communties to meet those needs. The work covers a wide array of projects focusing on education, creativity, diversity, infrastructure, advocacy and other issues. The work is fully funded by Jordanian individuals and companies and anyone can volunteer their time to run a new project or assist in the implemenation of existing ones.

  • ______________________Talking Certification____________________________

    We are people who has a talking certification, and master in speech.
    A talking which make things shinning and bright.

    but from the inside is smilly and shi***y. We need soup made by people and from people.

  • I must say that I agree with most of what was posted already. BUT….sure funding is done by private companies, but the selling price of the finished product is 1800JD/Sqm. the facts are : 50% of jordan population is

  • Well its about the selling prize, its about the work that these things will give the population of jordan!! that is wat would stimulate the economy, get money working and running through people. I mean no jordanian will ever live in a tower!! Jordanians would prefer buying a piece of land and building their own home!!! THis isnt about getting the jordanians to live in those towers its about getting a share of the action. Dubai is shit i lived in dubai for some years and im telling you i would never like to see jordan that way. + dubai in my opinion isnt a real country, its because they dont have problems such as unemployment, poverty etc…

    + people never say never!! everything is possible if we work to get to it!!! Now i totally agree with u about the poor people in jordan tho the foreign investors dont care about that!! they want profits!! Now this has been an important step for jordan to give them the opportunity to invest in the country!!


  • oh yeah btw the projects are really on the way, i mean abdali’s infrastructue is almost over, the royal village, jordan gate, aqaba projects. Its all happening tho its gonna need time for the first projects since the country is in a shifting stage. A stage where a city (amman) is turning from a small city in a major city in the region. btw amanet amman had done a great job creating those plans and getting everything planned. If they didnt do that amman would have changed into a choitic dubai :P.

    Its just a matter of time before these other zones will start being developed.


  • I was mesmerized by what I saw, I believe we all live to the day when our country is truly noticed on the map of development and modernization in the world.

    But also I can’t help but notice how our people are such good critics and amazingly short tempered and soooo fast into jumping to wrong conclusions, anything can turn into a bad argument.

    I liked how two guests started naming each other with “our people” I would love if anyone on this planet could give me an answer to this:

    Why if we all here in Jordan living under this flag and all carry JORDANIAN passports still call each others by our great great great grandfathers origins? If you carry a JORDANIAN passport then you’re JORDANIAN and if your grandfather happens to be from …. Lets say Zimbabwe and fled to Jordan whether by choice or not, and had a chance to give you a good life here in JORDAN then FOR GODS SAKE try and by thankful for him being so wise to have came here not any other country “If you get what I mean”

    Let’s enjoy Jordan, think of it like this: at least we’re safe on this ground.

  • I believe that Jordan has more priority and important things to do first, other than doing this; the only reasonable explanation: “money laundry”

    This will only result, to more inflation and more taxes nothing else, ha and more hunger and even more poor people than we have now

    If Jordan will be like this, knowing that sooner or later it will be. That means that we are becoming Dubai-2, would anyone like to live in a country like Dubai

    Note that children and families are neglected and out of the picture, ha, that means more children and families and less entertainment places

    Indeed I’m happy to see that Jordan will improve, and yes I like to walk in all of those old roads here and there, wallahi we will miss this, believe me we will miss it

    My suggestion is to up high and build the desert first, for example Mafraq, but please not Amman, Amman has everything already, it’s magic, the narrow roads, and 2 million people living in 19 km2, traffic jams, wallahi enough

    Here I would like to say, if we need to change something, let’s change ourselves first, because if we do this Jordan will even be much nicer than those pictures…

    Arkadas that means good business for us

    TALSIN for trade & Consulting

  • People this is really not the case they r not changing amman, its the new amman!!! the old amman is gonna stay the way it is!!! These are 4 zones alocated by the ammaneh where high rise building can be built!! This is beacause jordan has been experiencing alot of foriegn investement!!! so inorder to preserve our city, they selected 4 zones all located in low areas so that the view of amman wont be affected much. + dude no one would want to invested in mafraq anyways they are investing in mafraq but in other ways (industrial areas)!!!

  • oh man evreyone is crazy here realy all of u guys are talking actually fighting togather about this if u have a comment stick it in ur head and keep it there unless u want to start a fight with someone…plz dont act CHILDISH every word a person says someone has to reply i wish in a nice way but no it has to be in a rudish way!!!(i say to MOSTLY everyone stop the f**k and nonsence ur doing”writing” and go do something good like supporting this project or helping others)think of it whats the use in writing all this crap and banging on each others heads about positively and negatively things

  • Imam, Amen to what you sent. that’s exactly what we have to stop, if we want to build a new and more improved Jordan we have to stop babling.

  • I believe that we are seeing progress and not just talks, the involvement of Amman Municipality and lots of “Siyaha” funded projects are a live example of the long term prosperity of our beloved Jordan and our capital AMMAN …

    We have to believe in ourselves and believe that its us Jordanians that are changing the country to the better ,,,

  • Positive and optimistic people who beleive in the human resouce power in Jordan will have the will to build it and improve the country in all aspects. However, and as I said before, there are destructive people who have hate for the country which is able to destroy every Jordanian dream if we dont stop them. And I say it loud, Jihad, you are a coward and rude person, you attacked Jordanians, becasue you are sick. I wont use bad words like you did although I have many if them for people like you, but there are respectful people out here who want to do something for the country even if they critisize it in a respectfull way. But you are a jerk, and you are supposed to live in the drains, becasue there you can find law people and insects like you. Jerk off man….


    I am sure that you are critizing to point out to some previous faliures that happened in the past, or whatever your excuse is. AND thats ok, but you cannot say that 98% of the population are NAWAR. For example, check out the responses above. you will find that 1 out of 119 resposes acted like a nawari and sarsari as well, and thats JIHAD. So please be specific next time, and if you want to include others under the term NAWAR I think that you should open your eyes and know exactly who they are.
    Its a pitty how things are, but nevertheless, I am sure that there are many people from inside and outside the country who will not shre their opinions here due to the existance of SARSARIEH like you JIHAD. Honestly, a misrable NAWARI and SARSARI like you cannot say a word against our successfull leadership. We spread our ideas to the whole word through our leadership, our leadership has built the appropriate infrastructure for a successful pool of investments which made many many poeple out of nothing, and poured millions of JD’s to the country…
    You people dont deserve living in this country as long as you think this way about it. Your destructive ideas are the result of your depression and jealousy….
    GOD bless our country and our KING, and every LOYAL Jordanian.

