My Two Year Blogoversary & Why I Blog

So I’m faced with this problem: how to write a two year blogoversary post, a task, as daunting as it sounds, which seems to have become a necessity in this day and age.

Do I stick with the cliches? The tough-lessons-I’ve-learned-since-starting-to-blog kind of thing or stories of virtual adversities I’ve had to overcome? How my blog has helped change the world or how it has opened my world up to new possibilities I never thought possible? Or state my life lessons gained over the years of blogging? Maybe screen shots of how my blog used to look like; baby pictures? Or do I put on a cap, eat some ice cream cake, open some presents, shut up and let everyone sing happy blogoversary to me?

I don’t want to be a killjoy but then again joy was never my default position.

Two years ago I wrote my very first post entitled “The Beginning” and in it I talked briefly about not knowing where this blog was going, only that it was in fact a beginning without a known ending or a known path. Moreover I didn’t know why I even wanted to start blogging. And a year after that I was asking myself a reformed question: why am I still blogging?

So I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from two years of blogging (which in blog years is equal to 10 normal human years) and then we’ll all sit down and eat some cake.

I’ve learned absolutely nothing.
I’ve grown more cynical of the world in these two years than any normal human might hope for themselves at my age.

Moreover my hairline has receded about an inch and believe me when I say that I will find a way to blame it on this blog.

BUT I have figured out why I blog, which is a more important question than one would imagine. So let me share that with you now because if you’ve reached year two of your blogging life and you still haven’t figured it out then right now is a good time to start thinking. Because there’s no sense in doing something, in doing anything, that you don’t believe in.

First a confession: I do admit that a small revolutionary part of me had delusional aspirations for this blog to be an instrument of change. But I was still clinging on to my undergraduate life, my hair was long, I had a poster of Che Guevara in my bedroom, quoted Lewis Carroll and listened to one too many Bob Marley songs. Got a mental picture?

So here it is: I blog because I blog. It’s just a thing I do. Not a hobby. It’s a way to clear the voices in my head. The ones that are continuously observing and listening to everything that goes on around them and make up little one-liner comments or write entire essays on the most random of topics, but will never ever be externalized in any way. We bury them. We forget them. Half the time we ignore them. Blogging is a way to document them and put them to rest. Because truly there is only so much RAM in my head that there are things that I’d like to save room for, such as pleasant childhood memories, and hence blogging is a way of cleaning shop.

So those who read this blog I graciously thank you for putting up with my mental excess. I’ve done what I can to make it seem presentable and at times even taken a stab at being articulate. But I know there are many posts that probably only I could decipher because of the maddening way my mind has encrypted them. For those, I profusely apologize.

And so starts year three…

(listen…someone had better have bought me a damn cake)


  • MABROUK!! Happy Blogoversary! i’d even bake u a cake! coz i think u deserve it! i caught up with ur blog only very recently, but i am liking it already!

  • Rula, lol thanks and that would be awfully nice of you but since your a new reader you dont have to bake anything

    (next year inshallah) ๐Ÿ˜€

  • that was a nice post…mabrook the 3rd year
    i blog cuz im enjoying my own space, simply as that and im cuz interacting on a diffrent level with things that interests me, thats pretty much why ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rula: lol thanks (probably cheesecake so start getting the blueberries)

    Manal: yeah i think everyone has their own reason for blogging and they have to discover it on their own. i think it’s an important part of being a blogger, self awareness. so i’m glad you have your reasons.

    and thanks a bunch!

  • You know … or tell you what, I’ll leave my *real* comment for a face to face discussion?

    in the meantime, keep blogging …;) who knows maybe someone would think of surprising you with book compiled of those very posts on your blog!

    P.S. have you been to mahjoob lately? I’ve tried searching for some of the old posts when we were all active there, but hardly found any. They’ve truncated what remained of the memories that bind us ex-mahjoobians ๐Ÿ™

  • Happy anniversary for a great blog and a great writer. I can always give you a small present IF YOU JUST PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL!!!! If you have lost my phone number it is OK I can understand!

  • Nasnas had a CHE poster in his room?

    Now thats something i would not have thought off, EVER. lol

    Btw, i am an old reader .. CHE if that rings a bill :p

  • How about cookies?:)

    Happy blogoversary, Nas! Please let me be considered as one who has been affected by your desire to be an agent of change. Heh-heh, I have sent Evangelical Christian lurkers to your blog so they could hear from a Muslim thinker I respect!

  • Batir: lool ok ok, all right already ๐Ÿ˜€

    bakkouz: i do feel aged man

    laila: ahlan che. yeah i had a poster. but everyone outgrows that phase ๐Ÿ˜€

    kinzi: aw shucks. thanks! and cookies do sound good!

  • I think one of the first posts I read on your blog was that list of what you were planning to do when you come to Amman ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved it!! Ah those days!! Those were my first days of blogging as well… anyways, I don’t want to get too corny about blogs and why we do it and what we get from it, but let me tell you, yours is one of my favorites ๐Ÿ˜‰ happy blogoversary! I won’t offer any present unless i know I’m gonna give it to you in person =P

  • I figured something out, I’ve a friend with a “nashashibi”last name, it’s been some time that i’m calling him: nash nash… now i figured it’s because of your nasnas nick:P

    I loved this post, I can relate so much to the feelings or way of thinking you presented, and it is somehow making me remember this post ( I wrote a while ago, the trash part of it.

    Happy Blogoversary Black Iris:)

  • Whenever Iรƒยข??m wistful, I burrow your blogs, though I never commented รƒยข?ร‚ยฆ..

    I salute you

  • Presents? What presents? People got you presents? Presents???


    I’m glad to see you’ll continue with the blogging – I remember a few months back you saying you’ll be retiring your blog soon. I got heart palpitations. Please don’t do shit like that again! ๐Ÿ˜€

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