Visiting The Royal Automobile Museum

The Royal Automobile Museum sits atop the King Hussein Public Park and is home to a collection of cars and motorcycles owned by HM King Hussein, God rest his soul. However do remember this is a museum and not a car show, in other words the place has much to offer by way of history. The museum uses the cars to tell fragments of the history of modern Jordan. Some of the cars and the photos that act as their background date back to the Great Arab Revolt.

You can check out the well designed and comprehensive website for the museum for more information. Suffice to say it’s a great place if you’re looking for something to do in Amman, perhaps a little history. The ticket price is 1 Dinar.

Here are a few shots although it’s kind of difficult to take pictures inside with the darkness, spotlights and shiny cars.

The Entrance

The Cars

The Amphicar ’68 (boat car)

Mercedes Benz 280GE (carried King Hussein’s casket during the funeral procession)


  • I visited there last time I was in Jordan…It was pretty neat … I particularly liked the different themes they have put in place!

    Seems like you’ve been filling up every minute you have with interesting things to do and discover!

  • Was reading and found an article on a 1967 L88 Corvette that was owned by King Hussein. I heard that it was crashed. This is an interesting story. Do you have any of the details about this car, what happened to it, etc..? I am not a car collector, just an interested Corvette lover and the ruler of Jordan’s car collecting is famous world wide! Maybe your museum could send details to one of the American Corvette magazines for an article. Thanks!

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