  • Do you know that around 74% of the population are below the age of 34 … which mean that we have a whole new generation, so educate them rather than attack them …

  • Oh Oh,
    JIHAD step back, kolo wala hal 7aki, you better be ashamed of what you said in your 3rd question, are you serious??? Can’t you see the obvious steps our great leader is taking, couldn’t you see how his actions were profitable and appreciated by the people?? Or is it just because of the blindness and ignorance you people admire…
    The discussion started by; like-dislike, what makes you bring it this stupid and narrow,
    Trust me dude, you better find your self a mental hospital or any other place if you are going to talk this sh***t around furious Jordan lovers,
    God help you for your ignorance

  • wow wtf??? I mean insulting the leaders of the jordan. O.o

    u mean the hashemites??

    woooot!! The Hashemites are the best thing that happened to this country!! I mean if it wasnt for King Abdullah 1st, we still would have been under the britz!!! King Hussien, one of the greatest men of that time!!! King Abdullah 2nd ( the investments going in this country now a days)!!

    Respect. + Im srry but before throwing insults at leaders, atleast achieve something before that!!!

    hehe + my friend where did u get that 70% is bellow poverty line, check out the number of cars on the streets and then come back to me. One more point these are not only talks, its all happening but we need to work to get to it.

  • dosent any one learn stop the f**k all of you what is this your now attacking the country AND people your not helping and to “leon” what in the world are you doing you think your acting smart by going and reading the above comments and then you go ahead and start writting down every thing(-) then start talking about who wrote this eg:the word nawar its non of ur business about what he/she wrote as long as its not to you what is rong with all of you its like no one says that word it seems like every one thinks its the f word or somehting like “ABU SHARKAS” you to man its like i dont know what to tell accept to stop this crapy writing,evreything a commenter says you make your self a man and go on attacking him but i wish this person whom you atack said something(-)but he/she didnt just how you replied to(jordan ftw)



  • Good Day,
    very nice idea to think of our beautiful country and how to make it better, but i really received nothing, i mean the pictures did not open, but the comments made me really want to see them, please resend.

  • IMAM,
    am sorry i couldn’t understand what you wanted to TELL me over here, but i only got one question for you…
    are you Preaching???
    Am so happy to see all these comments because if anyone else sees them he’s gonna say only one thing:
    These people are loyal to their country…
    Salute Jordanians…
    “Dream big, it shows how much Persistent you are”

  • Now i have this question that am hoping all of you would give me their opinions.. dont you guys think that if we voted for petra, that means that we are losing it?? meaning, if petra became one of the seven freaking wonders, it will be sold someday, and we wont be even able to visit it! its all investment plans, that witty investors create to gain more and more 3ala 7sabna!! maybe we should’ve thought about the consequences first… please guys right me if am wrong….

  • hey guys i think your idea’s are great so keep on the good work and i haope it makes amman a more better place

    god bless

  • Well petra cant be sold my friend its very similar to any historic places in other countries, they remain in the hands on government. Well the investments maybe are gonna be in the petra as in the normal city which isnt so bad.

    Correct me if im wrong!

  • This seems to have some sort of political influence attached to it, most likely driven by foreign agenda to serve and accommodate some how the Jewish state in one form and the transfer of the Palestinian population to what’s called the alternative land in another form.

    Don’t be surprised if this becomes the New Jerusalem! Remember they’re digging around the old city right now.

  • i totally agree with you Nizar, believe am not going to be surprised, coz Jewish always thought that they own the world, and they wont stop until they get what they want..

    Now here our duty surfes up, that we really should be careful not let it mess with our properties, lands, even minds. we can do it by spreading the understandidng of humanity, belonging to one country, respecting differend religions just to gain the worlds trust, sticking together no matter what happens..


    Mr, I am not trying to act smart… I am smart comparing to you… When the word Nowar was mentioned, 98% of the population was included. So most of the people who are writing comments here are considered Nowar, Mathmatically!! So the 2 percent who arent, would be either me and someone else, or either you and someone else. I mean it could be anybody. My point is that its not nice to call people names like that, even if it wasnt meant to me directly. Got me Mr Smart?? and after you already attacked people you go like “Oh am not trying to attack anybody” Whatever man.
    The point is how shamefull it is when this turns to be like that. I was trying to propose ideas which might help us to be more optimistic and proactive.. Not destructive. And to the people who always get our leadership into our conversations!!! Our leadership pulled the country out from the mud. We are in the middle ofworst spot on earth, and we live safde and peacefully… Thats enough, and got protect Jordan and our King… and all Jordanians

  • LEON,
    ohh im sorry MR.smarty pants….i didnt see the 98% but if you dont like and your against the word NAWAR then why did you call jihad a nawari twice and then you go on calling me MR SMART???? for your information i did not attack anyone dude or should i say MR SMARTY…oh and i didnt tell you to be destructive be “protractive” and “optimistic” but in a right way.oh no effeince but for the sack of you,me,and everyone COULD you stop being so realistic in your convesation it makes me feel that im reading a grammar book or something like that oh and i repeat (NO EFFEINCE)

  • Leon, brother it’s ok, just let it go ppl will always attack us because we love Jordan more than they are no matter what we will die for Jordan and for the ppl in! And guys could you plz stop this, this is much god Dame’ it! What suddenly all off become engineers and wise men who wanna change the things that he don’t like, I got news for ppl you can change any thing thank god its the government call ha-ha ! Thank god! Just do your part in your country and build it with your bare hands! Abu Sharkas kol e7tarme elek! Say some thin bro! I had it bro!


    The reason I allow for comments on this blog is in order to generate and engage in healthy debates.

    Taunting and insulting each other is against my commenting policy. If you prefer to ignore the policy then you won’t be allowed to comment here any more.

    If you prefer to call each other names like 7 years olds on the playground, then perhaps you should exchange emails and carry it on there.

    Otherwise keep it clean and relax.

