The More You Know

I know this is going to sound like an NBC public service announcement but yesterday I discovered that the Comoros is both an Arab country and 98% Sunni Muslim.

Since this startling discovery last night I have memorized the entire Wikipedia article on Comoros.

For example, generic it is the last registered member of the Arab League in 1993, help its legal system is based on Sharia law and due to Arab/Islamic influences: 62.5% of the population is literate in Arabic. Due to French/Roman Catholic influences: 57% of the population is literate in Latin.

A dying language and a dead language. Perfect.

On a semi-unrelated note I also discovered that if all the Arab nations united we would have the second biggest total land mass, the third biggest total population and only the 10th highest total GDP.

We would also have a chance of winning the World Cup.



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