The Raghdan Complex

I went down to the balad today but as I had a certain destination and objective in mind I didn’t get much time to rediscover the beating heart of Amman. However I do plan to revisit it later on in the week at which time I can write an articulate photo-essay type post I’ve been dying to do for long time, so stay tuned. Suffice to say that during my brief journey today I passed by the Roman Amphitheater and noticed the new Raghdan Complex that has been built alongside it essentially to transform the theater and the balad as a major tourist destination. I must say I was very impressed. The complex is very well laid out, designed and comprehensive. Two floors of open air shops, police posts on either end, a landmark red mosque, two pedestrian bridges and a series of well organized bus stops. One cannot separate either the theater or the balad from one another, especially as a destination of sorts. So promoting both in such a manner is pretty impressive.


  • Yeah I passed by today and was wondering when it will get into action. It sure is impressive, although I love the choas of old Raghadan Complex.

    Do you know that cool restaurant just across the street? Anwar Mecca? You should try it and write about it as part of your Balad tour 😉

  • How many days do you give it to get “localized”? You know, with all the Diesel on walls, piles of filth accumulated on the floors and such?

  • Lina: yup, the old one did have a special taste to it. and yeah thats a great place and ill be sure to include it. thanks!

    Firas: five days 😀

  • Sometimes with these newly built (and, admittedly, nice) complexes in Amman, i wonder whether the reference is a psychoanalytical one. I will be always remembering that magical place, noisy and dirty, crowded, open for all, as a focus of a warm introduction to Jordan. I would like it not to have the destiny of the new language centre, let’s say, at UJ, which is beautiful and tidy, but no arab students can easily access it unless they have a particular reason or an appointment.

  • 🙂 it’s nice place … just as i heard it’s not going to be car complex any more … it’s too small so they think in it to be a diff thing or let say mini car complex : )

  • Yeah, It’s the Design of Teebah Offices Aka Ayman Ze’ter. If you’re interested I can send you the Design concept of the whole complex:)

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