    Neither of you is changing the course of history

  • Nas is right guys, i do believe that we all have a much better ways to communicate.. dont we?

    and the only reason i joined this group is coz i found it the proper way to communicate with well educated youth in my country.. our country..

    Nas, i have a question, why do you think when we travel out of Jordan for a while, we cant wait to come back. and when we’re back, we get sick of it.. but still can never say any bad word about it infront of people.. and sometimes not even to our selves?

    if you didnt get it, tell me to rephrase it please..


  • ThoTho: i dont see what it has to do with this post but since you asked for my opinion i would say it has nothing to do with us. human nature usually dictates these things. it’s why when you’re outside of jordan you’ll defend it to the tooth. and you’ll defend your city even more, your 7ara even more, your neighbors even more than that and your family even more than that. the closer things hit at the center of our being the more prepared we are to defend them.

  • If you want to know Jordan past – look into the present conditions. If you want to know Jordan future – look into the present actions.

    Go ahead Jordan- We are all look after you…

  • That is the spirit guys! thanks Ali ! So guys and plz stop it we are one country one hand we are the future for Jordan so plz be positive and try to do good things for this great country not just with debating all the time! (I’ll die and my head high because of you all Jordanians) thanks

  • Now be optimistic Hazim.. why would we change our “mansaf” any way?? do “some” people change their habbit of drinking wine? do “some people change their habbit of eating rotin cheeze?? etc.. etc.. be proud of what our tradition offers, now and for ever..


  • NAS,
    im sory nas i ididnt mean to say anything but just one thing why does everyoe under stand me rong?? all i want is the best for jordan and all jordanian ppl i respect all of you and man im realy sory if i actally called anyone names i just called leon MR SMART cause he called me that your right man we cant go on like 7year old boys in the playground but seriously thats what i’ve been trying to tell everyone see read my above comments

  • IMAM,
    I will not reply to you becaue I guess you wont understand.

    If you think that you are managing this blog in the right way, then you cant talk to us like that. Scroll up and check who started “Taunting” the other. Check what I was saying, and the ideas I proposed, then you will notice that you got it wrong. Some people do misunderstand some comments, becasue there is no facial and verbal expressions are included. I dont have the will to insult nobody, and there is no right for me to do that. The negative comments didnt come from me, but I replied to them, casue nobody can call anyone names.
    If you dont like go ahead and block my email so I wont be able to add comments, if you have the privilage to do so, other wise I already published my opinions and my ideas.
    I dont care man….

  • Imam & Leon: I don’t care who started it. I am asking you to kindly adhere to my commenting policy or to stop commenting all together. I for one do not care to hear the “well he started it” argument.

    and leon, i think i’ll be the judge of how i’m managing my own blog thank you very much.

    keep it clean…enjoy yourselves.


  • hey all …
    i read some of ur comments but i dont know???

    i just want to tell one thing,
    i believe n ” jordan love it or leave it” so i c that everyone must to respect the country which live n even f he isn’t a citizn
    this z a very imprtant job but u r making it silly by ur comments , why we still like this???????

    anyways we have work 2gether to raise the name of JORDAN high
    thank you all……..

  • as usual we look at the thing from the different face!!

    guys just put ur comments on the pics and keep the rest for your selves.. nobody has the right to critisize anybody’s opinion.. lets not be like that

  • This is an amazing iniciative to help raise Jordan from being just another country on the map, to becoming a self-sustained and well-empowered country that contributes to the international community with its culture, resources, and even its political atributions.
    Help the dream come true… be a part of this change… be the first to MAKE the change…
    lets enjoy our beloved AMMAN!

  • Last word…. This is good for Jordan, and it will enhance the job opportunities and boost the commercial and investment sector… Its good for all of us who live and care about Jordan.

  • Hello All….
    I think this the way Al-Harriri Brothers see futeristic AMMAN…!!! the sma way their Late HARRIRI Grabbed Beirut After the CIVIL WARVstoped in lebanon in 1990….
    the same scenario was planed and prpaired for Amman…

    this was my View and future will un viel the TRUTH …????!!!

  • Sam,

    I was very impressed with how the late Harriri nearly single-handedly raised Beirut from the ashes, preserving the history and architecture of the downtown area and transforming it into a well-organized, modern, beautiful district.

    I wouldn’t be too upset if that were to happen to Amman.

  • I guess its all beautifull and modern, but the question is what society will fill this space???!! We need to develop hu,an beings before we move to construction and urban development….anyway, i hope we get to see it in our life time !

  • It is going to be an amazing transformation for Jordan, and also for people who lives there.. people are as modernized as the buildings.. and they will be capable of coping fast with such change.. got it Mr. IEK?

  • It’s really nice 🙂 but i wanna say smthn that how much u try to change our country by devloping it the ppl wont ever change
    and btw the americans are trying to stell our traditions by saying that english is the main language and stuff !!!!

  • I read more than half the comments because this subject interests me. I will not get into the details of the discussion, some people believe modernization and they feel that this is how the future of Amman should go, fine, I disagree however, i like the traditional Amman, development can be better served by improving the infrastructure (example: fix the most stupid traffic light I have ever seen at mashagel el amn el 3amm, 4 lanes merge into each other to become 1 and a half with absolutley no lanes visible, a dangerous hotspot). What really bugs me are people like Abu Sharkas and his little gang of supporters, X_saint etc. Abu sharkas has mentioned how he used to rule his neighbourhood when he was young, and he thinks he wants to rule the blogs now, this is an example of nawar and nawqraneh, a bunch of thugs with a thug mentality, he has to keep blowing the horn and showing that he loves Jordan and Jordan first, its not like everyone here carea about jordan and will die for Jordan without people like you ramming your slogans down our throats, man grown up, stop trying to rule the streets get of the street and get educated be a man and help build your coutnry with modest hard work, not by blabbering ” I love Jordan” every other sentence. This goes to all of you Jordan first wannabies, shut up and get to work, build our country dont just talk about it.

  • I really don’t know where to stand on the issue of development in Amman. I mean, on one side, the people can’t even afford it right here, right now with the increasing prices and decreasing monetary value. How could people afford all of this, with more to come yet, with the minimum salary still below JD 200 (correct me if i’m wrong but i don’t think i am)
    Yet, I still wish for amman, jordan and all the arab countries to become more, sadly enough, in pace with the ever-growing capitalist world. As bad as this can be for a still developping nation, i think it is vital just to keep breathing and not die as a nation and, even worse, as a civilization.

