Celebratory Bullets

Tonight, bullets rip through Amman’s night sky. As someone’s index finger squeezes hard against a trigger, I count the moments in between each shot; like thunderous heartbeats. Suddenly the paces quicken as rapid fire ensues from an assault rifle of some sort. Mother’s open windows to yell for their children to quickly rush inside. Take cover.

In the distance police sirens wail; in pursuit of the law.

Tomorrow a newspaper headline might read something like “12 year old dies from stray bullet”.

It’s 2007.

This is how we celebrate someone passing tawjihi.

We celebrate education, with ignorance.

In Kerak, since firing guns at social events has become outlawed, Kerakis who have a tendency to circumvent the law in clever ways tend to encounter ‘unexpected’ police presence at their weddings; just in case. So what the people do now is after firing the gun and emptying it they quickly hand it over to the nearest child just as the policeman arrives on the scene.

He’s just a kid, he doesn’t know any better.


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