• It is tarot-card based, it’s witchcraft on-line. It gives people the impression that there is another source of information that can both tell the past and predict the future, much like horoscopes and coffee grounds. People think after one right answer there is something to it, and start to fear it and trust it instead of God and the words He gave us to live by.

    You guys are strong enough to keep from getting caught in it, but it has many simpler folk mesmerized.

    So Nas, tell us what you figured out?

  • LOL, I think this has something to do with machine learning. The more questions you ask, the better the AI becomes (as long as they keep feeding it answers though).

    I asked “what’s two thirds of three”.

    It told me that someone’s waiting outside, hahaha 😀

  • kinzi, in theory i agree with you, since technically such things are Islamically forbidden as well. But my personal policy has always been that if someone who was religious in the first place invested any amount of belief in such exercises then I don’t think they’re smart enough to play on the team in the first place. It’s like converting to witchcraft after reading Harry Potter.

    Hamzeh went a bit too far to classify it as AI…it’s more like artificial AI in the sense that it’s controlled by a user input…it’s a trick.

    ALL you have to do is type the answer to the question in the petition bar by pressing the “.” (period) first…then the answer…then the “.” again. meanwhile the answer you type is hidden behind the “Peter, answer…” – that’s what everyone sees appear on the screen as you type…

    then in the next bar you input the question…

    then you submit..

    then you freak out your friends 😀

  • Yes, true Nas. But because it can be an on-going thing, and can propel people into other such means, I would say it is a few degrees more dangerous than Harry Potter. These other forms of the occult have a proven track record of leading people astray, and it invites demonic influence to plant doubts about the strength and character of Allah.

    A strong level of faith and teaching would seem to counteract interest, but I have been surprised by how many sensible people of strong faith have gotten hooked (and I just found out about it this month!). Then it becomes our responsibility, as the stronger to instruct and warn. I think of how much pain and spiritual danger I would have been saved if someone had taken me aside and warned me. That’s why I flip out!

    Is following horoscopes forbidden in Islam?

  • MOA: peteranswers.com is a “soul engine” which basically lets you type a question and it will answer it. questions like “who is in the room with me” and it will give you the name of the person sitting next to you. to the naive it’s something scary, but in actuality its a hoax as i explained above.

    Kinzi: horoscopes are either haram or makrooh but i keep forgetting which. but let’s look at it from another angle. what if someone with the intention of proving to those who believe in this kind of thing just how ill-founded it is, designed this site. would the intention change the perception?

    in any case i think there are a lot more damaging things that lead people astray than horoscopes or peteranswers…these are the very small fish. at best they chip away at an already weak foundation, which is what happens when one builds their faith out of sand.

    i dressed up like a clown, ghost, reaper and a klingon every halloween as a child, mostly because it was fun and i got a lot of free candy. my faith remains unshaken…by teeth on the other hand are not doing as well. 😀

  • guys, who tried to screw you? obviously non of you know the trick. i didn’t read all the comments, but it’s basically a joke.

    one person knows how it works and is on the keyboard (explained below) and the rest around him amazed by the results.

    in the petition start with a . (fullstop), then type the answer of the question you will ask. on the screen you will not see what is actually being typed but you will see the petition text (peter please answer).

    try it, go the site enter: . followed by the answer in the petition feild then write the question.

    try it a few times then screw some heads when you’re ready

    enjoy 🙂

  • OK, I was hoaxed and need my head rescrewed!:) Next time I will ask a techie friend before I embarrass myself in front of the whole world. But I do stand by the dangers of true occultic practices because I lived it and have seen others do the same. Every step away from faith starts as a seemingly innocent one

    Yes, perception is important and it depends where Peter was intending to lead people from there.And I also enjoyed lots of candy at Halloween, it was never the issue.

  • I thought it’s one of those things where you ask it questions and it keeps answering silly stuff.

    I thought it was funny thing!

    Kinzi, I’ll tell you what’s more dangerous to God fearing people, it’s Robertson and his gang!Very distrubing.

  • Guys do you really think its a soul, waw a soul written in php ..lol
    long live the open source movement, the creator of souls

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