    If it came to me, I just wish amman would stay the way it is.. not a nostalgic point of view or anything.. just to protect its people from yet worse living standards..

    not a socialist myself, but i think wealth re-distribution should be achieved before all this can take place peacefully and without any damages

  • Ruff Rider,
    Well, your reply was proffessional, but you ruined it by attacking people and at the end by trying to “Shut up” people.
    Well, I think, and in a personal point of view, that people who want the best for their countries and people who want to build their countries must have an insider motive to do so. meaning, how do you want to build a country, when you dont love it? You need to love it first and then you can build it. Thats the way it works. However, I am a person who is visiting the States right now, and I see how people act when they talk eve, when they dont know you. They start respecting you before anything becasue you are a human, and they they respect you for your ideas and brains and so on. Consequently, respecting people is the most important thing before looking at other issues.
    I would like to comment on what you said also, concerning the traffics lights and lanes and so on… I hope that things will be as the pictures describe them, since there is multiple lanes in the streets but as a matter of fact, the situation now in Amman, the capital wont allow having more than what you said for traffic lanes.
    But to inform you, there is a huge study that has been running since 2001 that cincerns all the roads network in Amman, and the solution proposed where very creative and helpful. Yet, a big change will be needed to apply the proposed ideasm never-the-less there are some difficulties implementing that. BUT, IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY. So lets have the good will to promote Jordan to a higher rank in this small world…

  • Ruff_Rider…….! Wow dude chill if we are as u says “a bunch of thugs” u would be in hospital now! But no we are not like that dude. if I show my loyalty to Jordan no matter what even if my country cant provide me with a decent and luxury life I still wana die for Jordan, and the slogans that we are ramming in your throat then you do not understand them and you might think you are ahhhhhhhhhh, let me till you some thin kid me and abu shrkas we are saving your butt am not going to till what is my job cuz u do not wana know and I don’t want u to know. but we are working we are saving lives, mmmmm that remained me what the hell do u do for Jordan, kid loving ur country no matter what its like loving your father no matter what he will do to you, even if he kicked you out, hit you, kill you, you still love him and you would give him you soul if he needs it, oh am sorry who am talking to …..! dude look at your name first Ruff Rider Doh let me give you a hint this name are for thugs and parentally you watch and listen for eminem …G Dog….bla bla ….and this name you got is offensive for girls if you know what is really mean , Do you want me to till them what dose it mean and its 7afrtali o nawre cuz its mean and has no respect for females , by the way me and abu shrkas we are educated at least we support our self by our self’s by our hands and hard working we got our BA degrees and am not talking about only getting your degree in a school but am talking about life education .( example of nawar and nawraneh a bunch of thugs) dude if you cant keep up don’t step up , what is your definition for nwar kid.
    I don’t wana say any more coz I hade enough, but one thing and what do you do in life??? And don’t lie because if u did then you are cheating your self not us and you got the right answer for what you are and the answer for your all questions!!!

    Leon you are right things are not Perfect in every where ….!

    Abu Shrkas did you hear we are gangsters and maybe Leon with us! Hahahahah

  • WoWwOwOoOoOoOoOoOo,
    Look who’s talking…. “Keghaeh”
    How Ruff in Riding are you 3ammo??? I bit you drive a nice Subaro-Impreza with turbo and exhaust system that blows the ears off when you pass by a hospital or through calm neighborhoods!!!!!
    Look who’s talking there too??!!
    A little support for you Mr. “Subaro-Impreza” how nice dude!!! You got a woman support here, how lucky are you Ya MAN
    You ever had any problems with any of my people?? Because you sound like you were driving and showing off in one of the (neighborhoods) where you should not and cannot and had to face a no-pleasing situation,
    In order to talk about NAWAR and NAWRANEH, are you sure!!!?? Still sure??!! You impress me man,
    How about I give you this piece of information and you think about it while the mechanic tunes up your car (because anyways you wouldn’t really know what he’s doing)…. Cool?? Here we go;
    When I talked about how WE me and my friends in my old neighborhood used to rule OUR Street, protecting it from ppl not exactly like you but similar to your attitudes, I wanted to present an idea of how WE protect our country from invaders like you, learn what exactly the meaning of patriot and then come on in into blogs like this one, it takes more than your stupid words and thoughts, what do you mean by get educated??? Didn’t you learn in school if you ever attended a governmental one, that you got to live the streets so you understand the mentality of the nation? It’s not being covered by books and other ppl’s researches MORAN!!!! It’s a lot more than that…. who taught you how to talk anyways…..??!!!??!!!!!
    It shows from your words that you really don’t know what you’re talking about, and that’s a big sign of being a Moran, sorry dude but you opened fire on the wrong side,
    While you should shut the F*** up and respect anyone as a KIND JORDANIAN gifted spirit.
    X, my man, it is true that WE ARE gangsters but in an approved way…
    Greats to all Freedom Loving People

  • Leon, I am helping building a country right now that i dont necessarily love, I am a proffesional, i love what I do so I do it, there are many reasons for someone to be motivated. There are ways to make people do what you want them to do, not by putting them down and making it seem like you are better than them, every Jordanian has the right to speak up, give their opnion and show their patriotism, what you can do is discuss the facts. The facts are there are two opinions here we need to learn how to deal with each other, Since you are in the USA, I lived there most of my life btw, and i assure you its not all roses, I had to leave after being shot a coupel of times, so much for respecting human beings…a big joke, plus abu gharib is not really an indicator that americans respect humans much now is it? Lets not go there …..anyways….

    Let me tell you something about the mashagel traffic light, its one of the entries into Amman, its a PRIORITY, VIP, the lane that is missing was taken up as an external parking lot, I have a cheap 1000JD solution for u, remove the pavemnt and voila, you have a solution , albiet a temporary one. Plus I know about the study, i studied it in detail btw 😉 … its time to impelement, lets work on that lets provide the funding for the road enhancemnts and maybe the water resource projects?

    To the thug X_The_Saint do you think working for a security apparatus qualifies you as anything but a thug these days? go do your job , how many lives are you saving by reading peoples comments on blogs? Yalla go habeebi save more lives if you will, and dont doubt my patriotism, dont ask me what I do for Jordan, I wont say, I just do it silently, ill let you save more lives now,inta uw abu sharkas taba3ak ok buddy…

  • Ruff_Rider ….. That is weak ….! if you don’t love Jordan get the hell out its simple go back to USA where they treat you as Indian or Egyptian in Jordan , lol, benign a worker that dose not mean I have to work 24/7 I have time for my life too I read kid , I talk to rational comments. and I do need to know what you do for Jordan or what you will, cuz at least i know some body “not me ‘ is doing better than you , and how the hell you can do a good job if you don’t love the land you work for, do you know the meaning of smelling Jordan soil when you come back and you miss it when you are outside “Roots” maybe you don’t have’m……….. some day some day we will thank me for what I do, and I expected that from your kind of ppl that’s the way you thank ppl for saving lives …… thanx any way its too low to answer that (protecting my ppl lives become a thug job or life) good then we can put “zo3ran and Dwaween on the street with guns to protect you ! Every one has lived but not every one has had a life! am a thug haaaaaaaaaaa ! the shizel in the fizil g …. hahahahahah ! that is so weak !

  • this is getting silly guys.. what is wrong with the three of you? have you lost it??

    nobody has the right questioning others loyalty to Jordan, so grow up guys, nock it off, behave if you may and act professionaly.. this is not taking you any where but hatred between Jordanian.. shame on you.. am asking as a sister.. please guys lets be more proactive than gangsters or whatever!!!

  • ThoTho ! I respect what you did say and all off us should! But Ruff Rider he asked for that answer ! Can I ask you some thin !!!! If we are protecting and saving lives that’s mean we are thugs and gangsters! and how come he is jordnian as long as he said i do not love it ! !!!!!! This is outrages!

  • X_The_Saint,

    believe me am as pissed off from him as you are! but we dont even know the guy, we dont know what he’s been through so he doesnt love Jordan, we dont know and we dont care.. no offence Ruff Rider

    all what we should know and concentrate in is what WE WHO LOVE JORDAN do for Jordan. what we work hard for wether 24/7 or efven half an hour.. let him dislike Jordan, work for himself, he knows deep inside that the benefit is for Jordan wither he likes it or not.. and its not daring thing, its something we know by heart..

    Mr.X, let it go, you love Jordan thats great but dont defend it to those who doesnt PPRECIATE WHAT IT HAS GIVEN THEM..

    what does Ruff Rider means any way? 🙂

  • X …I said i am working on re-building a country that i dont love, NOT JORDAN. Cant you read? Go back and read my comment carefully. I certainly did not question your loyalty to your country even though i have no respect for you as an individual, why are u questioning mine, this was my point in the first place, do not question people’s loyalties, just do your job, quit blabbering.

    Another thing…a loyal servant for his country doesnt expect thanks and doesnt pound his chest when she/he does his/her job, you dont deserve any thanks for whatever u do for Jordan, ITS YOUR DUTY , wajeb gasban 3annak uw 3anni ok? So like the nike commercial goes “just do it baby”.

    I dont like to share my details,but i have to in this case just to make it clear to people, i dont live in jordan right now, I hope to one day soon, and I want to live in a jordan where i dont hear people whine about what they have done for Jordan, ala X and his click.

  • i did not ask for a thanking letter from you for what i do ! you said am a thug for doing that ! and if dont live in here how do you the setwation like ! ahhhh kid !and if you stoped working your butt for the black ppl where you are mayby you wont get shot butthead ! what ever ! do what you have to do and i will do what i have to do |! oky ! good bye sweet kid!

  • I did not ask for a thanking letter from you for what I do ! you said am a thug for doing that ! And if don’t live in here how do you the situation like ! ahhhh kid !and if you stopped working your butt for the black ppl where you are maybe you wont get shot butthead ! What ever! Do what you have to do and I will do what I have to do |! okay ! Good bye sweet kid!

  • Oh sorry the first one misspelled!

    ThoTho ! thank you so much ! you made my Day ! thanx a lot ! any how for your question i cant say it in public sorry , if pleased we can reach out via my Email
    lol and I’ll tell you what dose it mean ! Hit me back soon !
    sorry for the inconvenient trouble guys and girls

  • ThoTho,
    Great words you said there, you really got my stubborn brain attention, I respect all opinions and that was my point long time ago, even before Mr. Ruff_Rider show up.
    But how can we NOT fight back someone who doesn’t even live on the soil of our beloved Jordan for his stupid comments, it’s like a police man fighting traffic jam, now after I knew that this REAL THUG does not live in Jordan (“wishing” to do so!!!!!!!!!) I’d say;
    “GodBlessYou” by giving you the gift of coming to Jordan to work for it INSIDE, not for your self using the sparkling name of ours (JORDANIANS) among other countries.

  • I’ve been sitting and reading your comments long time ago, you know hopping that not only Amman become like this but all the Jordanian Cities as well, and to be honest to all of you sometimes I was proud reading your comments and knowing that there are still real Jordanians who are loyal to their country; and sometimes I was sad do you know why? Because I noticed an individual who only represents himself started to write “comments” which are nonsense and he is trying to market his thought about loving Jordan and being a member of the Jordanian population, sorry Ruff Rider you are not; do you know why??!! I will tell you go back to the previously written comments and you will find out why and you are working and living in another country right! So you are not serving and helping in building and the development of Jordan so you’re not Jordanian and your loyalty is for that country, so I salute X and Abu Sharkas also I didn’t forget THOTHO they are the one who should Jordan be proud of, not a foreigner who speaks for himself.

  • Now this is what i call “belonging to the country”

    Ruff Rider what are you exactly? Jordanian living outside for a long time, your mind got corrupted with foreign attitude? or a real foreigner just trying to mess with Jordanians?? which is a big mistake by the way!

  • Ruff_Rider,
    You among all people in the blog can not respect or disrespect anyone in here, if you read all the comments up there you’ll see how adults we are, you are too way from being an adult,
    Ruff_Rider, oh my god, look at your name kid (and I quote), its nothing of being an adult, or a descent person,
    How many times did you say you were shot at???? Is it really because you tried to disrespect some Afro-Americans and then they shot you down, cause it shows that its in your DNA to disrespect everybody
    Trust me on this KID,,,,, and as sister ThoTho said; you don’t want to miss with JORDANIANS (not because we are GANGSTERS) but because we hit harder than anyone would………
    Salute Jordanian Eagle, X, Leon, and ThoTho “My Gang brothers ;-)”

  • Jordanian Eagle, X, Leon, and ThoTho “My Gang brothers !
    one last words ! i love you guys ! i will die and my head hight because of you guys and gilrs !


  • and we are with you for Jordan..

    will you please stop calling us “Gang brothers”!! its scary man 🙂

  • wow wow wow
    thats all i can say
    thanx to thotho i was hoping someone like you to come and tell every one to calm down thank you so much
    love to all jordainians realy

  • to x_the_saint,abu sharkas,leon,NAS,and to everyone i “attacked” or misunderstoud
    i have missunderstoud all of you and i have realized my disrespect to you guys you are all like a friend to me so i am truly sorry 🙂

  • You welcome IMAM, although me my self was going to join these guys to reply to that guy who is not even in Jordan, but then i thought to my self that we wont gain anything but trouble, did you see how the guys stood up for Jordan? isnt it great?

  • yes it is and i hope every one thinks before saying anything your my girl thotho you saved the world 🙂

  • That’s the exact thing ruff rider is trying to prove.. you got caught up by this external problem and I guess you forgot what you all were talking about.. the development of jordan.. that’s the kind of mentality that should change before Amman’s sky gets punctured by skycrapers and towers.. If u say you would not like to change your way of life (which is inno tdaggro 3ala kilmet thug willa nawar for two days!!) then all the development s**t is not for amman or its people..

  • To thoughtfull ThoTho.. so if ruff_rider is not living in Jordan anymore, that makes him incapable of suggesting improvements for his country?? You have to explain to me the way your thought process goes coz really, I can’t understand how you think.. I’m having my education in the U.S. right now.. does that make me any less of a Jordanian than if I was studying in one of Jordan’s morally corrupt universities where your money earns you your degree??

  • you are not even better than him are you??

    of course it doesnt make you less Jordanian if you’re living outside.. but its obvious the way he attacked people of Jordan just like you did by saying our money earns our degree!! not pretty sweety!! listen Hanna, am not here to make enemies or even friends, your opinion is always welcomed by everyone where ever you are…

    i’ll do my best not to reply to the “morally corrupt universities”!

  • ThoTho, oh sorry for calling us a gang but that’s what ppl call us! Any how! Ruff_Rider i wonder if talk then you are……! And oh am sorry we did not meet your standards Mr. America Guy! (Not worth my time) you know y ????? Coz you are busy getting shot! duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!

    Hanna. What’s your point, oh my god we need a translator in her for Hanna!


    Bro no need to say sorry you are our friend thanx ! All 4 one, one 4 all

  • An Administrative Note: If all of you continue to attack one another and resort to name calling then I’m closing down the comments. returning an insult with an insult is just as big an offense, especially if it contains profanity. “He started it” is not an acceptable excuse to me, unless you’re a third grader.

    it should also be noted that this is a post on the world wide web and thus many non-Jordanians will be reading it…

    it would be nice to show that Jordanians, despite their differences, can carry out a civil discussion about an issue.

    Thank You

  • Nas, we are sorry for what happened up there, but you how things are dude,
    ThoTho, good morning to you too, and happy mothers day if you were one, if not i wish you the best 😉
    X, ma man, life ends and work doesnt-My mother keeps saying that lolllll
    i wish you all the best,

  • ThoTho, denying the truth does not make it any less of a truth.. that’s all i’ve got to say without “insulting” anybody..

  • and just to clarify, by morally corrupt universities, I didn’t mean places where bribe is “everything” or where drug trafficking is one of the everyday scenes. With that said, I guess I got my point straight.
    And Nas, we are a damned nation if we refer to constructive criticism as insults. I’m totally with you on the “calling each other names”, but you shouldn’t worry as much about non-Jordanians coming in and seeing the comments.. You should go and see what goes on in blogs about American politics.. They’re nothing any American or anybody in general would be proud of 😉

  • hey everyone HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! i wish all of you the best

    thanx X,for calling me a friend after what i told you or any one else.

    to HANNA,first happy mothers day i wish all the best to you to
    second,its ok about what happen up there and it is a very good thing for watching someones back and nothing bad in living outside jordan (guys no effience but some ppl dont get the oppurtunity in living in jordan)anyway hanna you just got to be a friend not an enemy i know now your ganna try finding a reson for your talk back to thotho so dont and just get over it your more grownup and edjucated try being a friend my advice to every one and i hope you all listen to it 🙂

  • Hanna: when i said non-Jordanians I was referring to the world, not specifically Americans. Civility should be a code, not something that’s debatable and comparable.


  • nas mar7aba this avery nice blog, do u have any pictures for the
    mega mall in bietona, wadi elyarmouk. thank u keep up the good

  • Thotho,
    of course not you are more than edjucated i was talking to hanna only ok ppl so no one understand me wrong
    im sorry if i hurt your feelings thotho

  • why not?
    we can built amman like this dream and we can deal with that in the near future under managing of king abdullah the 2nd.
    and any one do not want that he can search 4 any other country to live in if they accept him coz he is an useless person……

  • If we live in a jungle, you can say “and any one do not want that he can search 4 any other country to live in”.

    But where are not. So, I respect all opinions who thinks that it will be a dream or will be true or rejects it.

    I heard on the radio a minister talking about building tower and other things… so, in the next 10-20 years there will be a new amman and they started it from now.

    “in dream” opinion has removed from the list, but “it will be” opinion and “reject” opinion is on.

    I reject this project in the mean time, because there’s a lot of somethings need to be developed before talking this step.

  • Gooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning all and abu shrkas , abu shrkas dont get mad ! hahahahhahah
    Imam , no prob ! life wont worth a penny without friends !!!!

  • Distance……!

    As you walk out the door
    And you will crawl on the floor
    Shadows of your thoughts like a Blur

    That is the distance in your life where you will meet death…..
    You will run fast like a car
    But the line is so far
    As you are in the bar
    Drinking from the jar

    That is the distance in your death where you will meet your deeds
    You will cry like a small boy
    Eventually you are the toy
    You shall pay end of that day

    That is the distance in your mind where you will be abandon
    You think you so cool
    Honestly you will be drowned in the pool
    And you look like a fool
    In the end you are the tool

    That is the distance in your heart where you left alone

    Wrote by:
    X The Saint© 2007-03-24

  • everyone STOP whining about having a few districts that encourage investments!!! This is just a way to control the investements in our country!! instead of random towers all over amman.

  • + these districts are not like dubai. the plans are made to fit our architecture and style of amman, just with a modern touch and a little longer!!!

  • I’ve been reading comments on this page for quite sometime now…
    i think the “futuristic” amman is a great idea, but guys “development” and “better” future is not about buildings and sky scrappers and yellow and white side walks color isnt the issue here.
    we should start by eliminating and erasing all faces of racism that i can EASILY SPOT anywhere (lets start by this discussion room!). we should start by having a culture, now i know amman use to be… and was one of…. and it exists since….. bla bla BLA, all garbage we cannot live by history we can learn from it though so we wont repeat it.(and yes we are repeating history, we r copies of self centered non educated ppl whose fear is how to and when will) its as simple as this. we have to reach a point were Mr. abu Shakras wont have the idea we are the originals of amman, or Ms. whoeva is the daughter of i dont know who.. as long as we’re putting pictures on our cars we are a country that lives based on ppl, the more u know the better position u get!!!!!
    so unfortuanatly Mr. Lowfields i agree with most of wut u say but we will not become like Dubai, they were lucky to have Oil it helped alot, but also they broadened they education they actually have health insurance to all citizins, we on the other hand have lack of beds in governmential hospitals n private sector hospitals well, money comes first!
    until the “POOR” citizin in this country is noticed, and actually has a value, no buildings wutsoeva will make this a better place!!!!! artificial flava will fade!

    long live Jordan and its “future”

  • Nothing is impossible if there is a real intention to change provided that plan,capital and hard workers are there as those are the most elements for any project to success no mattar how big or small it is

  • I spent such a long time reading your comments which I agree with some and diagree with others, sadly enough, I can’t see the pictures you are refering to. I tried all means, still the only message I get is a “blocked site”. hope for some help here.

  • first it’s important to say two things, I think – first that I’m a foreigner (American) and second that I understand that it’s important to dream and aspire. With regard to the first point, I mention it because I am clear that my opinion about what Jordanians should be doing is only that, and should carry no weight in terms of actual decisions by Jordanians. The second point relates to my respect for people who have visions for creating a great, liveable, wonderful Amman. All that said, when I ran across this set of photos, I got a little sad. First, because I wonder where the heck all the resources will come from to support a city as portrayed. America creates some projects like this in similarly resource-deprived regions (for example, Las Vegas or Phoenix), but supports their scale and resource-hogging with completely unsustainable, lunatic systems. I hate to say it, but the same thing looks to be happening in places like Dubai. Palm-tree shaped islands…sigh. I hope someone figures out how to desalinate water cheaply long before all the oil is exhausted, or there’s going to be a ghost town, or more than one, where water and other resources are simply unobtainable for the rising prices. Second, I have loved Amman for a long time and mourned every vacant, poppy-strewn lot that was gobbled up to raise an ugly concrete shell (everybody’s got to have somewhere to live, yes, but some of the buildings are vanity projects or just plain fugly). The downtown is not Islamic Cairo, granted, but there are some beautiful old buildings, and the more they’re demolished in the name of “modernity” the more cultural heritage Amman loses. That’s not to speak of some of the exquisite houses in Lweibdeh and Jebel Amman, the ones that now stand vacant while the kids squabble and let them fall apart. It’s all very sad. I just hope Jordanians will notice the regret a lot of so-called “advanced” societies experience after bulldozing their historic city centers (for example, Sweden, which razed “old” downtown Stockholm) and not destroy all traces of a proud and creative past. Other societies are in the process of doing just that (i.e. Vietnam with Hanoi’s French architecture) and it’s pretty bleak, in the end. I know this may not make a lot of sense to some Jordanians who read this (esp. the more “classy” ones I’ve met who are terrified of mixing with the ordinary folks in wast-l-balad). I know that Abdoun’s glass-and-concrete crap may seem more “civilized” and beautiful because it mimics what Western culture is putting forth as beautiful these days. But at the end of the day, please, please…no McDonald’s is ever going to be as Jordanian as Hashem, no Starbucks is ever going to have a millionth of the character that the (now-vivisected) Arab League Cafe had. It’s not a choice of one or the other…Amman can have both, with some planning and foresight. Both heritage and modernity. Any rate, these are just the opinions of an outsider who loves Amman.

  • being a foreigner does not make your comments any less significant.. Love the part about Hashem and Arab League Cafe. It’s just that “planning and foresight” are in my opinion a very rare, if ever existing, commodity in the Jordanian mentality..

  • Good …. This is Future City of Amman or a picture making in 3d max only design !!!
    2n sha2 allah tkoon Amman a7la w a7la mn kdah .
    ya rab n3eesh w nshoof Amman mthel 2l9or.

  • hi some of the people here just fiting like small boys and girls stop doing that plz its not about jordanian or cercasian its about the beauty of jordan it becames its hard to discriped it by words its by faith and our belive in our country we love !!!

    special thanks to you abu sharkas becouse u realy have a big heart and i realy felt how much u love joradan
    and all cercasian 3ala rassssiiii 🙂

  • people have the choice about wither they want to be part of new amman or not, it is always up to the citizin..

    some people love the old 7ommos w falafel places, some want something new or modern, it is totally normal.. some people want these new high buildings, some dont or at least dont encourage.. also normal

    but whats important is that we give a hand to help as much as we can to get it bigger and bigger. because if we dont wanna do it for us.. lets do it for our children, so they can see what their parents, grandmothers and grandfathers have left them…
    it is the best legacy we can leave for them..

  • I believe that Jordan has more priority and important things to do first, other than doing this; the only reasonable explanation: “money laundry”

    This will only result, to more inflation and more taxes nothing else, ha and more hunger and even more poor people than we have now

    If Jordan will be like this, knowing that sooner or later it will be. That means that we are becoming Dubai-2, would anyone like to live in a country like Dubai

    Note that children and families are neglected and out of the picture, ha, that means more children and families and less entertainment places

    Indeed I’m happy to see that Jordan will improve, and yes I like to walk in all of those old roads here and there, wallahi we will miss this, believe me we will miss it

    My suggestion is to up high and build the desert first, for example Mafraq, but please not Amman, Amman has everything already, it’s magic, the narrow roads, and 2 million people living in 19 km2, traffic jams, wallahi enough

    Here I would like to say, if we need to change something, let’s change ourselves first, because if we do this Jordan will even be much nicer than those pictures…

    Arkadas that means good business for us

    TALSIN for trade & Consulting

  • wtf??? dude all wat u have just said is somehow stupid!!!

    1.These photos are of districts that are gonna be built and integrated in empty ares meaning not jabal amman and all of the current areas.
    2.Yes i angry with that SOME people will be left behind, in other words will not benefit from these projects, but wat i do believe is that these projects give the jordanian economy a very good boost which could improve the living standards of SOME people. Well thats life these days, u have to work ur ass off, inorder to get somewhere! ALOT of jordanian people would never work as garbagemen/workers etc… they would rather sit all day bitch how there is no work, while projects like these provide aloooot of new job opportunities.
    3.Building the desert??? who wants to invest in a 5 star hotel in marfaq. who wants an office in mafraq (2 hours away from the capital) these projects would not work there– tho mafraq has been given its part of the share as an industrial area and a duty free area.

    There is no need to fight this new stage amman is getting to, growing from a small city into a large one!!! ALL that is needed is proper planning then the city would not loose its charm but instead gain a contrast between modern-high rise towers with typical jordanian buildings!

    P.S pls next time read the post first – these r 4 districts which all are located in low areas so that the towers would not interupt the flow of the city… and if u have taken a look at the abdali plans then u’ll see that the architecture of the buildings is a mix or modern/jordanian which combines into somethin really nice.

    Well i have concluded that i was tooooo bored that i actually wrote an essay ^^

  • some mistkes


    Thats why at school, teachers always told us to proof read before handing in the paper!!! dam

  • Can anyone answer me this:

    If we are seeking a new modernized Jordan, how can we really get there with all the imposed taxes? Some so ridiculous that I really can’t understand, like this new “safety on roads” one, correct me if I’m wrong by naming it, but the question is: how will we benefit from it? Please no one tell me the “ we’ll construct new roads” lie, if we wanted to do that we would’ve done it a long time ago.

    I have to be fair and say YES thank God we don’t have as high taxes as Europe and the US, but we’re getting there…… Difference: our lousy income can’t start to compare!

  • well mate, constructing new roads isnt a lie ^^ abdoon bridge is a start! I agree some taxes are stupid! but well the gov. has to get some money to improve watever it has to do. Thats why we need to modernize jordan. Its the key for new jobs and etc…

  • This is just pure hallucination and delusional,it will never happen,due to the to the most essential element in life,yes ladies and gentlemen WATER,WATER and Water,no civilisation ever prospered without a good source of renewable water source.
    And with the amount of pollution we have generated in the past 50 years,I only see very bleak future for all of us.
    Sorry to disappoint you.

  • Believe me m8, this will happen since this will not take 50 years :p!!! haha m8 water is not a problem in europe/america!! I mean in europe they have soooo much water that they dont really think about water as a problem. THE PROBLEM in this world is people so just give up and look at future developements as illusional!! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! + the GDP per capita in jordan is actually showing a good growth through out the years.

  • ohhh damn me … is that gonna be in Jordan !!!!
    is there any pic for Irbid or karak in future ????

  • the sentence used is BUS LANE ONLY, not bus ONLY lane, for GOD sake, when you want to copy something, do it probably. i doubt that my children will see these images come true, although i’m not married yet!

  • why, you are very optimistake Tariq!!

    if we can see it in most countries in the world, why not here?? a little mistake does not sentence our hopes to death! and probably if they started accomplishing this, you’d be the first to support. wont you??

    and please dont speak on behalf of your children, they might believe in this more than you do!

  • yes, i will be the first one to support. it’s just inner doubts. let’s just wait and see. although architectural wise, it’s not an ideal proposal! but it’s a good start

  • I really seriously truly honestly hope this all becomes true,but dont you think this change is just a little to rapid for the jordanian people?you know all the high rise buildings and zebra crossings and all that?that kinda stuff takes a while to get used to,and knowing the people in jordan,they mught take even longer than normal,im not saying they’re dumb or anything,hey,im jordanian to,but for all the people to (etaklam)will take a while,but at the end they will settle down to it inshalla im seriously sure they will,so god bless you guys and i hope all this becomes reality in the near future,Ciao

  • غسان محمد الشريف says:

    طبعأ كلة بقيادة سيد البلاد الملك عبد الله الثاني ابن الحسين المعظم الحكيمة الى جلبت الاستثمار
    للمملكة الاردنية الهاشمية قائد يتمتع ببعد نظر ثاقب و الاردن واحة امان و ارض الاستثمارات معأ وراء القائد الفذ
    غسان محمد الشريف

  • Egosearching my name on, but now living in Cairo for the past 6 months, I fell again on the same site I posted 10 months ago, I read it and I still stand firm on my belief that Developments in Amman are not taking us were we want to be in the future.

    After Living in Cairo, and wittnessing the 4 hours non-moving traffic Jams in the summer time, and the daily 1 hour drive that should take only 20 minutes. I swear by all that is holy and evil, I will strangle to death any idiot who plans to create a more “Modern Amman” on the same basis or similar to Dubai and now Cairo..

    Preserving Amman and the originality of Amman will preserve our social and familial niche, which by far exceeds any other city in the Arab world, let this small Village-Town-City evolve in grace.

    I will be returning soon to Amman, Aqaba, Kerak, … I hope to see more improvements, that make the life of the people more enjoyable and pleasent in Amman

    written with Love and Anger,
    Iyad Goussous

  • aaah nshallah …. ok momkn had el 7ki yseeer … b3d ma yseero 3damna 3’abara…y3ni b3d ma tseer ba2e dowal el 3alam yteero o ybtlo yst5demo seyarat … y3ni mn t***e … y3ni momken b3d shi 100 saneh … ya3ni .. an dari!!!

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